Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.05.30 - 01:50PM
22: Chapter 22

Peter Tyler is THE MAN. Always thought he was cool--both version of Pete.

Author's Response: Yeah, Pete is cool. The original Pete (our Pete) was able to take charge as well as he understood what was going on quite quickly in Father\'s Day and was prepared to give his life for the safety of human kind without ever \'blaming\' Rose. He was definitely just a \'normal human hero\'.

Love the alternative Pete too, especially in Doomsday when there is the whole - at least I know who you are Doctor, this is my universe, and you\'re going to do what you\'re told. (not verbatim but it was along those lines). The surprising thing is that the Doctor actually listened to him.

He\'s certainly not going to panda to John while he\'s in transition. He\'s telling him straight and giving him no alternative but to listen.

2012.05.30 - 01:29PM
22: Chapter 22

Oh I just love it when Pete cracks down in Torchwood director mode. Sometimes John needs that strong hand, for his own good.

Author's Response: I think Pete is one of the few guys that John actually responds well to when being brought back into line. The Doctor does as well.

2012.05.30 - 12:20PM
22: Chapter 22

Pete's good when he's in charge so you better mind what he says John!

Author's Response: Yeah, there is no arguing with Pete when he\'s in charge.

2012.05.29 - 11:29PM
21: Chapter 21

As bad as it all looks, I believe in these people *cheers them on*
(And at least there are no rockpool-ankle-breaks, brr. Am at that point now in rereading Terminal Decay. *is bad with witnessing bones being broken*)

Author's Response: Oh, yeah, that is a good one, where he gets stuck between the two rocks? Not my favourite though... favourites have to be John\'s car crash flash backs, or, when the Doctor falls down the hole in Destiny Unearthed.

Author's Response: hmmm... or when Gandor gets beaten up in the market place... or...

Author's Response: just going to have to face it that I\'m evil.

2012.05.29 - 11:20PM
20: Chapter 20

Poor Michael - I'd be frustrated too!

Author's Response: He doesn\'t get what is going on, bless him.

2012.05.29 - 10:23PM
21: Chapter 21

Either John's asleep in the changing room or is in tears. Either way, Pete is going to be very careful with him.

Author's Response: He\'s not very happy whatever he is going to be doing in the changing room. He\'s having a hard time. Pete knows how to handle John though, he\'s been doing it for eleven years. He probably knows John better than anyone, except perhaps Jackie.

2012.05.29 - 10:16PM
20: Chapter 20

Michael is a smart little guy. Maybe they should just let him see the TARDIS and tell him that the Doctor went with Granddad and Daddy to Torchwood. It's not really a lie because he did.

Wait, he would want to go inside. Oh, boy, this is tricky.

Author's Response: I think that might be the road they go down if he\'s still bothered about it after going to feed the ducks. Who knows, he might be a typical two year old and be easily distracted.

2012.05.29 - 09:21PM
21: Chapter 21

And to add to John's stress this incodent with Michael.

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s going to worry for his son, but hopefully that can be easily solved - who knows? Duck feeding may actually work.

2012.05.29 - 09:16PM
21: Chapter 21

Poor John--it never stops...not if you're connected to the Doctor, and Poor Doctor, all those enemies

Author's Response: It is never going to stop for John, not just because of his connections with the Doctor, but because of the life he leads in his own right. The Doctor had definitely run into \'an enemy\' this time and I expect there are a whole load of Time Lord \'unfriendly\' drugs and chemicals out there. I am fairly sure that the daleks are not the only \'species\' with a gripe against the Time Lords as a whole rather than just the Doctor.

2012.05.29 - 09:11PM
20: Chapter 20

Poor Jackie and her "alien" family! LOL

Author's Response: When your grandkids are a quarter Time Lord then there are bound to be the odd little thing that pops up. Jacko is too smart for his own good, but Michael is coming into his own and showing that despite being genetically more human than Time Lord in contrast to Jacko, that he has picked up a pretty strong telepathic ability which was kick started when the Doctor realised he needed John to bond with him and has been growing since.

2012.05.29 - 07:36PM
21: Chapter 21

It's bad enough that Sue is stressed over the Doctor, but to know that John could have a problem as well if he doesn't take care of himself? What is a woman to do???

Author's Response: Well things generally happen all at once don\'t they?

2012.05.29 - 07:30PM
20: Chapter 20

Oh now there is a thought! We know the Tardis has a soft spot for Michael, so although Michael loves the Doctor, he loves the Tardis too! Unfortunately, he just won't understand why one is there and not the other, poor guy.

Author's Response: Michael definitely seems to be more interested in getting to the TARDIS than he is to getting to the Doctor, lol. Wonder what Spaceman would think of that?

2012.05.28 - 10:45PM
19: Chapter 19

Michael knows Tardy is there and needs help. Why won't they listen?!

Author's Response: Unfortunately they can\'t listen can they?

2012.05.28 - 10:39PM
18: Chapter 18

That is just barbaric what they have done to the Doctor. What he needs are some Jacko hugs and cuddles when he gets back to the mansion.

Author's Response: I reckon there are going to be lots of hugs and cuddles, but what he is really going to need is one from big Jack so that he knows he is alright as well, and unfortunately, that could be some way off.

2012.05.28 - 10:30PM
17: Chapter 17

They stopped him from regenerating?! Well, that answered why he didn't after all he's been through.

Jack is going to really mad when he finds out what they did to the Doctor.

Author's Response: Yeah, they gave him a drug to stop him regenerating, the arses. Hopefully they will have totally underestimated the TARDIS and have no fear about the Doctor returning (or at least getting to people who can go and fetch Jack). Jack is defintiely going to be mad when he finds out how badly they have hurt the Doctor.