Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.02 - 04:13PM
26: Chapter 26

Gotta love that nice long list of all his injuries.
Trans-rift operation: they're bound to find Jack, now, with all those resources. *is secretly hoping for a torture-chapter because she is horrible like that*

Author's Response: Kind of treating Jack like he is in real time at the same time as the others, if we\'ve not heard of him can assume that for an equal length of time things have not changed for him... so it\'s getting on for around five or six hours now and all that time he has been standing in the cell with the hood on listening to the recording on repeat. When something knew happens you\'ll know *evil grin*

2012.06.01 - 10:14PM
25: Chapter 25

John is going to break and he might go see the Doctor.

Do you think Emperor Stitten's daughter might be the one that has Jack?! We don't know what happened to her father and she might blame them for it.

Author's Response: John is definitely struggling a bit. It doesn\'t help if people have to worry about him as well though does it? He\'s not that good when crises hit this close to home.

Hmmm, maybe?

2012.06.01 - 04:57PM
25: Chapter 25

John needs a hug, too bad the Tardis is tempararily out of comission so they could get Donna so she can be with him.

Author's Response: He does need a hug and quite possibly a kick up the backside as well

2012.06.01 - 03:07PM
25: Chapter 25

John's love for his brother is truly touching, but that and the resulting lack of sleep is affecting his ability to be rational. He is definitely a different personality from the Doctor, and this chapter really plays that out.

Author's Response: I think in some ways John is almost polar to the Doctor and that when he is under a lot of stress that is personal and emotive like this he finds it hard to contain it. When things get really hard like this Donna and the Doctor would be in some kind of conflict - kind of like Pompeii, and though John is definitely his own person, I kind of envisage that same argument tearing him apart, that bit of Donna is at odds at the Doctor who in these circumstances would almost completely shut down any kind of emotion in order to deal with things.

2012.05.31 - 11:40PM
24: Chapter 24

Yay, 100th review! :)

Poor John. He's getting really sleepy and is about to have Donna explode in his ear. Eeeeep!

And why do I have the feeling that where the Doctor took Jack wasn't as safe as he thought? Did he land in the wrong time period?!

Author's Response: 100 reviews is just mad, again. Really appreciate that.

John is definitely getting tired and he is going to be getting emotional with it.

It may be safe for the Doctor, but dont forget that the indications are that the Doctor was just used as a nusciance and a pest that they needed to get out of the way in order to speak.

2012.05.31 - 12:53PM
24: Chapter 24

*silence* The dropping of a pin would sound like an explosion. Speaking of which, it's a good thing John is in the other universe so when Donna explodes, he doesn't get hurt!

And Pete deserved what he got. Nuff said.

Author's Response: Yeah, it could go either way.

2012.05.31 - 12:39PM
24: Chapter 24

How wou;d they get Donna there with the Tardis offline?

Author's Response: They wont be able to until the TARDIS is back on line, but that should only be a couple of days providing things go okay. there are things that could be done in the home universe in order to try to determine where the TARDIS last was, so Donna will at least be able to be involved in that side of thing and do some good while waiting for the TARDIS to come back online, but it is still going to be really hard.

2012.05.31 - 09:49AM
24: Chapter 24

Oh--John, I know he couldn't hide things from Donna, but wow, that's going to be difficult keeping her there. I love John and Pete, acting like ten year old and reporting each other to Jackie. Funny.

Author's Response: I think he almost got carried away talking to Donna so that when he finally did get round to telling her what had happened that it was even more a shock. John has declared Jackie war on Pete.

2012.05.30 - 10:17PM
23: Chapter 23

:) John turned that around. But they are right about him taking a nap. It's just for a few hours, John. Please?!

Author's Response: John was pretty mean there wasn\'t he, I am sure he will realise that if he gets the chance he will need to sleep. Unfortunately he\'s got a lot going on doesn\'t he?

2012.05.30 - 10:09PM
22: Chapter 22

Well, it was either follow Pete's order or deal with Jackie. :) Glad he decided to follow orders. I hope.

Author's Response: Lol, it is always better to avoid getting into trouble with Jackie, though John doesn\'t seem to appreciate that fully when it comes to Pete!

2012.05.30 - 07:44PM
23: Chapter 23

I'm not sure how Jackie can leave Pete and John without adult supervision! Isn't that irresponsible? They are just like two bossy kids. Maybe Michael should be put in charge of them!

Author's Response: It is fairly irresponsible. I expect Jackie and Sue normally keep them in check between them, lol, if Michael was in charge they would definitely have then in tow.

2012.05.30 - 06:50PM
23: Chapter 23

The end caught me off guard and had me laughing out loud. Both Pete and John were being naughty, but it seems boys will be boys. Even a 900+ year-old alien can act childish. Or is it churlish?

Author's Response: Boys will definitely be boys. Sometimes I wonder who is worse, and, while John kind of is a 900+ alien - he is also an 11 year old metacrisis and I guess sometimes the 11 year old wins out too - mind you also think that sometimes 11 is a pretty generous.

2012.05.30 - 06:13PM
23: Chapter 23

That's not fair John!

Author's Response: I dont think Pete will let him forget that for a while, he has declared war, and poor Jackie is going to stuck in the middle.

2012.05.30 - 05:04PM
23: Chapter 23

LMAO!! Even though the situation is very serious and not at all funny, I have to say you are a real stinker, John. ;-)

Author's Response: He is mean and nasty

2012.05.30 - 04:50PM
23: Chapter 23

Oh, John! That was a dirty trick *laughs*

Author's Response: It was definitely below the belt wasn\'t it, but at least it got Jackie off his back lol.