Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.05 - 03:22PM
28: Chapter 28

John still needs to sleep. He was supposed to do that a few chapters ago. Even though he has had a talk and maybe got some things clear he still needs physical rest bless him. Your stories just keep getting better xx

Author's Response: Yeah, he might have calmed down slightly, but that might be worse for him to deal with, when he\'s angry he\'s not tired, but now the anger is more deeply burried perhaps the exhaustion will creep up on him more quickly. He does need to rest.

2012.06.05 - 03:15PM
28: Chapter 28

Bravo Kyle.

Author's Response: He was there when he was needed.

2012.06.05 - 02:54PM
28: Chapter 28

I love the psychology in this dialogue, wonderful again!

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed. Dont you hate it when someone throws \'but you said\' at you? \'Yeah, but you said this\' lol. At least Kyle is a distraction for John if an annoying one for the moment.

2012.06.05 - 12:14AM
27: Chapter 27

Ok, will someone get John off the roof then knock him out and put him to bed?! He is in meltdown and will do something stupid.

Author's Response: he\'s melting into a sludgy puddle of emotional goo!

2012.06.04 - 07:29PM
27: Chapter 27


John definitely has Time Lord rage going on, but he needs someone like Donna to stop him. He also needs to think about his boys before he does something stupid.

As frightening as his vindictive rage may be, on the other hand, it's also very human. I doubt that any one of us couldn't see ourselves having a similar need to seek retribution if a close family member was tortured like the Doctor. At least, we might *think* similarly, even if we don't act those feelings out.

Author's Response: I am fairly sure that if any one of us had found a loved one in that situation then we would be equally as angry, and I think half of the issue that John has got is that he is actually scaring himself, whether he would actually go through with it or not? I dont know.

2012.06.04 - 06:36PM
27: Chapter 27

So by John's way of thinking, a child that shares the traits of his parents isn't his own person when the child acts like his parents? Yeah, he's tired alright. The anger on top of it isn't letting him think straight.

Author's Response: I think he is just fed up with being likened to the Doctor or to Donna when he is tired, but he seems to have forgotten that it was him that was doing it and no one else. He\'s in a bit of a state and he needs to calm down.

2012.06.04 - 04:16PM
27: Chapter 27

John being angry just puts more stress on you and will only backfire if it hasn't already by banging your hand on concrete.

Author's Response: He\'s going to be too tired and too angry to care about if he\'s actually really hurt his hand, but it is one of those things isn\'t it? If you tell someone that angry to calm down they just end up getting even more angry about being told to stop being angry!

2012.06.04 - 02:26PM
27: Chapter 27

If they don't watch out for John, he's in a bad way. He's gonna do something stupid I just know it. he is tee totally angry.

Author's Response: He is definitely going through some sort of rage at the moment. Maybe it is better he lets it out? Rather than keeps it in?

2012.06.04 - 02:19PM
27: Chapter 27

Someone needs to shoot him with a tranquiliser dart. Go to sleep, John, you need a break! You can worry again after you've had some shut eye.'s not that simple, of course.

Author's Response: It\'s not that simple is it? And, I am not sure he would appreciate it if someone shot him full of tranqilisers! I\'m not sure they have got to that stage - yet.

2012.06.03 - 12:28PM
26: Chapter 26

Boy they are they in some deep shet now that Donna is coming

Author's Response: Have you seen Jurrasic Park 3, you must have, everyone has seen the Jurrasic Park movies haven\'t they? Anyway, assuming that you have, you know when they are looking for the Satellite phone that the guy had when he was eaten by the Succomymous?

2012.06.03 - 12:26PM
26: Chapter 26

Boy they are they in some deep shet now that Donna is coming

Author's Response: The doodoos are going to be mountainous!

2012.06.03 - 10:13AM
26: Chapter 26

Ditto on the Take Charge Donna.

Author's Response: Take charge Donna is a force to do battle with.

2012.06.02 - 10:23PM
26: Chapter 26

Jack is going to be a mess when they find him, that's for sure. Love that Donna's on the case. Those guys that took Jack are toast once she gets ahold of them! :)

Author's Response: Burnt toast that you can\'t even scrape the black bits off!

2012.06.02 - 06:34PM
26: Chapter 26

Donna's on the case! Yeah!

Author's Response: Donna is definitely on the case. Those gits who have got Jack and have done that to the Doctor better watch out now!

2012.06.02 - 06:15PM
26: Chapter 26

Oh I do take the Take-Charge-Donna. I'll bet it gives Ianto a thrill too. *wicked grin*

The only thing I don't like is they make Luke sound like just another tool, being lumped in with K-9 and Mr. Smith.

Author's Response: Oh, I am sure it wasn\'t intentional about Luke. John and Donna both love Brain Boy and know it\'s going to be hard for him too if he ends up being involved.