Reviews For Permanent Scars

2020.02.29 - 11:02PM
4: Chapter 4

Yikes! And I thought I was rough on the metacrisis Doctor in Reflections in the Ice. :>)

Author's Response: Wow. I didn't think anyone was still reading this story so many years later. I actually had to go back and re-read a bit because it's been so long. Jack is absolutely brutal to the Doctor and it's only the beginning. He's in for some very tough times in the rest of the story. I don't want to give too much away. Thanks for the review and thanks for taking the time to read my story.

2012.09.02 - 05:21PM
14: Chapter 14

One of my favorite fan-fictions of Doctor who. Great ending was not expected! When will your sequel be up?! Must know!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! I\'m so glad that you liked it! Unfortunately, I\'m pretty busy with real life right now (ugh! stupid real life!) so it might be 3 weeks or so before I can start posting the sequel. I\'ve already started writing the sequel and I know it\'s going to be longer than the first one. I want to wait until I have a few chapters written before I start posting. I can tell you that this next story is going to be pretty dark and heart wrenching though.

2012.07.31 - 09:46PM
9: Chapter 9

Oooooo. Rose, perhaps?

Author's Response: You\'ll have to wait and see. I totally know who it is already,I just like leaving people hanging.

2012.07.07 - 03:23PM
1: Chapter 1

No no, it was on there, I just missed it! My own fault. :D Like I said, I was quite drawn in. And I'm a total sucker for Doctor/Jack!

Author's Response: Oh ok. I couldn\'t remember if I put the warning or not. There\'s going to be lots of Jack and the Doctor.

2012.07.06 - 10:56AM
1: Chapter 1

Whoa, *totally* missed the non-con warning on the summary! Oops. Even so, intriguing setup, and I'll follow along as best I can, if I can handle the squick.

Author's Response: Oh sorry. I\'m kind of new to the whole thing so I wasn\'t sure about the warning. I\'ll see if I can go back and add that.

2012.07.06 - 05:59AM
3: Chapter 3

That was wierd, was he having a nightmare about being killed by Jack?

Author's Response: Yeah, I know it kind of jumps around. Some dreams start out good and end up bad. I wanted to freak the Doctor out a little bit. The next chapter is back on track though.

2012.07.03 - 02:26AM
1: Chapter 1

Wonderful start, love my Ten/Jack...

Author's Response: Awesome. I\'m glad you like it. Ten/Jack are one of my favourite pairings next to Ten/ the Master. You\'re going to see a lot more of Jack.

2012.07.03 - 02:25AM
2: Chapter 2

Can't wait to see what happens! Ten/Jack stories are my weakness and this looks to be a corker.

Author's Response: It\'s going to get very interesting.

2012.07.01 - 04:59PM
2: Chapter 2

This is a really clever story and I can't wait to see how it goes.

Happy Canada Day!

pls update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I\'ve never really written anything before so I wasn\'t sure if anyone would like it. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it!