2012.09.04 - 08:19AM
1: Chapter 1

Very powerful. You conveyed Halís isolation and loneliness very well. I love that the joining of the Wolf and the Storm became a cosmic event and one that helped bring her clarity.

Author's Response: Poor Hal... in a sense she has an embarrassment of riches in that she now has two families and two worlds to protect. But unfortunately, they\'re in two separate universes. She is torn because it seems she has to divide her loyalties at some point.

If she chooses to go back to her family in Prime, she will be cut asunder from Ten II and Rose. If she decides to stay in PW with Ten II and Rose, not only is the link with her sister Elly throttled down to almost nothing, but the differences in Time between the two universes will come into play. Either choice she makes will result in a loss. Her only hope at this juncture is that the Baby TARDIS will be able to shuttle her back and forth between the worlds, but even that isn\'t a panacea.

Author's Response: And thanks so much for reading and reviewing, W!!

2012.09.03 - 06:15PM
1: Chapter 1

Hal made it! :D

Author's Response: Yes, although Home isn\'t exactly where she thought it was. She has to make a choice.