2015.07.14 - 12:52AM
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Author's Response: How true! The Doctor has it perfected to an art. ;)

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Haha, perfect Doctor/Rose moment. Thanks.

Author's Response: I\'m happy you enjoyed it! :D

2014.07.03 - 06:05AM
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Author's Response: He so totally would. Oh, the things Rose has to endure. ;)

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Author's Response: *grins* So glad you enjoyed it...thank you!

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Author's Response: Thank you very much! I\'m glad you did. :)

2012.08.08 - 10:20AM
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I loved this! From now on, the term ďBJĒ will always make me think of a banana job! LOL! Good for Rose for wanting to seek out payback and poor Rose for once again suffering his retaliation. This was very cute and Iím so glad that you shared it with us. ANY excerpts from your witty imagination are always a welcome read! :)

Author's Response: LOL! Oh, I\'ve gone and corrupted bananas, haven\'t I??!! ;D So glad you enjoyed it, R, and thank you!

2012.08.08 - 06:19AM
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Naughty, naughty Rose! ;)

Author's Response: Very naughty, indeed! The Doctor may never look at a banana in quite the same way again. ;)

2012.08.08 - 12:23AM
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Author's Response: :D Thank you! This was definitely a fun scene to write. ;)

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Author's Response: I giggled once or twice writing it, too. Iím glad it had the same effect! :D

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Author's Response: Thank you! This has been niggling at me to finally be posted. Heís devious, that one! Luckily Rose didnít mind having the tables turned. ;D

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Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much! This was such a fun scene to write. I hated cutting it out and finally decided I just HAD to post it. :D

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Author's Response: Thanks so much! These two are just so much fun...if not a little naughty. ;)

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Author's Response: Thank you! This was just too much fun not to post. :D

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Author's Response: Heehee! Oh, she certainly did! All is fair, as they say... ;)

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I feel like I need to go read the later chapters again, just to reassure myself that the UST WENT somewhere. LOL!

Author's Response: It definitely went! They could only survive such teasing and tension for so long... ;D