Reviews For Incendiary

2015.08.06 - 04:46PM
1: Chapter 1

Wow. I loved this. Haven't reviewed a story on Teaspoon before, but this definitely deserves more love than it's gotten!

Author's Response: I am thrilled that my story touched you enough to get you to pick up (metaphorical) pen to review on Teaspoon. It was fun to write this within the parameters of the dwpronathon yet keep them honest but not slutty. Thank you so much for these wonderful comments.

2012.08.08 - 03:13AM
1: Chapter 1

Loved this the first time, still love it now! Gorgeous, sweet, angsty Nine is my weakness :)

Author's Response: He is my weakness too, as you know. I sincerely appreciate your reviewing here, yumi. Thanks so much. And I\'m glad it still \"does it\" for you.