Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.08 - 06:25PM
37: Chapter 37

This is a conditioning thing, isn't it. Associate sex with torture. Jack will never be able to be gentle with the Doctor again. Am I right? HUH?

I should also note that these short chapters are killing me. You've spoiled us to the long chapters... AAARRRGGGHH.

Author's Response: It is certainly going to be damaging and if it goes on for too long then yeah, Jack could become an extension of a Pavlov dog associating the Doctor\'s screams with whatever it is that is coming for him.

I\'m trying very hard not to slip back into longer chapters lol. I first of all tried to keep them all under 2000 words, then 2500, and now I think I\'ve got one or two over that lol, so under 3000. The difference is that I\'ve just had four days at work. I\'m off today, but I didn\'t get out of work until gone midnight last night, that was a damned long day lol. So if the chapters weren\'t short and I didn\'t have couple \'ready to go\' sitting on the system there would have been nothing for the past four days. So, short chapters every day, or longer chapters with breaks. Not sure which is better. The problem is that when I\'ve got lots of chapters sitting waiting to go up the urge is always to post more than one or two at a time, lol and defeat the object because they it\'s all up and there is nothing to go up when I\'m at work lol.

2012.06.08 - 05:40PM
37: Chapter 37

This torture is worse than physical torture!

Author's Response: Perhaps the Doctor and Jack could compare notes on which is worse if they are ever reunited.

2012.06.08 - 04:58PM
37: Chapter 37

Oh dear... the idea of Jack doubting the Doctor's love and thinking he might leave him behind again, planted as part of the torture methods, made me want to weep.

As humiliated as Jack felt about being left to hang (so to speak), it's probably not as damaging to his psyche as actually reaching release could be. His body may have betrayed him in many respects, but at least he couldn't *quite* construe it as "cheating" on the Doctor.

Author's Response: Jack beginning to doubt the Doctor is, I think, something that the torturers are doing quite deliberately, so that means that they know how loyal Jack is.

You\'re quite right that if Jack had finished it might have been worse, but I think the whole intention was to leave him physically \'wanting\' at the same as being completely repulsed by it.

2012.06.07 - 11:58PM
36: Chapter 36

Spoons are indeed a waste of time! *laughs*
Aww, Michael trying to soothe the TARDIS like that is just adorbs.

Author's Response: Yeah, why bother with spoons. Spoons, forks, knives, and all kinds of utensils are a complete waste of time.

2012.06.07 - 11:48PM
36: Chapter 36

So sweet !

Author's Response: He\'s a nugget.

2012.06.07 - 11:23PM
36: Chapter 36

So Ive shattered into a million piece and lay broken on my bedroom floor. Michael has got to be the cutest thig ever and he loves his Tardy. Oh doftor wake up soon

Author's Response: Doftor wont be too long in waking up now. Kind of struggling with the short chapters am sticking to on here, makes it seem like things are taking longer lol.

2012.06.07 - 11:17PM
36: Chapter 36

Oh, that was a two tissue read. Tardy must feel better to get a hug from Michael. There is nothing better than grandchild hugs....

Author's Response: I am sure that Tardy is fully aware of Michael\'s presence even if she has powered down and she will feel much better for it.

2012.06.07 - 10:15PM
36: Chapter 36

Oh, I can just picture Michael hugging Tardy. And love how he says Oscar. :) New-Mummy-Sue?! Awwww....!

Author's Response: Wosswar *g* I am not sure where they would lie if Michael actually ever called Sue \'Mummy\', I think they would put a stop to it quite quickly because that is not something that Sue kind of wants to be. Aunty Sue is fine and I think that fits, even if she is going to be with John in the long term, the most she will ever be is a step mum, though Michael especially is still young enough so a real maternal bond can be formed between her and Sue.

Author's Response: Just read that again, made Michael a girl??? ... between him and Sue.

2012.06.07 - 10:09PM
35: Chapter 35

Awww...Love that! Michael just wants to go home and see Tardy! Next time she better listen! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, he wants to go and see Tardy and he\'s got burny feet and doesn\'t want to walk any further, bless him.

2012.06.07 - 10:00PM
34: Chapter 34

Yay! Sarah Jane Smith is on the case! Luke, though, is going to be really upset.

Author's Response: Sarah Jane, Mr. Smith, and K9 are kicking into action. Hopefully they will get somewhere before Luke gets home from school and they might have some more news on the Doctor by then that will make it easier.

2012.06.07 - 08:38PM
36: Chapter 36

Oh now there is a picture! A 2 year old comforting the Tardis. I wish I could draw what I "see."

Author's Response: Somtimes I wish I could draw. I can see it in my head and I\'ve tried sometimes. If I ever try to sketch Ten he definitely looks like Ratman lol.

2012.06.07 - 08:33PM
35: Chapter 35

I just LOVE the way you write Michael. I found myself chuckling while reading it at work. Of course, my co-workers are used to my "odd" behavior so no one thought a thing of it.

More from his POV please!

Author's Response: Yeah, odd behaviour is definitely one that seems to be spreading. I quite often sit and read something if I need a five minute break at work and end up making faces, laughing, sometimes crying lol.

2012.06.07 - 07:03PM
36: Chapter 36

There was a sweet picture for the mind! :O)

Author's Response: I like the idea of Michael trying to get his arms around the TARDIS and having no chance in a million because he\'s tiny in comparison.

2012.06.07 - 06:45PM
36: Chapter 36

Oh dear, that was so incredibly poignant. Micheal's attachment to the TARDIS in true Time Lord fashion is very touching.

Obviously, he can't get away from his genes, and hopefully his love will help the TARDIS in her recovery.

Author's Response: There is definitely more Time Lord than meets the eye in Michael isn\'t there? Where as Jacko seems to have the \'brains\' and \'hyperactivity\', Michael has definitely got the telepathic thing going on. Hopefully it will work both ways as well and the TARDIS will help Michael continue to improve and expand.

2012.06.07 - 06:17PM
35: Chapter 35

Loved seeing Michael's thoughts. I have no trouble believing that is what/how kids that age think.

Author's Response: I kind of think it might be harder for Michael as well because everyone who doesn\'t talk/make feelings happen in his head must seem like they are a little bit stupid, lol.