Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.05.24 - 12:19PM
12: Chapter 12

It's going to be a tough road ahead for the Doctor. Wondering if John will be forced to travel to the other universe to help save Jack. Hoping the Doctor hasn't also been poisoned. (Who am I kidding? More DoctorWhump!)

Author's Response: If there is an opportunity to whump him then it is generally going to happen isn\'t it? Well, when he is my play thing anyway *evil chuckle*

2012.05.24 - 11:35AM
12: Chapter 12

It's not just John these animals have to fear

Author's Response: No, it\'s not, I think they are going to be in a whole heap of trouble.

2012.05.24 - 10:48AM
12: Chapter 12

Ooh boy. Whoever is holding Jack captive at the moment is going to get merry hell from Eleven and from Gray both, I suspect.
(Btw, I think it's awesome you haven't a fixed idea of who they are really - I always feel that such stories that are more fun to write because you never know what the muses will throw at you next :))

Author's Response: Yeah, they are going to find out that they have seriously messed with the wrong \'family\' because not only is there Eleven, John, and Gray, there is Pete and all the resources of their Torchwood and there is still Gwen, Ianto, and Donna back at home even if Martha, Tom, and Ryan dont get broken in. You know I said this was likely to be a brief interlude? It is seeming less and less likely.

Author's Response: Besides, if Jack doesn\'t know who they are, and I dont think the Doctor knows who they are and if he does he can\'t communicate it to them, then how can we know who they are? I probably wont know who they are for sure until it is actually confirmed in the text, because nine times out of ten I have it all written and it ends up being something completely different by the end lol.

2012.05.23 - 11:45PM
11: Chapter 11

'Dragged himself into that TARDIS of his like it was his coffin.' - that is a beautiful sentence (despite everything it implies, of course). So who are these people then? They seem to know an awful lot.

Author's Response: Kind of imagine him a bit like a dog crawling off somewhere to go and die - I know that is horrid, but that is the vision I\'ve got of him at the moment.

As to the people? They definitely know too much about everything.

2012.05.23 - 10:39PM
11: Chapter 11

Ok, no one tortures Jack and the Doctor and gets away with it! This bitch is toast!

(And why do I have a feeling I know who this is?)

Author's Response: The bitch will definitely be toast.

Let you into a little secret though? I dont even know who it is yet lol.

Author's Response: Got a little inkling that working on in the back of my head as to how it could be possible, but still not entirely sure and it may change yet.

2012.05.23 - 10:30PM
10: Chapter 10

Ok, whoever did this is going to be sorry. John's Oncoming Storm is coming!

How are they going to get those duscs out of the Doctor's feet though?

Author's Response: John is going to get more and more angry. As for the \'studs\' they are going to have to try to cut them out.

2012.05.23 - 10:25PM
9: Chapter 9

Oooooh, poor Doctor and poor TARDIS. She did the right thing though. But where is the Captain?!

Author's Response: She got the Doctor to safety and using the protocols would either take the TARDIS to Torchwood Cardiff or to the mansion and to John. With Jack missing then it is John who is the most able to assist. It was all she could do really wasn\'t it?

2012.05.23 - 09:15PM
11: Chapter 11

She's messing with my Jack. She has to go.

Author's Response: Yeah, she\'s naughty.

2012.05.23 - 06:13PM
11: Chapter 11

The monsters!

Author's Response: It\'s really not nice is it? I bet Jack could cope with the physcial torments of being captive, but to have the Doctor\'s screams piped into his hood?

2012.05.23 - 05:46PM
11: Chapter 11

"What else couple possibly go wrong?"

Could.. COULD... geez, that's embarrassing.

Author's Response: Lol, you know what? My fingers do things like that all the time! I\'m up to where they have got the Doctor into Torchwood and the nurse Mary and the doctor Mark have come back into the story... because I was writing DS until a few days ago even though my head and the draft script say Mark / Mary, my fingers automatically type Martha and she\'s off in Africa somewhere with Tom and Ryan and has no bloody idea what is going on with the Doctor and Jack, and probably wont be involved in this at all.

2012.05.23 - 05:45PM
11: Chapter 11

What a fine mess they managed to get themselves into this time. The Doctor is in really bad shape, the Tardis is sick and now Jack is being psychologically tortured as well as physically.

What else couple possibly go wrong?

Unslinky: It doesn't matter what story you're writing, as long as you're writing something that I can read!

Author's Response: Yeah, they\'re in a pretty diabolical state really, the Doctor\'s condition is not yet fully udnerstood, the TARDIS needs to power down, and no one knows where Jack is to even begin to aid his escape.

2012.05.23 - 02:18PM
10: Chapter 10

I can see the Oncoming Storm coming out in John.

Whoever did this better run and run fast and pray John don't find them!

Author's Response: Yeah, he certainly still has the oncoming storm within him, and he was born in battle.

2012.05.23 - 11:13AM
10: Chapter 10

I feel like such a bad person, but my first reaction to what the things in his feet were was 'oh, that's a handy system, actually, that would work really well'. *hides*

Author's Response: Yeah, I was kind of thinking about them. I mean it is bad enough when you stand on a drawing pin or something like that, but if you\'ve got several of them stuck in both feet that you can\'t get out? Then if you do stand on them they will go in deeper but the barbs will hold them deeper, and if they are in bone as well? They would work really well, but it\'s brutal and sick and I feel pretty bad about thinking them up as well, but so far as innovation in torture? I think they\'d be pretty successful, of course the Doctor\'s feet are shredded and he\'s no longer captive, so they weren\'t that successful really were they?

2012.05.22 - 11:43PM
8: Chapter 8

Oh dear Eleven took a terrible beating and where is Jack!!

Author's Response: Eleven is in a bad way... and who knows what kind of condition Jack is in?

2012.05.22 - 11:24PM
6: Chapter 6

Trying to decide who's luickier -- John or Sue. Hot chapter!

Author's Response: They did get a bit steamy.