Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.06 - 12:43PM
31: Chapter 31

OOh! I like Kyle!

Author's Response: Kyle is cool.

2012.06.06 - 12:31PM
30: Chapter 30

Pete doesn't know what he's in for asking "asleep-on-his-feet" John to lead the briefing.

Author's Response: It is going to be hard for John to keep it together but he may well manage it now he\'s been told off.

2012.06.06 - 12:01PM
32: Chapter 32

Aw, poor Jack. Still, be glad the screaming just becomes a noise after a while, better that than that it keeps hurting you like it did the first time? Small consolation? (Even if I'm sure it also hurts to think that the screaming of your significant other doesn't impact you as it used to..)
Lose-lose situation.

I am enjoying this far too much.

Author's Response: Jack definitely seems to be in a lose-lose situation at the moment doesn\'t he? I think his own imagination is his worst enemy at the moment though.

You should not be enjoying it. You are obviously quite mean and nasty - just as I am. *wicked laugh*

2012.06.06 - 11:44AM
31: Chapter 31

Everyone should have their own personal Kyle!

Author's Response: They should, lol. I wish I had one. He could go and put the kettle on!

2012.06.06 - 11:29AM
30: Chapter 30

If John pulls this off without getting emotion, well chapeau - I know I wouldn't be able to!

Author's Response: I think it is going to take everything that he has got, but he\'s been told by Pete to get on and do his job, and even if that feels a bit cruel, it is what John will do.

2012.06.06 - 11:25AM
31: Chapter 31

John is still not getting his much needed sleep. John just go to bed and rest. Before he does fall asleep standing up xx

Author's Response: It shouldn\'t be too long. They aren\'t going to let him get away with it for much longer, but when his mind is all over the place and racing even if he did go to bed, would he actually be able to go to sleep?

2012.06.06 - 11:00AM
30: Chapter 30

Um, falling asleep on your feet is not a good thing. John needs to go to bed!

Author's Response: Yeah, the problem with falling asleep on your feet is that you tend to fall over! Bed is a much safer place to have a kip!

2012.06.06 - 10:59AM
32: Chapter 32

Loving Pete and Kyle helping John deal with a crisis, the way we humans have to deal with a crisis, even when the persons in danger are loved ones. It is never and never be easy for anyone. It will not be that easy to contain the Doctor once he recovers.

Poor Jack. The only thing that was worst was when he was buried alived by his brother and had to wait-(Waking, dying, waking and dying) over a thousand years for Torchwood, but at least he and John knew with the ring, rescue would come. This silence could mean--any number of realities I am certain Jack doesn't want to face. Giving Jack a virtual hug.

Author's Response: You\'re right, keeping the Doctor in line is going to be much harder than keeping John in line.

I think the cruellest thing that they are doing to Jack is giving him the ammunition to let his mind run wild and pull all the shots. He hasn\'t got a clue what is going on and that is what makes it so effective.

2012.06.06 - 10:54AM
29: Chapter 29

John, get to bed! You're running on vapors!

Author's Response: I think his vapours are about to be vapourised!

2012.06.06 - 10:49AM
28: Chapter 28

Yay, Kyle! :)

Author's Response: The kid has done good so far.

2012.06.06 - 05:51AM
29: Chapter 29

John is being so Doctorish, lol!

Author's Response: Lol, he can be at times can\'t he? He\'s just expecting Kyle to know what he is talking about, but there is no way that he could based on what John has told him, which realistically is next to nothing!

2012.06.06 - 12:33AM
29: Chapter 29

I suggest briefing and then bed for John..

Author's Response: Yeah, I think that is going to be about the size of it. Hopefully they will get him into bed before they have to pick him up off the floor to do it though.

2012.06.05 - 08:50PM
28: Chapter 28

hope, hope hope that John isn't getting something set up that he will regret. Kyle is a cool character. I like the way he reasons with the Doctor.

Author's Response: I hope he\'s not setting something he will regret up as well, for his sake, the Doctor\'s sake, and for Kyle\'s.

2012.06.05 - 04:58PM
28: Chapter 28

Ah, Kyle was just what he needed. Good that Kyle had the courage to stand up to a scary enraged part Time Lord.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think it took some guts to stand up to John when he was so angry about everything, but Kyle knows John well. He didn\'t feature perhaps as much as he should have during Terminal Decay, but he was there during the Cephalanti things with Jack. I think because Ryan is off with Martha and Tom in Africa, the Doctor and John are going to need Kyle to fill that mentor, teaching, distraction thing that they had going on with Ryan.

2012.06.05 - 03:48PM
28: Chapter 28

Kyle is brilliant!

Author's Response: He is a good kid and just what John needs at the moment.