Reviews For Keep On Together

2012.07.14 - 01:14AM
1: Keep On Together

Beautiful! If only, huh? What I would give for one more series of Nine/Rose. Ah, well, that series is up to us, we who sail the Nine/Rose ship through the sometimes rocky seas of fandom, yeah? Long may she sail! Lovely idea, beautifully written, pitch perfect!

Author's Response: Thank you! *beams* Yes, Nine/Rose was ended way too soon, and Rose had a totally different chemistry with Ten. :( Yes, it is, and I will gladly sail this ship come what may! :) ...just... wow, thank you so much for the lovely review!

2012.07.12 - 11:20PM
1: Keep On Together

Thank you for the Nine/Rose...Nine is and always will be my favorite.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and you\'re quite welcome! I hope I can give you more Nine/Rose in the near future... and I salute a fellow Nine fan! :)

2012.07.12 - 06:46PM
1: Keep On Together

I am so glad you are giving Nine and Rose more time together. They have a special chemistry and their time was so short.

I really like how you have captured the overwhelming guilt Nine carried around with him. If he hadn't met Rose when he did, who knows what would have happened to the Doctor.

You put it so well here:
The look on his face was so horribly familiar. My God, what have I done? So much guiltĖit was amazing he didnít drown in it. More than that, she had a nagging suspicion that he would have drowned in it, had it not been for a seemingly insignificant meeting in a department store that was about to explode.

I am glad the Doctor seems more willing to accept the love that Rose so willingly offers him.

I am looking forward to reading your Wholmes crossover.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review! Nine and Rose did indeed have a special chemistry, and I just love it. I\'m so glad you liked the way I portrayed Nine\'s guilt - writing him has some parallels to the way I write Sherlock Holmes, so it\'s quite interesting. So glad you loved that paragraph; that was one of my favorites. :) And I was in a bit of turmoil over how accepting Nine ought to be, simply because I tend to write my shipping stories with long, slow development rather than Hollywood-speed declarations of love. In the end, I figured that if he wasn\'t accepting now, though, he never would be. I think he was ready. And I\'m looking forward to delivering my Wholmes crossover, thanks! :)