2013.03.17 - 02:20PM
6: Part VI and Epilogue

I'm a very recent newcomer to Teaspoon so on the one hand I'm not really qualified to submit reviews. On the other hand I've more than been making up for lost time by devouring more or less everything I can get my hands on in a very short space of time, which means I've had plenty of opportunity to compare and contrast. And this story is definitely one of the very best! For a start it's refreshingly well written.; that's a very rare feature indeed. No inappropriate stylistic hiccups, spelling confusions or joltingly banal expressions to groan over. The characterisation is excellent and consistent, the plot is logical and coherent. And there is a poignancy and sad sweetness about the relationship between the Doctor and the Master which adds an almost poetical dimension. Loved it! I don't know if it's appropriate to recommend music to go with stories (if not, I'm sorry) but I found "A Thousand Years" by the a cappella group Singer Pur - wistful and gentle with lyrics that fit in so well with the idea of a Time Lord's longevity and capacity for love and suffering- seemed to reflect the spirit of this tale very well and lovely to listen to while reading. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! I\'m actually kind of speechless (a rave! wow!). In particular, thanks so much for detailing the things you liked, which really helps me as a writer. And thanks also for the music rec--I\'ll definitely check it out. I had a blast writing this story, and it\'s always so gratifying when something I write resonates with readers.

2012.06.19 - 08:29AM
6: Part VI and Epilogue

Still speechless and overwhelmed.
I need a new box of tissues.

That was amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your kind reviews! I so enjoyed writing this fic, and I\'m gratified to see readers are getting so much out of it.

2012.06.19 - 08:12AM
5: Part V

“It’s always going to be like this,” he said, a statement, not a question. “Everywhere I go, no matter what I do, there’ll be reminders of everyone I killed, everything I destroyed. There’ll be no escaping from it.”

That was the Master saying something so Doctorish that it broke my heart.

2012.06.19 - 07:45AM
4: Part IV

Am speechless (in a good way) - woah!

2012.06.19 - 06:55AM
3: Part III

How does this only have one review yet so far?
This is gorgeous, very insightful, and I've only read up to here. Can't wait to read the rest now :)

2012.06.18 - 10:27PM
6: Part VI and Epilogue

I'm surprised there are no commments on this - it was a wonderful read which I've added to my favorites. I really liked that the Doctor was so steadfast and true to his nature throughout. The evil experiment was a brilliant explanation for the Master's insanity and made the hope for recovery and eventual end of him that much sadder. I will look forward to any other stories you post - you are an accomplished and intuitive writer and I hope you make money at it somewhere! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your very kind and detailed feedback! No, I don\'t make money at any kind of writing, LOL--I mainly write fanfic, for the sheer love of it. But I\'m flattered you think I should be doing this professionally.