Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.05.22 - 10:36PM
8: Chapter 8

Ok, know I know what Lost means! Jack is lost and they need the Doctor to tell then what the heck happened!

Author's Response: Yeah, still not happy with the title though, could be more Missing than Lost dont know yet, title could end up changing at some point but it can continue to be Lost for the minute. As for Jack? Unfortunately it seems like he is.

2012.05.22 - 10:29PM
7: Chapter 7

What has the Doctor done to himself this time?!

Author's Response: He\'s got himself into a bloody mess, that is what he\'s done, the numpty.

2012.05.22 - 10:24PM
6: Chapter 6

Now that was sweet and steamy at the same time. She really knows what John needs when he needs it.

Author's Response: They have a mature stabilising relationship and I think that it works both ways John looks after Sue, and she looks after him.

2012.05.22 - 10:17PM
5: Chapter 5

I like how understanding Sue is about John when he goes from one sleep cycle to the other. :)

And Michael getting a big boy bed?! Wow! :)

Author's Response: She has been dealing with it from a medical point of view and as his best friend for ten years now so she is probably more in tune to it than he is.

And yes, he is getting to be a big boy now. I am fairly sure he is expert at climbing out of the cot when he wants to by now, so big boy bed is probably safer.

2012.05.22 - 09:39PM
8: Chapter 8

There is a reason I love your stories. There great!

Author's Response: Thanks, hope that you enjoy.

2012.05.22 - 06:12PM
5: Chapter 5

I have to admit, in my head I sort of relate John's transition cycles to PMS or menopause. Most men have no idea what women go through, so maybe the Time Lord/Human transitions will make John more aware of what Sue deals with as a consequence of being a human woman.

Author's Response: Lol, that is actually how I think about it. In fact I had a comment about him being \'hormonal\' in there but then I took it out as it probably isn\'t something that Sue would say to him. Rose would have, but not Sue, but in my head the transition is driven by hormonal changes so probably is very like menstruation, though I am sure John would have a lot to say about that analogy if he knew we were thinking it, bless him. I think he\'d blush. Anyway, joke for you... what has got two legs and bleeds?

2012.05.22 - 06:08PM
6: Chapter 6

Now this is a much more mature relationship for John. John and Sue just seem to "get" each other in a way that John and Rose didn't in your AU. Enjoyed this chapter very much.

Author's Response: This was a bit weird to write if I\'m honest, it was almost kind of like writing it of \'parents\' but it turned out okay. John and Sue are better for the years they have come to know and to rely on each other outside a relationship now that they are in one.

2012.05.22 - 06:05PM
8: Chapter 8

Aha! Some serious Eleven!Whump has finally started. LOL!!! I was wondering how long that would take. ;-)

Author's Response: Yeah, Elevenwhump... going to have to be careful that it is \'eleven\' and not \'ten\'. Ten does hurt so well, I am not sure how Eleven is going to respond and to react to it at this point. I guess I will find out along with everyone else, but know I am going to have to be careful to ensure it is Eleven and not just a regenerated ten - if that makes sense?

Author's Response: half a dog *giggles*

2012.05.22 - 03:52PM
8: Chapter 8

Seeing thye condition the Doctor is in I'm afraid Jack is no better off. I mean if his coat is still hanging on the coatrack. I'm with John in asking Where is he?

Author's Response: If his coat is in the TARDIS then you can pretty much guarantee that the Captain was with the Doctor at some point recently. Whatever Hell the Doctor has escaped from, the Captain could still be wrapped up in.

Author's Response: Or, maybe he just forgot his coat.

2012.05.22 - 03:22PM
8: Chapter 8

Ack, the moment he started calling for Jack, I think my blood ran cold. Hmm.. at least I can hope for some Uncoming Storm wrath for whoever did this.. *crosses fingers*

Author's Response: Things will definitely get stormy at some point.

2012.05.22 - 03:12PM
8: Chapter 8

Yup, well, I knew the fluffiness was too good to last. :))

Author's Response: Yeah, it wasn\'t going to last too long, but it was more than one chapter before it happened... though have kept the chapters deliberately short lol.

2012.05.22 - 02:40PM
7: Chapter 7

Now what's happened?

Author's Response: He\'s only gone and done it again, huh?

2012.05.22 - 02:32PM
6: Chapter 6

Payback for that kiss earlier? ;o) Way to go Sue!

Author's Response: I am not sure that John minded the payback lol.

2012.05.22 - 02:22PM
7: Chapter 7

Oh ye I too thought it would be John. I should be ashamd but I glad it was the Doctor.

Author's Response: Oh, being glad that it is the Doctor? That is really mean.

2012.05.22 - 12:15PM
7: Chapter 7

Oh, you tricked me into thinking John would be hurt, with his headache and falling asleep on the sofa! *is easily fooled, haha* What's he got himself into this time, then?

Author's Response: *ner ner - gotcha*

I think the Doctor bit off more than he could chew.