2012.10.26 - 10:46PM
10: Chapter 10

Oh, this is utterly delightful! Witty, funny, brilliant and timey-wimey! I love some good ol' 9/Rose and Jack banter! The old team! =) Wonderful! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! They are lots of fun to write, even if they get a little unmanageable. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it!

2012.10.25 - 07:40PM
10: Chapter 10

I think I've read pretty much every Ten/Rose story in existence. I haven't been excited about one in such a long time. Please don't abandon this piece!

Author's Response: I won\'t! I know it\'s been awhile between updates, but I\'m determined to finish it. And thank you! I\'m glad you are enjoying it. (But, uh...it\'s Nine/Rose. Er, hope that doesn\'t interfere with your reading!)

2012.10.25 - 12:01PM
10: Chapter 10

Thoroughly enjoying this and looking forward to the next part. Nice twists and turns and I love the subtly changed dynamic with Rose showing how much she's learned while still playing around with 'her boys' as usual. Great fun, great characterisation, great story. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you! Whew, I\'m glad that bit with Rose worked out OK. I want to show her growth without making her seem like she\'s too advanced (if that makes sense).

2012.10.25 - 07:39AM
10: Chapter 10

FINALLY caught up on the last, what, five chapters??? I missed these guys being together! I love how the Doctor admits to himself that he actually is enjoying the company. So how are they going to get him back on the right timeline? So he can travel with original timeline Rose?

Author's Response: In answer to your question: Time Balloon. (Ok, lol, I have no idea what that means and I\'ve probably had too much coffee this morning but it was the first thing that popped into my head and I\'m still giggling over it so I\'m going to just leave it there.)

2012.10.24 - 07:40PM
10: Chapter 10

I simply love all of your works! I had to make an account just so I can write a review and tell you so. I've literally spent two days reading everything you have on this site. And a lot of it is = head canon accepted. You are simply just magnificent with characterization. When I read the dialogues you give to the characters I hear it in my head with the voices of the characters in the show. (Well, most of the time.) And I just love it! Thanks for being simply just FANTASTIC!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! What a nice thing to do! And I\'m so glad you like the dialogue because it\'s like 90% of what I write, lol! You should check out some of the other writers and fics on my favs list -- there are a lot of fabulous stories out there!

2012.10.24 - 04:59PM
10: Chapter 10

I've been alternating biting my nails and laughing out loud for chapters now! I absolutely love this fic and these three together!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad the funny parts are working...sometimes it\'s hard to be sure.

2012.10.24 - 01:02PM
10: Chapter 10

Oh how I miss Team TARDIS. I really enjoyed the way Rose and Jack were trying to problem solve, leaving the Doctor out of it. Yeah for Rose for doing her part in the preparation of the teleport. Rose's and Jack's reaction to seeing the TARDIS was perfect.

I love the way you write the Jack-Rose-Doctor banter:
“Ugg,” said Rose, rubbing a hand over her face. “Alright, but I think you might have left my eyebrows behind.”

The Doctor leaned over and looked closely at her face. “Nope, still attached.”

“Hey, nice aim,” said Jack with a grin, slapping the Doctor on the shoulder. “Much better than usual.”

“My aim’s just fine,” protested the Doctor. “Spot-on.”

They have less than five hours to get the Doctor to Henriks. Is it time for me to start biting my nails?

Author's Response: Official nail-biting is scheduled to commence with the next chapter; however, early registration can be arranged if so desired. (I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it! Thanks!)