Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.09 - 11:34PM
40: Chapter 40

Aww...they are cute together. :)

And she is right, John. You were very rude to Kyle. *shakes finger at John*

Author's Response: He was rude to Kyle and no one has actually asked Kyle now that he knows what is going on whether he does want to be involved, they have just kind of assumed that he does and considering the seriousness of it all, that isn\'t really fair.

2012.06.09 - 11:28PM
39: Chapter 39

Yep, John knows how to pick the right people for his team. (Gets that from his brother. :) )

Author's Response: In comparison to the Doctor, John has hundreds of companions, I guess that is what happens when you live your life in one place.

2012.06.09 - 08:47PM
40: Chapter 40

A great couple.

Author's Response: They are developing their relationship and learning how things go together in terms of the kids and things, but that they have been best friends for years and know each other inside out is good, and Sue will stand up for John and John for Sue.

2012.06.09 - 08:37PM
40: Chapter 40

I was so glad when you "shipped" John and Sue. They are a great couple. She is so wise and able to balance his genius/add.

Author's Response: It seems much more like a grown up relationship and stable relationship than he had with Rose.

2012.06.09 - 08:22PM
39: Chapter 39

I like that you have continued the team relationships as being so close and trusting. Kyle is a good addition. Can't wait for the Doctor to wake up.

Author's Response: Lol, it is kind of cheating isn\'t it? I was thinking about it overnight as another couple of plot bunnies were boxing like mad March hares in my dreams. Slotting things into the TD universe is pretty lazy really isn\'t it, because all the characters and groups and friendships are already established. Anyway, Kyle does get more floor time than he did in TD and he seems to have fitted in well.

2012.06.09 - 04:43PM
37: Chapter 37

Ewww, I must be very odd, because even though Alice had to watch her own father give up her son like a lamb to slaughter to save the world, Alice did understand it was to save the world. I don't think she forgave Jack, but I can't see her doing this either. Now, that Eye-patch woman is a good candidate but she hates the Doctor; then again Jack was a time agent for a while and something happen that they took his memory. He wasn’t a very nice person after that and goodness knows what enemies Captain John made.
It is wonderful to see John and Sue in a loving, trusting relationship. John truly needs that.
I would hesitate comparing John to person with blended Spanish and British cultural heritage. Humans may have parents who have different nationalities, perhaps even different ethnic and cultural backgrounds or complexions, however no matter the differences they are still human-- the same race/species. Time Lord are not humans, they are another species, something most fans are quick to point out when the Doctor does something unacceptable. The Doctor is not human so we should expect him to behave as one. John's boys-- and in a way-- John represents a new, but compatible Earth species. The boys are not alien not only because they were born on Earth, but because it would not have been possible for them to exist as they do unless they were born on Earth to their human mother. I wonder how Leila and her Gallifreyan husband handled things--as Gallifrey was much more xenophobic than Earth. I think in the end, although their child was fine, efforts to make Leila’s life span compatible backfired.

Author's Response: Thought about Alice, but it didn\'t fit with the TD Universe so didn\'t contemplate it much more than to tick her off as a no. Madame Kovorian was another that have been toying about, even without River Song, she is still going to be out for the Doctor, but again she is out for the Doctor not out for Jack. So, it is likely to be someone that we have not met, linked to Jack\'s life as a Time Agent, a conman, or I have been toying with it being a get back at Captain John thing, or, it being somehow linked to the Gray from out Universe, perhaps John was not the only person under his influence and Gray had more than one back up plan. Still toying with ideas and nothing even standing up under my own scrutiny at the moment never mind being concrete.

John needs that, but I think Sue needed it as well in many ways.

You misunderstood me if you think I was comparing John to someone with mixed heritage. I was comparing the words alien and foreign rather than any individual real or fictional. I\'m afraid that I am probably one of those fans who suggest that because the Doctor is a Time Lord and has a different upbringing, different culture, and different traditions that he will sometimes do things that we consider to be unacceptable and it was a theme at the beginning of TD when the Doctor wanted to be euthanised in line with his beliefs when they discovered he was degenerating and he felt like his human friends were disregarding his traditions and discounting them.

2012.06.09 - 12:07PM
38: Chapter 38

You know, I can't help but wonder who would hate Jack that much and not give a fig for the Doctor.

The only person I would think may have that much animosity against Jack would be... Alice.

But that means that Alice would be committing... uhm... incest in her torture of Jack, which is YUCK, but then if she's that blinkin' crazy I suppose that would matter to her.

Ok, I'm hitting submit before I think better of this...

Author's Response: I was thinking about Alice as well, but in the TD Universe there has been no Children of Earth, so there is no reason for Alice to hate Jack that much.

2012.06.09 - 10:16AM
38: Chapter 38

Alien is not a racial epithet, it is a perfectly valid scientific term, however, I imagine because Sue and Kyle know what his species is called, John would probably prefer being called Half-Time Lord to half alien. Glad the Doctor is on the mend.

