Reviews For The Space Between

2013.05.11 - 02:10PM
6: Chapter 6

This is the second time I've read this and it's still brilliant! Thanks for writing it!

2013.04.13 - 08:26PM
6: Chapter 6

I loved the touch of alien you gave the Doctor in this! The Time Lord senses were very cool. Great story!

2013.04.09 - 12:41AM
6: Chapter 6

What a fantastic story! I loved every minute!

2013.01.28 - 10:37PM
1: Chapter 1

I am not sure how I missed this lovely story when it was first written but I just was able to spend the evening reading it. What a wonderful joy. I love your version of the "alien sex pollen/venom" trope. Nice original twist, but with the right amount of angst. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

2012.07.19 - 02:43AM
6: Chapter 6

That was beautiful! What a great story. Would love to see a follow-up that picks up where this leaves off... ;)

2012.07.12 - 08:41PM
6: Chapter 6

This was a wonderful story! I just read the entire thing, and I am so glad I found it. Well done! Definitely adding this one to my faves!

2012.06.25 - 01:35PM
6: Chapter 6

Very lovely ending. Thanks for writing this!

2012.06.24 - 11:31PM
6: Chapter 6

Lol...All I could think at the end was..Awww:) Great story.

2012.06.24 - 08:46PM
6: Chapter 6

oh so lovely! too beautiful for words; and i love how the chapter came full circle with Premier Blade and Rose's pregnancy. it was the perfect ending. :)

2012.06.24 - 07:32PM
6: Chapter 6

I just read the whole thing in one sitting and it was absolutely wonderful! The beginning was great, the middle was splendid, and the end was just brilliant. You handled the characters very well, the dialogue was genuine, and the pace perfect. What else can I say? I liked it.

2012.06.24 - 06:03PM
6: Chapter 6

Aw, that was adorable (:

2012.06.24 - 03:02PM
6: Chapter 6

Sweet ending. :)

2012.06.22 - 01:27AM
4: Chapter 4

Loving this! Can't wait for an update. :)

2012.06.21 - 12:48PM
5: Chapter 5

So sad. Another well written chapter. :)

2012.06.21 - 08:53AM
1: Chapter 1

Wow! Poor Doctor. I'd like to help him with his "problem". But unfortunately he's a fictional character, so I'll settle for a cold shower.