Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.07 - 11:31AM
29: Chapter 29

Grownups.....sigh, one wonders how they get from one room to the next. That was a lovely chapter. You do very well translating for children.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed a bit of Michael POV. I think grown ups have a bit of added help when it comes from moving from one room to another.

Author's Response: I think it is pretty easy to get into the heads of the kids because we\'re all just big kids ourselves aren\'t we?

2012.06.07 - 11:00AM
35: Chapter 35

Yep adults are so slow lo

Author's Response: They are, far too slow, but at least Michael knows it\'s not their fault lol.

2012.06.07 - 10:49AM
35: Chapter 35

Yay, Michael point of view!
You always write the children so splendidly (:

Author's Response: I actually think that is the first time I\'ve experimented with Michael\'s POV. He was fun to write - the general consensus from Michael is that grown ups are stupy!

2012.06.07 - 09:27AM
29: Chapter 29

Living with enemies was much simpler for the Doctor when he had enemies simply because he was one of many Time Lords. Now he is hated because he is The Doctor, The Late of the Time Lord and what he did to merit that title. He wants to be forgiven--but then again, when you choose to be what we Trekkers call a Son or Daughter of Certainty--you Cannot afford to be passive. The kind of fights he chooses--he will make friends and admirers and fellow heroes-- he will have enemies, always. Poor John is probably wishing for the impossible. It is no wonder that canon Eleven prefers to play dead even though River is so cruelly and unfairly in prison. Well, as the man said: life is pain and whomever says differently is selling something. Got to grab on to the good and hold on.

Author's Response: The Doctor will always have enemies, and I think John does know that, he\'s just angry with everything. For everyone the Doctor saves there is someone else he thwarts and there lies the problem for him. It boils down to the \'can\'t please everyone\' suggestion on a universal scale.

2012.06.06 - 11:58PM
33: Chapter 33

We all need a good shout sometimes. And I guess it's easier to be angry than to be sad.

Author's Response: It is usually easier to be angry than to be sad. Sad usually follows though at some point doesn\'t it?

2012.06.06 - 09:30PM
33: Chapter 33

That's what he needed. A good rant and a nap. As for Jacko, he's not dumb. He knows Uncle Doctor does get into trouble and will be ok. I hope.

I'm with John though. Who is mad enough at the Doctor, Jack or both to do something like this?

Author's Response: Jacko will understand that the Doctor has got hurt, but I am not sure he will understand if he finds out that someone has done it to him, especially not after the issues he had when Rose hurt him because she was \'cross\' if he finds out that the Doctor was hurt because someone else was \'cross\' with him then it might be a real problem for young Jack to handle (and not actually thought about that side of it until now - hmmm that makes things even more complicated and more necessary for John to protect his sons from that aspect - no wonder he is so worried about things!).

2012.06.06 - 09:22PM
32: Chapter 32

This is so wrong what they're doing to Jack. When he gets loose, they better run.

Author's Response: Hopefully he will get loose before he is so lost that he just can\'t do anything about it. He needs to have the will to escape etc, but if this carries on then I am not sure he will have any at all.

2012.06.06 - 09:19PM
33: Chapter 33

What he needed!

Author's Response: Yep, sometimes a big blow out is what he needed. Good that he did it with Sue and not someone who is going to get offended or not understand that it is what he needed to do in order to be able to get some sleep.

2012.06.06 - 09:18PM
33: Chapter 33

I'm glad he is finally sleeping

Author's Response: Glad that I am not the only one with a trigger happy mouse finger.

2012.06.06 - 09:18PM
33: Chapter 33

I'm glad he is finally sleeping

Author's Response: He needs to chill out and get some rest. Things will probably seem slightly better once he\'s had a rest and then something to eat, because sleep is only half of the problem.

2012.06.06 - 09:15PM
31: Chapter 31

Kyle is brilliant! :)

Author's Response: He does have his uses.

2012.06.06 - 08:38PM
33: Chapter 33

A good rant will tire anyone out. I guess that's what he really needed after all, to vent his anger and frustration. Does he really think, though, that the Doctor sets out to get himself into trouble such as this?

Yeah, the Doctor can be a trouble magnet, but to seek out torture? Ah, no way.

Hopefully John will be in a better mood after a sleep.

Author's Response: I am fairly sure that he doesn\'t really think that the Doctor deliberately sought out the kind of trouble he and Jack have ended up in, but at the moment he is angry with everyone including the Doctor for getting into it. He\'ll be fine though.

2012.06.06 - 01:53PM
32: Chapter 32

Simply riveting. Jack's imagination and what he heard for all those hours and now the silence is an exquisite torture. Both Torchwoods better be more than locked and loaded when they encounter these fiends.

Author's Response: When you compare what they have done to the Doctor with what they are doing to the Captain, you might consider that Jack is getting off lightly, but he\'s not really is he? In some ways what they are doing to him is far worse.

2012.06.06 - 12:59PM
32: Chapter 32

You are killing me inside

Author's Response: In a good way though, right?

2012.06.06 - 12:51PM
32: Chapter 32

They better find Jack soon before he goes insane.

Author's Response: With what I\'ve got planned for him? Insanity will be a blessing *phwoar hah hah haaaaahhhhhh*