Reviews For Dark Matter

2013.08.01 - 11:14AM
2: Surgery

I really like the surgical analogy you've used here. The Doctor ablating diseased cosmic tissue makes for a very impressive visual, and a unique one at that. Short and sweet - nicely done!

2012.08.20 - 11:12PM
1: Prologue

You've written a very interesting take on the Time War here. I like the way you manage to blend real science (dark matter) with Whoniverse bable (time lines and all that). Then there is the whole new spin on the Time Bubble, and the portrayal of the Doctor. Clearly he is not the hero of the story, and in this case, that works very well. I'm not sure if 'loved' is the right word, but I was certainly fascinated by how you portrayed him here. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you. So few people read that chapter, so I\'m really glad it works for you. When you look at his death toll, it is easy to see where \"Bringer of Destruction\" and all that come from. I still think he did what he could, and that was more than what anyone else did, but it does put a whole new slant on his survivor\'s guilt, doesn\'t it?

2012.07.29 - 12:38PM
1: Prologue

Wow. Creepy. More detail of the Doctor's feelings about this might have been nifty, but combining the two thoughts in the first place was brilliant, so well done you.

Author's Response: There is more to come . . .