Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.05.22 - 11:03AM
4: Chapter 4

Ever so happy to revisit the TD universe I know we arevin for another wild ride I look forward to it

Author's Response: Yeah, it\'s going to be a pretty Rocky Road this time and there are no marshmallows in sight!

2012.05.22 - 10:20AM
4: Chapter 4

Good to see John Happy and enjoying the slow path.

Author's Response: The slow path suits John now that a lot of things have been sorted for him. I think he\'s kind of found his place, part time in the labs and full time Daddy.

2012.05.21 - 11:22PM
4: Chapter 4

I love how John can do things with his sons now.

Author's Response: Things are much better for him all round.

2012.05.21 - 11:15PM
3: Chapter 3

Where does John put all that food? Two slices of cake, lunch and afters?! The man must be hollow! :D

Author's Response: Well, you know what they say? Fill yer boots, reckon that is what John has done, though he did only share an afters with Sue.

2012.05.21 - 11:09PM
2: Chapter 2

Yay, Nelly's going to be a mommy again! :)

But, two chapters in and you already hurt John!? Ok, the trampoline has got to go! :D

Author's Response: Oh, I didn\'t hurt him. He did it all by himself when we weren\'t even watching, but, a little birdie told me that he was messing around on the trampoline with Simon and Greg at the same time and they\'d had a few beers, and it is true what he\'s saying that if he\'d done it before he\'d have broken a leg so it\'s a good demonstration that he really is a lot better.

2012.05.21 - 11:01PM
1: Chapter 1

Awww....John and Sue are so sweet! Wonder what Nelly wanted to see John about.

Author's Response: They\'re getting on well. As soon as John gets upstairs to the lab you\'ll find out lol.

2012.05.21 - 06:00PM
4: Chapter 4

Good to see John being able to interact and play with his sons and basically be a dad.

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s got the physical ability to do it along with the need and desire to do it now. I think it makes him an all round good dad.

2012.05.21 - 05:51PM
3: Chapter 3

I can just see a young John (Doctor) at the Academy on Gallifrey being kaned with that Gallifreyan birch switch for being naughty! LOL!

Author's Response: I bet they made him hitch up his robes as well, the meanies.

2012.05.21 - 02:03PM
3: Chapter 3

Aah, the joys of kids and schedules, huh?

Author's Response: Kids, schedules, and forever running lates. John does try though, bless him.

2012.05.21 - 01:25PM
1: Chapter 1

I thought Sue was living at the Mansion with John.

Author's Response: She is living with him, but that doesn\'t mean John can\'t be a bit romantic and surprise her at work with coffee and then take her out to lunch, does it?

2012.05.21 - 12:20PM
1: Chapter 1

Ohh...John and Sue in the TD universe? Splendid! Starting out innocently enough which I might conjecture won't stay that way for long. Allons-y!

Author's Response: No, it\'s not going to stay that for long, just flexing the TD muscles for the first few chapters, establishing the time frame etc, but then... we will all be allons-y-ing!

2012.05.21 - 11:40AM
2: Chapter 2

Despite the unpleasant title - so far so good. Babies and running. Splendid, I'd say?

Author's Response: Seems like a good day for John, general domestics and happy news, normal stuff, right?

2012.05.21 - 11:34AM
1: Chapter 1

Yay, interlude!
Intermezzi can be good. My muse certainly seems fond of them (:

Author's Response: I\'m afraid as far as intermezzi are concerned, this is going to be a tart lemon sorbet.

2012.05.21 - 10:51AM
2: Chapter 2

The Follow up, whisch starts so charmingly is called Lost? Scary.

Author's Response: Yeah, not a good title for it, not sure what to call it, because it\'s really just a work in progress, but it wont leave me alone to get on with DS. It is quite possible that it wont be called Lost by the end of it, it\'s really a working title. First few chapters are just a reintroduction to the characters in TD it\'s not going to stay fluffy.