Author's Response: There are more than one way to consider the word alien isn\'t there, it\'s not just relating to extra-terrestial but also to something that does not belong, such as an alien substance much the same as the word foreign, in that something that is foreign is not from here, but a foreign body is generally something that shouldn\'t be there. Sue isn\'t suggesting that the word has racial connotations just as the word foreign doesn\'t have racial connotations, but you\'d tend not to call someone who had mixed heritage half foreign would you? You\'d call them half Spanish, or half Indian, or half Mexican. Half foreign wouldn\'t be racially offensive but it is quite dismissive of that person\'s heritage, which is why Sue thinks it better to call John half Time Lord and you like you say, John would likely prefer that to being called half alien as well. Can\'t help thinking of The Undiscovered Country when Praxis explodes and the Federation are offering support and aid to the Klingon Empire I think it is Doctor McCoy who says something about human rights and Chancellor Gorkon\'s daughter goes on about it being so conceited and inalienable human rights? Just reminds me of that a bit. Not sure why, kind of wonder whether if we were in a multispecies society whether \'alien\' would be a term that is taken out of context and twisted into something that is offensive.

2012.06.09 - 12:16AM
38: Chapter 38

Long road ahead for the Doctor - the more I realise that, the more I'm starting to fear for Jack. He might just shatter at some point.

Author's Response: There may well be some shattering consequences.

2012.06.09 - 12:11AM
37: Chapter 37

You do a wonderful job showing how despair seeps into Jack's thoughts. And his fear of being abandoned resurfacing? Classic.
And way to ruin sex for Jack. That's going leave some mental triggers, isn't it?

Author's Response: He\'s not come back for him. He has no idea how long it is since the Doctor escaped, and he doesn\'t know if he\'s dead or he\'s left him or he\'s away dying somewhere, but having been abandoned by him before and having the Doctor run from him before, he\'s got to be worried about it doesn\'t he? Hopefully they will be reunited (not got that far yet so who knows) but if they are then when Jack sees the state of the Doctor then that could make him feel even worse for even thinking that the Doctor might have left him. There are definitely going to be some mental triggers, and not just for sex, she\'s not done with Jack yet, and the longer it takes John and the others to get to him the harder it is going to be.

2012.06.08 - 11:11PM
38: Chapter 38

Glad that John's getting some sleep, but he's still going to be cranky because he's mad about what happened to the Doctor and Jack.

Author's Response: Yep, he\'s still going to be cranky, but maybe not so purely angry as he has been, but get all out of that system then the consequences of his rage on the roof might be more evident.

Author's Response: Sorry, that is appalling, all those words are in the wrong bloody order - lol. get all out of that system???? Should have read, when he gets all of that out of his system then the consequences of his rage on the roof might be more evident.

2012.06.08 - 11:04PM
37: Chapter 37

Whoever this is knows a lot about Jack and the Doctor. Why do I have a feeling this is Lucy Saxon?

Author's Response: Lol, I guess you think it is Lucy Saxon because I told you it\'s not the Rani *chuckles* Still dont know who it is, but did evil Lucy Saxon possessed by the Master\'s ring in Almzedi and not sure that if she\'s not under the influence of the Master whether Lucy is actually evil in that sense. End of Time showed us that she was wise to the Master and wanted to end his resurrection, so it\'s probably not Lucy.

I still don\'t know who it is. I was actually toying with it being River, but, in the TD universe Eleven hasn\'t met with Amelia Pond, no meeting with Amelia Pond and there is no Raggedy Doctor, so no travelling with the Doctor for Amy and Rory, so even if they do get together and do have a child, it\'s not going to be a child born in the TARDIS so she\'s not going to be Melody Pond named after herself because she\'s not going to have Time Lord DNA and not be able to regenerate from Melody into River, so no River Song and history has been rewritten from the library time. So, it can\'t be River, because without that initial meeting with Amelia Pond there is no River Song as we know it, so that kind of blew an idea I was toying with away. Bloody Timey Wimey grrrrr... would have quite liked it to be River, but then she\'d be after the Doctor rather than Jack wouldn\'t she?

2012.06.08 - 09:33PM
38: Chapter 38

You are telling such a very good story again. I hope the Doctor continues on the mend and is conscious enuf to rescue Jack. Sounds like the mad woman is training Jack to be aversive to the Doctor and is training to be her sub?

Author's Response: She did warn Jack that he would give himself to her didn\'t she?

2012.06.08 - 09:09PM
36: Chapter 36

Michael is so dang cute and beautiful and what is with his "nanny" not understanding that his feet hurt. First thing I do with my kids who have AFO's is check their feet if they are cranky. I love his connection with "Tardy" and "Doftor" and how he feels the love of those and his Daddy in his head when they are in the Tardis together. You write him beautifully, but I also want more of Jacko's POV

Author's Response: Well, Michael was throwing a tantrum to do with Tardy before going out to feed the ducks so Greta probably thought it was just an extension of that rather than the orthoses. There will definitely be more of Jacko\'s POV coming, but he\'s at school at the moment, so not until hometime.

2012.06.08 - 08:00PM
38: Chapter 38

Since John is involving Kyle in all this, it makes sense that Kyle should know more about the Doctor and what ther situation i8s rather than go into it blind.

Author's Response: Yeah, it is important that those all included in the group that will be dealing with the Doctor know what is going on, including Kyle, and he will become an asset as time goes on and he is required to engage his \'scientific\' brain a bit more than he is in field operations. Who knows, he may spark a new interest in lab work by the end of it all.