Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.11 - 09:35AM
43: Chapter 43

As both a donor and at one time frequent recipient of blood, and relative of a child who is alive thanks to the blessing of organ donation--I give much heartfelt thanks to those who donate these irreplaceable gifts.

Author's Response: I\'ve just got a new tattoo so they dont want my blood for another 12 months. I\'ve given and received blood in the past though and am registered as a donor. I firmly believe that it should be an \'opt out\' system for organ donation rather than an \'opt in\' one. Organ donation is nothing short of the gift of life and often at the most painful of times for the relatives.

2012.06.11 - 02:14AM
43: Chapter 43

I can imagine John being secretly relieved to get out of possible surgery on the Doctor. I recently became a stem cell donor (which means I'm in a big database and they'll call me if they need my bone marrow, which is likely never, but it's still worth a try) and as I was trying to decide if I wanted to do that or not, my mother asked me why I would put myself at risk for strangers (just to test me if I'd thought it through, I suppose). I realised that I'd find it easier to help a stranger, simply because a bad outcome would be so much easier to deal with.
Now of course sleeping and having holes drilled into your hips is different from doing the actual surgery, but I can see where John is coming from.

Author's Response: Anonymity is a blessing in both directions I think sometimes, and I can see that it would be much harder if the consequences of complications etc were personally felt rather than just appreciated. Kudos for being a donor, I\'m on the organ donor register but not for bone marrow. They dont want any of my blood based products at the moment lol.

2012.06.10 - 11:51PM
42: Chapter 42

He works in the field, does difficult sciencey things, he babysits John (:P) - is there anything Kyle cannot do?

Author's Response: He is rubbish at knitting.

2012.06.10 - 11:46PM
41: Chapter 41

Oh John. You have a talent for being your own worst enemy *hugs*

Author's Response: Yup, no one can hurt John like he manages himself.

2012.06.10 - 10:34PM
42: Chapter 42

Love it! Kyle is so cool! And John knows it! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I think he is one of those kids who is infectious and it\'s impossible to be too moody and miserable around him for long.

2012.06.10 - 10:29PM
41: Chapter 41

Ok, Doctor Tyler, you are a dumb bunny! *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: Awww... have you demoted him? He doesn\'t deserve that does he? He\'s a dumb bunny, but he\'s still a professor lol

2012.06.10 - 09:11PM
42: Chapter 42

I like Kyle. I'm glad John is mellowing out, because one of them will have to be in control.

Author's Response: Poor John is going to be it for a while when it comes to the Jack / Doctor / Trio.

2012.06.10 - 06:03PM
42: Chapter 42

I liked Kyle's madeup story on how John broke his hand. lol

Author's Response: Lol, hopefully it\'s not going to back fire with people worried about made up eels!

2012.06.10 - 05:55PM
42: Chapter 42

Love it. Was Kyle in TD I dont remember him. I cant stop thinking about michael. There is a drawing of a chibi doctor hugging the Tardis. It is what I thinkhe looks like. More soon and I need the Doc to wake up

Author's Response: Kyle was in TD, but only briefly, which is a shame now that he\'s been expanded. I quite like him. He\'s kind of stepping into the hole left because Ryan is off in Africa with Tom and Martha. Might have to do a Ryan / Kyle story at some point.

In TD Kyle was in a couple of chapters when John went into field operations during the incident with the Cephalanti and the warehouse. It was Kyle that had been dumped on the desk by the more established field officers and had been left to try and muddle through the incident and did a good job, but was struggling a little without John\'s help.

2012.06.10 - 05:35PM
42: Chapter 42

You are amazing. The scene in the last chapter with Sue is so sweet and tender, yet she really lets him have it. Kyle is the perfect "babysitter" for John. So glad you are posting 2 chapters at a time right now. Thank you

Author's Response: Yeah, she lets him know she is disappointed and annoyed with him, at the same time as being tender and understanding. Think in a way that is even worse for John who is expecting everyone to shout at him... just wait until he rings Donna back!

Two chapters at a time might mean no chapters in a couple of days, depends on how we do at work (there now doing sneaky review responses).

2012.06.10 - 12:38PM
40: Chapter 40

Sweet image--the adults passing around pictures of Michael comforting Tardy.

Author's Response: I am sure the Doctor will be pleased when he sees it, but like John says, if he doesn\'t get as big a cuddle from Michael, he is going to be jealous.

2012.06.10 - 10:39AM
40: Chapter 40

Glad John finally got some sleep. I was starting to get worried he was heading for burn out. Still think he could do with sleeping some more though xx

Author's Response: It is a fine balancing act between sleep, eating, and expending energy in order to create it. If anything, he probably slept a little too long. It\'s going to be a case of little and often for a while until he settles back into a normal sleep pattern.

2012.06.10 - 07:46AM
40: Chapter 40

Waking up to kisses is one of the best things ever. :)

Good for Sue that she's starting to take on the role of step-mother. I can tell you from a personal and experienced perspective that easing into that responsibility is one of the scariest moments I've had. But today the youngest stepson graduates from university and I couldn't be more proud of him. It was definitely worth the effort.

I can see chapters 41 and 42 in the queue to be approved. Can hardly wait!!! :)

Author's Response: As long as you like the person doing the kissing lol.

Congratulations to your stepson on his graduation. Hopefully Sue will still be around to see Jacko and Michael grow and reach maturity.

So much for having shorter chapters so can keep a stock of them when I am at work! Hardly going to work when two go up at a time is it?

2012.06.10 - 03:18AM
40: Chapter 40

It's somehow so natural to see John struggle with emotions. Granted, in a situation like he is in, we all would - but when you remember being a Time Lord who has more control over them, but actually are part-human with a dash of Donna.. I'm not surprised.
Great characterisation (:

Author's Response: I think the \'that some bastard has\' attitude that John is struggling with is pretty human and Donna like. I\'m not sure if she\'s actually said it in what is up or in what is about to go up or in the next lot, but Sue describes what we are like when we\'re tired and go into autopilot and suggests that John does the same but he has two distinct pilots, a Time Lord one and a human one. A downside of transition is of course that he gets emotional, which is a bit like PMT, so as soon as he gets a moment alone again he\'s going to be contemplating the same kind of thing himself but with sadder connotations.

2012.06.10 - 03:10AM
39: Chapter 39

I'm so glad Sue sees reason when it comes to resting and things. She's really just what John needs.

Author's Response: It wouldn\'t do for her to have a go at John and then for her to wear herself out would it. At least she leads by example even if Mary did have to remind her a little.