2012.09.14 - 07:24PM
1: The Dreaming Jewels

Wow... That didn't sound like everyone a "bad" orchid dream to me. I'd love to see more to this, the aftmath and resolution.

Author's Response: Thank you. The spiraling reactions and repercussions, epiphanies, and smut are in \"Dark Retrospect\" at my lj journal: http://jer832.livejournal.com/79419.html#cutid1 I hope you will read it and let me know what you think.

2012.09.03 - 10:04AM
1: The Dreaming Jewels

Oh. Oh. This is stunning. The imagery, the wording, the rawness of it and the ending. Especially the ending. I can just hear the two of them have this short, terse conversation and how do you even manage to make these short sentences be so them. That's probably the bit I love most. Because while the dream itself (and you did throw me for a loop there, I wasn't sure whether it was a dream or an AU right up until the end) was written so, so beautifully it's that tiny Doctor/Jack interaction that gets me. Love love love this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your fantastic compliments. The end between the Doctor and Jack is my favourite part. As I wrote it, I could see and hear them so clearly, as well as the Doctor\'s physical and emotional pain and Jack\'s strength and concern. I\'m glad that it touched you as much as it did me. As for the loop-throwing... yes, it was supposed to, and I hope you liked the twist. The story was written for a picture prompt on lj. scifiangel also wrote a story and it\'s here on Tsp: http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=44562&warning=Adult

2012.08.08 - 10:14AM
1: The Dreaming Jewels

I loved the Doctor’s inner struggle of wanting to be naughty but still wanting to be honorable for his Rose even though he didn’t know her identity except to acknowledge her as his. What an excellent twist ending! It was very thought provoking and reminded me a bit of The Lady and The Tiger. Although, the dream reminded me of one of Jackie’s Mills and Boons novels, you have to wonder…who’s dream was it? Hmmmm?.... Excellent story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your wonderful comments. Your first sentence is a concise and perfect statement of the Doctor\'s subconscious struggle. \"The Dreaming Jewels\" was a one-shot to a photo challenge at bad_wolf_rising in lj. My friend, writing partner, and beta insisted I continue it-- and it doesn\'t do to antagonize the f.wp.b : ) \"Dark Retrospect\" explores the aftermath, the turmoil that the Doctor, Rose, and Jack are thrown into, and the influence of their pasts on their loss of trust and unraveling of friendship. It answers your question, perhaps also the ones you only thought. \"Dark Retrospect\" is at http://jer832.livejournal.com/79419.html#cutid1 If you get over there, I\'d love to know what you think as you read it.