Reviews For Rose With an O

2012.10.08 - 10:47PM
1: Rose With an O

Oh man that was dang hot! Poor Jack lost in the woodwork. But at least not left behind here but he will be totally bummed at missing the show.

Author's Response: I would never leave Jack behind; neither would Nine or Rose! But the prompt called for jealousy; and after Rose rescued her men, Jack- who is too smart to get between those two- went to hide in the media room until things cooled down. Thanks so much for reading and for your wonderful compliment. You\'ve got me grinning.

2012.06.18 - 03:05PM
1: Rose With an O

And what gets me is that neither of them give a damn about Jack, which is exactly the way it was on the show.

Author's Response: Oh, I agree completely! They left us with plot holes you could drive the Death Star through and destroyed character continuity. All they cared about was introducing the new Doctor. (though most of the regeneration eps I\'ve seen have been pretty lame). Now I rationalize that RTD knew he\'d get Torchwood for JB when he wrote PotW, so he made Jack immortal, left him there, and left it open what Jack did just so they could use it in the new series. But THAT runs me smack up against what they did to him - and Ianto! - in CoE, and the only rationalization I\'ve got is RTD was convinced they weren\'t being renewed and wanted to go out explosively. But why do that to characters everyone loves? Fanfic like Canaan\'s or scifiangel\'s Captain!Verse fix what a lot of us think the BBC writers got wrong. I wrote this story for specific prompts. I love Jack. If you do too, please read my \"Dark Retrospect\" on lj and let me know what you think of what I did with him.