2018.06.22 - 10:43PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

Rose's logic is solid and just a bit scary, especially with the Doctor's understanding: "... What terrible things you might have prevented. ... If you made things turn out the way they did–and I’m not saying that it’s for certain–but if you did, you did so for a reason... if I had to pick someone, anyone out of the whole universe, to act as an all-powerful deity, I’d choose you any day. If I believe in anything, Rose Tyler,” he said with a half-smile, “I believe in you.”... " Beautifully done!

2015.02.06 - 10:46AM
1: Long Have I Sought Thee

I have no idea how I missed this... I have tears running down my face, happy/sad tears. That was just wonderful, completely wonderful.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

2014.01.30 - 08:26PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

A travesty, really, that these scenes weren't committed to film. A scene in which Ten2 has an opportunity to face her, and answer for both versions of himself, was sorely missing from the episode. Lacking even the hint of a smile from either Rose or Ten2 in their final frame of film, it left dangling the question of whether she was taking this as yet another inelegant cast-off, or what. He hates endings, we know this, but Ten2 would presumably have had some satisfying answers to give her after that abrupt departure. And you gave them to us. I'm slipping this straight into my canon memory banks, as if it really happened ;). . . . . And as per previous comments: Yes, please, just publish anything and everything related to DW. Your way of handling all of these beloved characters is incredibly authentic, and so appreciated.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I would KILL for more Pete\'s World material...but at the same time, I don\'t want it? Anything they put on camera would be canon, and it\'s kind of wonderful that we have so much leeway to play with the characters.

2013.12.09 - 07:16PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

I love this story - but the last chapter is nothing short of brilliant! I think my favourite line was: he will never stand over your grave. Very powerful that. This is most definitely favourite - well done! x

Author's Response: Thank you!

2013.12.09 - 03:17PM
1: Long Have I Sought Thee

OK, I always go back and read this story when Ten and Rose (or Moffat's DW in general now) get's me down. This always cheers me up. I also have to say, this was the first story… any story, really… that actually caused me to finally accept Ten2. It took me so long to be able to do that and when I read your story, he clicked in my mind as legit. :) Thanks for that and for the awesomeness that is this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, writing this story was cathartic--it really helped me reconcile the Doctor as the Doctor. And thanks for the re-reads!

2013.09.26 - 09:39AM
1: Long Have I Sought Thee

Well, this was just great! I'd never really stopped to think about the possibility that Bad Wolf was behind all of those events in series 2 through 4 and it actually makes a whole lot of sense. I think you're really clever for laying out that possibility in the way that you did. Love the touch of the clock, and throwing a coffee pot out of the window. Their voices were really spot on, and the entire story had a lot of emotional resonance. Anyway, loved it! Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks! Whew, after JE, I really needed to write this, just to sort everything out in my own head. I love Rose/TenToo fics and how they often build their relationship over time, but I wanted to write one where they didn\'t do any dancing around each other. I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2013.03.21 - 02:26PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

Keep writing. Anything, really. So far, everything you've written is just about the way I always wanted things to go. Like with Ten!Too, being proactive about Rose and having hope for the place where they are instead of drowning in angst. Not saying there wouldn't be angst, but I just don't like Dark TenToo fics. Hello, it's a HAPPY ending! Ish. So this was really, really good and I like the development angle of Rose, the older and wiser and different-haired Rose. Not enough Rose POV out there.

Author's Response: Thanks! Lol, I am ALL about the Rose POV! And yeah, I agree -- I like TenToo fics to be happy-fluffy-singing-chipmunk-lovefests (for the most part).

2013.01.09 - 04:15PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

Oh my god, my favorite part: "How's the broken heart doing?" Oh I laughed out loud. That whole scene was great and very well placed in a serious piece.

Very beautiful. I would love to see a series of this, and I don't usually read Rose/TenII.

Author's Response: Thanks! Lol, yeah, there\'s generally some humor that sneaks into even my most angsty stories -- I can\'t help it. Also, the fun times make the sad bits hurt more. We\'ll have to see about the series -- I\'ve definitely got some more Rose/TenII stuff, but not necessarily following this story. And I HAVE to finish my backlog of partially completed stuff before I start anything new.

2013.01.04 - 06:23PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

I realized I never wrote a comment for this story and wanted to come back and rectify that since it is one of my all time favorite post Ten 2/Rose fics. I've read it 4 times now and it hits me in a different way every time. Your characterization of a more mature Rose is just so spot on in my opinion (in all of your stories) and the Doctor (and Jackie) is great here too. I really struggle with my feelings for Ten too in general - I go back and forth between loving him and the idea of them together in Pete's World and pretending he never existed at all (I never like the idea of Rose abandoning him for the Doctor though). You do a great job of convincing us, via Ten too convincing Rose, that this was the right way for things to go. I'm still not totally persuaded but this story makes it a whole lot easier to swallow than the brief scene RTD gave us at the end of JE...
And I LOVE that he says "Also Satan." Best line ever. I know I have more to say about this story but yeah...

Author's Response: Ooh, thanks! I\'m glad you enjoyed it, and cheers for the re-reads! Yeah, TenToo is a tricky thing, since it\'s impossible to forget that the other Doctor is still out there. Still, it\'s probably the happiest ending for them all that we could have hoped for (giving the constraints of TV and availability of actors and such). I\'m glad the story made you feel better about it -- I know it helped me to write it!

