2012.08.08 - 09:47AM
5: Chapter 5

Ok, so I've been working my way backwards in the Doctor / Rose category for awhile now, and just discovered you (as an author) a few days ago via one of your stories that I had come across. My general policy is that if I like a fic, I should go read whatever else the author has posted, and often I find other really great stuff that I might not've noticed otherwise. And you are a gem! I've read through all of your stories in a row, lol. They are all very entertaining in various ways...adventure, humor, believable romance, a dash of angst here and there. Very in-character speech and actions. Off the top of my head, I really loved "Chips and Cliches" (because it's so fun and cute!), "Conversations with the Devil" (Love bad-ass Rose, and excellent 10/Rose interaction toward the end ;), "Laddie Lie Near to Me" (very well thought-out conversation between 10/Rose after being left at Bad Wolf Bay), "Other Peoples' Pets" (b/c omg, it's too freaking funny. The whole thing, but especially the "my dna is your dna" chapter!), "There is Sweet Music Here" (nice capture of 9/Rose!), and "Worthy of Her" (probably my favorite so far. You have got 10, Rose, and 10/Rose down *perfectly*!). This fic is going to join the favorites list too, b/c I love your 9/Rose just about as much as I love your 10/Rose, and this is a deliciously interesting meet-up between them in their respective timelines, and in the actual time. I love how they're playing off of each other, and I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Wowza! Thanks for the review, and I\'m glad you liked the stories! They are so, so, soooo much fun to write. It\'s been a slow month for me, but things should be settling down soon, so I hope to have more posted in the near future.

2012.07.29 - 06:49PM
5: Chapter 5

Nicely done! They put each other in their place.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, they do. Definitely.

2012.07.28 - 10:17PM
5: Chapter 5

I rather like running-gob Rose. the Doctor certainly rubbed off on her :)

Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear dear dear. Not good. They have been noticed....

Author's Response: Lol, yes, running-gob indeed! I sorta like to think that she adopted some of his mannerisms after Doomsday as a form of comfort.

2012.07.28 - 03:57PM
5: Chapter 5

Just when everything looks like it is going their way....

I really like the dialog between Rose and the Doctor in this chapter. He kind of talks her down from an emotional ledge. Then the Doctor has to get all smug about tracking the Paxtril engine.

Rose knows exactly where to hit the Doctor. Ouch:
“Is that so?” she asked in a deadly calm. “Greedy children, the lot of us?” When he didn’t answer, just kept glaring, she added quietly, “And just how many of those children have given their lives to save yours, Doctor?”

She regretted it the moment it left her lips, and she watched the shaft strike home–the Doctor’s guilt would forever be a weak spot. His blue eyes that had been so fierce a moment ago suddenly looked lost.

I am looking forward to more, once your rl settles down a bit that is ;)

Author's Response: They are going to have a tricky time of it, that is for certain! Thanks for sticking with the story -- I hope to have more up soon!