Reviews For One Street Away

2021.10.14 - 04:28PM
3: Chapter 3

I got so emotional reading this fanfic. I feel as anguished as if I were in Rose's shoes. It was wonderful, you write very well. You can convey the characters' feelings in a unique way. :')

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I cried as I wrote this, over and over. It was a homage to my beloved Nine and my first attempt at Ten.

2020.03.25 - 06:11PM
1: Chapter 1

Absolutely beautiful. Our poor silly stringbean dork of a Doctor, trying so HARD. And Rose too! But yessss let's hear it for hidden memories. He didn't NEED to go beat himself up, his own guilt did that. XD

and then feeding her up mwahahaha. AFter the litany of idiots, at least...

Author's Response: I’ve been considering writing a sequel for those who want to see what happens next. The sexy reunion with Ten. Thank you so much for the review!

2019.08.30 - 04:42AM
1: Chapter 1

I am in love with this whole series! So bloody brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2019.07.30 - 05:24PM
3: Chapter 3

ohhhhh god the beautiful torturous angst

Author's Response: Yeah, this one was full of angst, but It was my take on “The same programming different casing” moment with the three Doctors in n the 50th anniversary episode.

2019.02.23 - 07:42PM
3: Chapter 3

I wonder if you'll ever read this... do you still visit here? But just in case: Thank you. This was awful and wonderful and terrible and amazing. Could not put it down from beginning to end. And now that I'm not desperate to get to the conclusion, I believe I will enjoy it even more the second time. Thematically appropriate, wouldn't you say?😍

Author's Response: Thank you for reading this fic and writing such a sweet review. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The ending was happy, though.

2019.02.23 - 07:03PM
2: Chapter 2

YOU ARE EVIL. Lolololol! I just had to stop and say that before I read Chapter 3. If my heart can take it... 😜

Author's Response: Heh!

2019.02.23 - 05:58PM
1: Chapter 1

You are seriously killing me right now. Way to twist the knife! Real tears are coming our of me. I LOVED what you did with Nine and her. This is brutal...

Author's Response: Crying is not optional when you read and/or write this fic.

2018.08.18 - 08:40PM
1: Chapter 1

Hey, where's the naughty bits? Make up sex is the best kind....

Author's Response: Someday I'll write the sequel to this and give Ten a chance to have his own naughty bits with Rose. Thanks so much for leaving a review.

2017.03.24 - 12:42AM
1: Chapter 1

I came late to the Doctor Who party and even though I have watched most of the series now I still love nine and Rose. I do not think the series did an adequate job with the transition from nine/Rose to ten/ Rose. Your story helped to fix that for me. Every time I read it I cry and often wonder why I torture myself but your writing is just that good..

Author's Response: I am sorry it made you cry, but it made me cry so damn much as I was writing it, you wouldn't believe it? Took me forever to get through Nine and Rose's reunion scene and twice that to write Ten reuniting with Rose. I am ridiculously proud of this one. Not sure why, just am.

2015.11.25 - 10:33PM
1: Chapter 1

You know I have read hundreds of Doctor Who stories but this is the only one that made me cry. That second chapter broke my heart. I mean it really did. Fantastic piece of work.. Don't ever stop writing..

Author's Response: Chronic pain has beat me down quite a lot the last few years, and there were times I thought I'd written my last story but I've started writing again and have new stories to post once my beta goes over them. Thanks for giving me the encouragement to persist. I really love to write and it gives me great joy to know that others find value in my stories.

2015.10.25 - 09:57AM
3: Chapter 3

I've read this story maybe 20 times now and I realized I never left a review. I can't believe I've never told you how much I love and adore this story! It's so emotional and so well told that each and every time I tear up. The first dozen or so times I read this, I bawled. It's just that good and that... heartbreaking I guess is the word I'm looking for.

Author's Response: I can't tell you how gobsmacked when people tell me how many times they've read a story. It's the ultimate compliment a reader can give. I am sorry I made you cry, but thrilled you kept re-reading it. Bless you for leaving a review. It means a lot to me.

2015.10.21 - 06:30AM
1: Chapter 1

I have read this before - many times. For the life of me, I cannot understand why I haven't left a review before. I can't re-read it yet - my poor heart cannot take it.

I remember this a being beauifully and tragically told. I love Nine and whilst I know that Ten is the same man in theory... he isn't. He just isn't.

Nine would always be there for her, no matter what - Ten was just a little too self-absorbed. He hurt Rose too often, in a way that his previous incarnation never ever would. Perhaps it was to protect himself from the path the was in front of them. Sighs, I love your stories... truly, I do! But I need to lose myself in more time with the blue eyed, damaged, battle-scarred warrior who has such an immense ability to love that is the Doctor.

Author's Response: This is the story that actually broke my heart writing it. I still can't read it without crying. I like what Ten said to Wilf about regeneration, which gives lie to the same man theory. Nine fell in love with Rose and Ten was born loving her. Can you see Nine running into Ten? He would be horrified!

2015.04.30 - 09:11PM
3: Chapter 3

So amazing! Brilliant! Fantastic, and every other word that fits! I actually cried during this story a couple times, which doesn't happen often! You made this story so beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and very pleased you left a review!

2015.02.10 - 03:16AM
1: Chapter 1

I read this for the second time and bawled my eyes out again. What an amazing bridge between Nine and Ten. This whole series is just wonderful. It's been great to read again as I've really been feeling the Nine love lately. I realized that Premium Quality Narcotics was one of the first Nine fics I ever came across and I don't think I connected these stories until much later. Great stuff!

Author's Response: Sweetie, I cried so much when I was writing it I was a total wreck! This story was the most difficult story I've ever written and it's also the one I'm most proud of. PQN was the first Doctor Who story I started to write and it practically wrote itself. It's such a thrill to know that people are still reading these stories and writing reviews. It's encouraged me to start writing again, so thank you! I have a stack of unfinished stories that I've spent the past month polishing and the first half dozen are lined up to be betaed. I honestly don't think I could have done it if you all hadn't kept leaving me such amazing reviews, and I hope I haven't lost my touch!

2014.06.24 - 10:00PM
1: Chapter 1

This is one of the most frustrating, heartbreaking, achingly beautiful fanfics I've ever read. Thank you for the incredible gift of it! It is perfect!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you seems inadequate, somehow. I\'m glad you enjoyed it. It should have been a clue when I made myself cry when I was writing it. Repeatedly. That being said, the response to OSA has been beyond my wildest expectation, which is quite lovely. I appreciate your review, it\'s nice to know folks are still reading it and finding the time to comment.