2012.11.17 - 01:37AM
1: Long Have I Sought Thee

I've read this three times now. It's my accepted head canon. Have I mentioned enough how much I love your characterization. Whenever I read Doctor/Rose fic's sometimes even when it's really really good, the image in my head of that being the Doctor or Rose gets fuzzy because even though I really like how the story is going, it's gets fuzzy because part of me also realizes it's not exactly them.

But from start to finish, whenever I read this all I see is a movie of Rose (played by Billie Piper) and the Doctor (meta-crisis - played by David Tennant) inside my head on Bad Wolf Bay continuing from Journey's End. The image NEVER gets fuzzy because every dialogue you wrote I see Rose saying. And the dialogue you gave Tentoo - well it's so brilliant that it gave me closure and made me accept that "Hey, that's the Doctor", because before I found this little piece of awesomeness, I'll be honest I was just not entirely happy at all about what happened. But now I'm like it's the Doctor. He's the same man ALWAYS.

Anyways, that's long enough. I know you're still busy working on your Certain Dark Things series, but maybe after that you'll want to write more Rose/Doctor(II) series? Expanded from this piece? Pretty please with as much cherries on top as you want?


P.S. Yeah, I'm a pretty big fan of your writing. If you ever publish, I'll definitely buy in a heart beat.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so happy to hear that the characterization came out well -- writing in-character is my favorite thing. And I agree, the TenToo thing is very confusing, emotionally speaking. I think it was the best ending that we could hope for, given that the actors were leaving and such, but still... Writing this story definitely helped me work through it, though. As far as writing more, hmm, we\'ll see! I have A LOT of unfinished stories right now that need writing, and I\'d really like to get them out the door before I start anything new. The good news is that some of them are Rose/TenToo and should be pretty happy. Or they will be if I can ever get them finished. I just need an extra three hours a day to write! (And thank you for all your reviews -- if I ever get my novel finished, I\'ll let you know, lol!)

2012.10.01 - 06:19PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

I must say... I love this. I absolutely love this.

A lot of people look at 10.5 as some sort of obstacle between Rose and the Doctor. There's got to be some creative (or not so creative, since most of the ones I've seen make her immortal or him with the lifespan of a mayfly) way to get him out of the picture and Rose back in to her original Universe and to 10 and to hell with the timelines and River and yadayada.

You, however, not only have you succeeded in capturing their personalities...you made something honestly believable. We think 10 is a right git for just dumping Rose back there with 10.5, especially since he knew what he had to do for Donna. But you made an excellent point. Existing the way he does, the Doctor can think is alive forever in his own way, whether or not Bad Wolf did change her in some way.

And you gave them (and us) something to look forward to in their lives. So, kudos to you, mate. Dis is my new headcannon as far as Rose and 10.5 go. :3

I need to show this to my roommate now. With what happened to Amy and Rory, plus with her favorite Glee couple breaking up this week... she's got all da feels right now ;~; Yeah, dis should cheer her up.

Author's Response: Glad to hear it! Yeah, this was definitely my post-JE therapy fic -- I felt a lot better about the whole Rose/TenII ending after writing it. And I\'m always happy to contribute to headcanon! Cheers, and thanks for the review!

2012.07.06 - 12:14AM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

I was rereading and man, this line "“It’s just I’m so sick of the limitations. You telling me I can’t–I can’t stay with you on Satellite Five, I can’t stay with you at Canary Wharf, I can’t cross over from this world to that. To hell with that!” she shouted suddenly. “To hell with you, any version of you, saying that my life is so small, that my fate is to stay at home and wither and die."

Totally amazing. It's so Rose, it hurts. She's always getting told what she should do, what she can't do and what does she do? Rise above it, find her goals and get them done no matter what "impossible" challenges are there. God, I love it. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I love Rose\'s character development -- especially by S4, she\'s a force to be reckoned with. Honestly, the Doctor really ought to know better by now...

2012.06.25 - 11:29AM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

I am really enjoying this story. Your characterizations are excellent. I also loved not only the discussion about whether Bad Wolf was the one manipulating events, but whether her actions were selfish. That's always been one of my quibbles with that explanation of events, and I like the way you handled it. Finally, regardless, I have to think that there was a reason Ten II and Rose needed to be in the other universe, things that they could and needed to do there, so I am really looking forward to seeing what they do here.

Author's Response: Thank you, and I\'m glad you liked the characterizations. This is the end of this particular story, but I might make it a series at some point. I keep thinking my fanfic to-do list will get shorter as I finish these things, but it just keeps growing...

2012.06.23 - 11:43PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

I'm guilty of not always reviewing writing like this because anything I could say just isn't even close to adequate. But in my rendered-speechless state, just know that I LOVE this brilliant, gorgeous piece of writing!

Author's Response: My goodness, thank you! You are extremely kind. And since reviews are apparently my drug-of-choice, I very much appreciate the effort!

2012.06.23 - 12:19PM
4: Here in Thy Arms Is Cured

“But this way, staying in a parallel universe?” He smiled softly, sadly. “For him, you will never die. Separate universes means separate timelines. Non-convergent realities. Your story never ends for him, because he will never stand over your grave. He can think of you here, existing forever, Rose, because for him, that’s true. It was the only real way to make you immortal without sacrificing anything.

“He gets your forever, Rose. I get your everyday.” He suddenly looked uncomfortable. “I mean, if you want.”

Oh how I loved this... Gorgeous...although the thought of a Rose Tyler statue in the middle of Trafalgar Square is awfully sweet. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Heh, but you know that Ten probably would probably end up stealing the statue for his private shrine on the TARDIS...