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7: Chapter 7

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Author's Response: Thanks! And hey, happy to check off stuff on the wishlist! Enjoy!

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7: Chapter 7

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Author's Response: Jack makes everything more awesome! And thanks!

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7: Chapter 7

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Author's Response: Thank you! I love having Rose, Jack, and Nine back together, too! It\'s more challenging that I originally thought, working the group dynamics of the three together in a completely new circumstance. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it!

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7: Chapter 7

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Author's Response: Thank you! Definitely more to come!

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Author's Response: Thanks!

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Author's Response: Jack\'s been busy, that\'s for sure!

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7: Chapter 7

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Jack shifted uncomfortably. She clearly had no idea what had happened to him, and he was unsure about how to break the news. Honestly, he wasn’t sure if he should tell her at all–if the Doctor from her timeline had known what had happened to him but had kept it a secret from Rose…well, this had Doctor-protects-Rose-at-all-costs fingerprints all over it.

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Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, Jack is definitely an interesting perspective to write.

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“Ok,” he agreed, and he felt her relax against him. In some ways, it was reassuring–nothing had really changed. The Doctor would always protect Rose first and foremost, and Rose would always try to shield the Doctor.

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Author's Response: Thanks! More timeline mayhem ahead, definitely.

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7: Chapter 7

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