Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.05.28 - 10:24PM
16: Chapter 16

Could that weird bit be his appendix? No one knows for sure if the Doctor has one. It might have ruptured while they were torturing him.

Author's Response: It\'s kind of a like a pre-kidney seive, but then you know that by now, lol.

2012.05.28 - 09:51PM
19: Chapter 19

OOOOH, poor baby. I know why they have to protect the boys, but that was just heartbreaking.

Author's Response: It\'s going to be difficult for the boys when they find out about the Doctor.

2012.05.28 - 06:14PM
19: Chapter 19

Poor Micheal... one of the most heartbreaking things for a young child is not being believed when they tell the truth. And what was Jackie thinking? Wasn't she supposed to keep them away from the bedroom so they wouldn't see the TARDIS?

Spider slugs... oh my. They sound incredibly cruel, but not so much more than explosive harpoons used by whalers. Unfortunately, explosive harpoons were deliberately designed to destroy life, and not repurposed as spider slugs were.

I'm just glad that they weren't creepy crawlies. That's when I would have barfed. LOL!

Author's Response: Well, to be fair to Jackie, Michael hasn\'t been in his dad\'s bedroom and seen that the TARDIS there, instead, he can feel that she is there telepathically much the same as he\'s bonded to his dad. It just so happens that in this aspect of Time Lordiness Michael is more Time Lord than Jack oor his brother would be able to sense the TARDIS as well. Jacko can\'t but Michael can, but neither of them have seen the TARDIS.

Spiderslugs are pretty nasty, but you\'re right, there are plenty of other things out there which are cruel and designed to cause the maximum amount of damage and pain.

2012.05.28 - 04:36PM
19: Chapter 19

That's one smart boy. 'She's there. Why won't anyone listen to me?' is probably what the poor boy is thinking. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature nor is it nice to lie to young children, even when it's for their own good!

Author's Response: I think that is exactly what Michael is thinking, along with, why is everyone else so thick that they dont know she is there, lol.

2012.05.28 - 03:18PM
18: Chapter 18

Is it bad to admit I'm absolutely hooked?
Hm.. Can they determine the timeframe by looking at the spiderslugs, maybe? As terrible as it's all is, every clue narrows it down, I guess..

Author's Response: Both the studs and the spiderslugs can give a good indication of when they were manufactured and potentially when Jack is being held.

2012.05.28 - 03:14PM
19: Chapter 19

Looks like Michael is connected to the Tardis and can sense she it there.

Author's Response: Yeah, it seems to be the case doesn\'t it, bless him, he doesn\'t quite understand what is going on, just that he is being denied.

2012.05.28 - 03:05PM
18: Chapter 18

People in the far future can be just as cruel if not crueller than they are now.

Author's Response: Yeah, unfortunately I think that there is some kind of counter balance, that while some aspects of humanity and some individuals are simply heroic with their degree of empathy, kindness, and the length they go to assist, care for, and protect others, animals, plants etc. There is the other side where there is a callous cruel disregard that balances it all up.

I suppose its kind of like the kid that brings all the sick animals home to try to take care of them in comparison to the kid that takes pleasure in pulling the legs off spiders and wings off butterflies and blows up frogs.

It balances up, and we can only hope that those that blow up frogs develop enough of a moral code and impulse control to manage their demons and not do it, and that for every frog that is blown up there is someone else trying to put them back together again.

2012.05.27 - 11:46PM
16: Chapter 16

They put even more inside him?! For people who say it's not about the Doctor but about Jack, they sure are thorough..

Author's Response: He\'s got studs and funny looking bullets inside him that they have discovered to date. Just because Jack was the primary target doesn\'t mean they can\'t have some fun with the Doctor first does it?

Author's Response: And, what better way to get to Jack but to make him wear a hood with the Doctor\'s recorded screams in it. In this case, unfortunately, the Doctor really is just collateral damage and practise.

2012.05.27 - 11:01PM
17: Chapter 17

I'm thinking that the Doctor was treated this way as a warning that any friends of Jack wouild rdcieve a similar treatment if they tried to locate and rescue Jack. If there are creepy cdawlies in Eleven I just may lose my lunch. (Crawlies)

Author's Response: They obviously knew that Jack was with the Doctor and they obviously know a bit about the Doctor as well. If they want to have some uninterrupted time with the Captain then they have to get the Doctor out of the way don\'t they, and apart from that, it\'s fun *phwar ha ha haaahh* No creepy crawlies, just spider slugs.

2012.05.27 - 08:26PM
17: Chapter 17

Poor Eleven! But if those goons were after Jack, then why do all this to the Doctor including inhibiting his regeneration?

And how are they going to find Jack if he's in the other universe?

Author's Response: Simple... because they fully expect the Doctor to die... and they dont want a fully healed Doctor with a new face banging on their door to get Jack back. They will figure out where Jack is / was, whether they get him back or not? *giggles*

2012.05.27 - 03:23PM
: None

This is makeing it look like Ten has gotten off easy, you are really whacking Eleven!

Author's Response: Oh, I think Ten did probably get worse from time to time, but Eleven has been left alone for two years now. I still have to keep on reminding myself that it is Eleven now and not Ten, but Ten\'s regeneration was necessary for John, and I kind of still get to play with half of Ten when playing with John.

2012.05.27 - 02:39PM
: None

Indeed - why else poison a Time Lord...
*reaches for the shock blanket to wrap herself in until the immediate chaos and disaster is over* *is secretly enjoying this far too much*

Author's Response: Well, there could be plenty of other reasons that I was thinking of, simply to make his blood boil was one of them... or to freeze... or to... eliminate his immune system... or to send it into over drive and introduce an autoimmune attack... to increase his metabolism until he has a double heart attack... to promote regeneration... see, I thought I was being a bit kinder than I could have been by eliminating regeneration.

2012.05.27 - 01:55PM
: None

Of course That is what it does

Author's Response: Of course.

2012.05.27 - 08:49AM
15: Chapter 15

Nevermind John, let me at those fiends!

Author's Response: Lol, I am sure that John would make every effort to get there first. Personally, I\'d not want to risk being in the way.

2012.05.27 - 07:40AM
15: Chapter 15

Oh I like Mark. I've done the same thing to my co-workers, even bringing the "Writer's Guide to Poisons" to work as proof.

Love is a good reason to endure the pain he did to try to get help. Let's just hope it works.

Author's Response: Mark is just saying what the others are probably thinking, though verbalising it kind of dug him a hole to sit in.