Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.05.27 - 03:38AM
15: Chapter 15

I certainly need a medical dictionary reading this. If this is how the Doctor was treated, then what hell is the Captain enduring since he is who the psycho bit@# was after. Loved Mark's reasoning and Sue'sand Phil's reactions.

Author's Response: Hopefully we\'ll get an update on Jack soon.

2012.05.27 - 02:07AM
15: Chapter 15

These people sure have perfected the art of pain.. :s

Author's Response: They are definitely well practised and have some nifty little torture devices on hand to ensure maximum damage is caused as well as pain. They are sick, twisted, and evil .... um... what does that make me?

2012.05.27 - 12:22AM
15: Chapter 15

This is shaping up nicely and *OUCH!* painfully. :-( I can't wait to see where it leads. The only thing I am missing is my beautiful Ten.

Author's Response: Yeah, I have to keep on reminding myself that it\'s not Ten but Eleven. At the moment while he\'s out of it, it doesn\'t make any difference really, but can\'t keep him unconscious for the whole thing can I?

2012.05.26 - 11:50PM
1: Chapter 1

Wellm they need to get on the stick and go get my Jack--NOW!

Author's Response: If they knew where he was they would

2012.05.26 - 11:04PM
15: Chapter 15

I think he would do anything for Jack. But those starfish things could have traps in them as well.

John is going to freak when he sees how badly his brother has been tortured and whoever this is will be in deeeeeeeeeeeeeep doo-doo when he gets hold of them! >:(

Author's Response: He\'d certainly do everything in his power for Jack. There is definitely going to be doo-doo flying round and it is going to wind up deep.

2012.05.26 - 04:00PM
14: Chapter 14

Glad that Sue has the old team together to look after the Doctor. Wonder how they're going to get those studs out of his feet.

Author's Response: Getting the studs out is going to be hard and wont be pleasant.

2012.05.25 - 02:42PM
13: Chapter 13

Wow those could be some nasty buggers, simply brilliant. It tickles me to no end to read the nasty things that you can write to be done to the Doctor and loving every word of it.

Author's Response: Just wait until you hear about the newest innovation in Time Lord tortury (if tortury is a word) - SPIDER SLUGS!

2012.05.25 - 09:47AM
14: Chapter 14

Love how compassionate and thoughtful Sue and her staff are.

Author's Response: Hopefully they wont let their fear of hurting him and making him feel like he is still being tortured interfere with his treatment and the discovery of potential injuries.

2012.05.25 - 09:41AM
14: Chapter 14

I'm hoping that the scanner failing is an accident and that the next one will work *eep!* Truth be told, though - they stopped his degeneration and it doesn't really get any worse than that, right?

Author's Response: Yeah, all the stuff they went through with his degeneration and the bone marrow treatments and everything like that are going to set them in good stead for treating him now. He\'s in a lot better place now.

2012.05.24 - 11:46PM
13: Chapter 13

On the edge of my seat!
I don't think I (or any of the other readers, judging by the reviews) mind if this is going to be a slightly longer intermezzo! :)

Author's Response: I think at this point it\'s going to be just as well, because DS is totally gone from my head at the moment. Tried to do a little of that, but there is no way that I can get out of this and back to this.

2012.05.24 - 11:44PM
13: Chapter 13

I don't want the Doctor's feet blown off! :O

As for who this might be? I'm thinking the Rani. She liked torturing people.

Author's Response: No, I am not sure that there would be much to go on with his feet getting blown off - well, not right off anyway? *giggling insanely*

I thought that you were going to suggest the Rani for some reason, but it\'s not going to be her. I dont know the classic characters well enough to write them and be confident in them. Never seen an episode with the Rani in yet.

2012.05.24 - 11:39PM
12: Chapter 12

Ok, no one messes with Gray's brother and gets away with it! Those guys are doomed! >:(

Author's Response: They have messed with the wrong people.

2012.05.24 - 11:21PM
13: Chapter 13

This woman is a real piece of work.

Author's Response: She\'s certainly not the nicest of women.

2012.05.24 - 07:39PM
13: Chapter 13

Glad Sue is there to keep John focused on what is to be done right now instead of getting angry.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is going to need it himself as well, because don\'t forget he has just been dragged out of bed for this during transition as well.

2012.05.24 - 03:38PM
12: Chapter 12

I'd rather have the Doctor after me than Gray. The Doctor at least would give you a chance to repent. I don't think Gray's going to give a flying fig if this mystery Chick repents or not.

Author's Response: Yeah, I expect that even when he has been subjected to it the Doctor will be in the line of offering some kind of second chance, whether he will in terms of Jack is less clear with Eleven isn\'t it? I think he\'s more prone to actual deep seated. I find it hard to read Eleven, he can be so compassionate, but then there is the \'nobody human can speak to me today\' line from the Beast Below and I am wondering if that is where he is going to fall in terms of torture of Jack rather than torture of himself. Gray is another matter completely, and so is John really, he\'s got the Doctor\'s fury and Donna\'s passion, so even if he\'s not \'born in battle\' he is still potentially going to be the most angry.