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I've read this so many times now.... Just keep re-reading it while waiting for the main story to continue. I just really love the stuff with him watching her eat (so cute) and well, the comments on the more intense stuff have been made ;) guh is right!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! I\'m sure the Doctor wasn\'t quite use to the strong flush of hormones coursing through his system, so he probably saw Rose in a whole new light!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2014.02.23 - 12:41AM
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GUH. That was... yeah. :D

Perhaps I'm reading to much into this but was the Doctor's "MINE" so emphatic now that he has the only form that looks like his does and he is the only one that gets to have Rose? I know it was hard to have heard the other Doctor regenerated earlier in the day but was there some small pleasure in the fact that the new Doctor never got to know her this way? Or am I just making stuff up? Even if I am, please know I loved this. :)

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed this, Bria!

Oh, I think there is plenty of angst in the Doctor over Rose\'s love for the Doctor in Prime! It\'s probably true that any telepathic male would want to \"mark\" his woman as his alone and it may be the hallmark of a telepathic pair bond to assert such a claim, but the Doctor has a definite rival for his affections. If they are ever to go to Prime and risk meeting up with the Prime Doctor, he\'d better make sure his claim is strong enough to hold her to him.

2013.02.19 - 08:12PM
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Uh, *scrapes brain off floor* you made my brain melt. I'll be incoherent for a bit now.....

Author's Response: Heehee! I think that\'s what Rose might have said. ;-)

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, Thanatosx49. Hope to catch up to the latest chapter of your story soon!

2012.08.28 - 08:04PM
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Another kindle reader here. ;) Amazing story!!!! All around one of the best I've read in a long time, in every way. Where do they go from here?? I need more. I would love to read their Oops conversation they'll be having soon. Well done! Write more! :D

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you so much!! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying the story, and it\'s only one of a trilogy in the end. From here they need to face the music of the angry Mum... Jackie Tyler... who doesn\'t yet know that any of this bonding thing has happened. Could be a bit interesting. And don\'t worry, there will be a discussion soon about the Oopsy moment.

2012.08.20 - 04:45AM
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This morning over breakfast, I "accidentally" read the other version first, and thought it was lovely, if somewhat tame. Then I realised what I'd done! I had no time to read the other version, so I quickly downloaded it onto my kindle so that I could read it at work in my lunch break (there's no way I'd read it on my office computer!).

@_@ Whoa! That just about scorched the seat of my chair! It certainly warmed me up! ;) In other words, excellent! :) :)

Author's Response: Awww, thanks, W!!! I\'m published on Kindle at last!!! :-D Ok, so maybe not *published* per se, but I\'ll take it!

What\'s funny is that I actually got a bit heated up writing that chapter. It\'s my first attempt at writing anything even remotely explicit, so more of an experiment than anything. That it\'s effective at all surprises me, but I\'m so grateful for the positive feedback.

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Author's Response: Yeeeehaaaawww!!! I got a GUH out of Who!!! :-D

2012.08.19 - 02:29PM
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Are you my Mummy?


Author's Response: I know, I\'m so sorry!! :-D But you know it had to happen eventually. Ten made that quip back in the Sontaran Strategy Stratagem, and it went right over poor Martha\'s head! She\'d never met Nine, but Rose would have caught the reference instantly. LOL!

Author's Response: Sontaran Stratagem I am just not hitting on all typing cylinders lately. :)