Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.12 - 10:27PM
46: Chapter 46

All three boys are going to need some major hugs.

Author's Response: Yeah they will, and, probably a few huge scoops of ice cream as well!

2012.06.12 - 10:20PM
45: Chapter 45

"That was not going to be a problem at all, was it?"

Um, yes, John it might if you only have one hand!

Author's Response: Yeah, flying could be difficult, but he wont give up trying and he\'ll probably put himself through Hell to do it. He\'s not going to stop it from getting to Jack.

2012.06.12 - 08:57PM
47: Chapter 47

He let himself out to go and persuade his father than sausage and chips from the local Chippy would be the safest bet for tea. Uh--no, he's probably going to hang out with Rani or, he's going to paint and work on his graphic novel. And Clyde not only knows the Doctor, he actually was the Doctor, or they exchanged bodies--it was cute as heck. But this IS an AU, so we'll skip past all that. Nice to see Luke getting involved.

Author's Response: Did they exchange bodies or swap places? I\'ve not watched all of the SJA yet but dont recall a graphic novel in as far as I have watched. Don\'t forget that everything after Journey\'s End is AU, Luke is 15, but all the time he was in John\'s universe has been absorbed so Clyde is younger than Luke in relative comparisons now. Messed up the dad bit though.

2012.06.12 - 08:36PM
47: Chapter 47

Luke is already making suggestions.

Author's Response: He is pretty good at that isn\'t he. His brain works faster and is more attuned than ours I think.

2012.06.12 - 08:22PM
47: Chapter 47

I like it, but a nitpick: Clyde doesn't have a dad. Well, he does, but he's run off to Germany with Clyde's Aunt and isn't around.

Author's Response: Yeah, kind of screwed that up a bit, but gonna cheat and say that in the A(TD)U that his dad is still at home.

2012.06.12 - 12:21PM
46: Chapter 46

Jack, Michael and Luke are all gonna need lots of cuddles after they'd been told.

Author's Response: Yeah they are, Jack and Michael may openly need the cuddles more than Luke does.

2012.06.12 - 12:12PM
45: Chapter 45

Don't worry, Donna, the Tardis is gonna fly!

Author's Response: Hope that John isn\'t going to struggle too much or hurt himself too much to do it.

2012.06.12 - 11:49AM
46: Chapter 46

Driving into work I was thinking what if Jack's captors are brainwashing Jack with the Honey milk and eventually Jack will think he is the one that tortured the Doctor and everyone believes this to be true. Wouldn't that be the best way to destroy Jack Harkness?
Just a random idea. (as hundreds sigh in relief that I'm not writing this story)

Author's Response: I think that would be highly effective, but not the current intention here.

2012.06.12 - 10:46AM
46: Chapter 46

Poor kids. Are they going to tell Ryan as well?

Author's Response: The problem is that Ryan is out in Africa with Martha and Tom, so even if they did tell him then what are they going to do? Come running back or be stuck out there not knowing what is going on? I think it is better if they manage it without (and then I dont have to worry about bringing Martha in because the Doctor is probably better off emotionally if it\'s Sue that is dealing with it, and so is Martha, dont forget there was that big blow out in TD between Martha and Ten. Eleven is a new man but I\'m not sure how they\'d get by with him being hurt again and dont want this to end up as long as TD again, so at this point in time, no. No Ryan, but, I have got another story that I want to do which is Ryan centric so he will get some more time)

2012.06.12 - 10:45AM
46: Chapter 46

I could almost hear Sarah Jane's voice. Makes me want to cry.

Author's Response: Yeah *sigh*

2012.06.12 - 10:32AM
45: Chapter 45

Oh, John - how could you have thought that Donna would be angry with you. I mean, really?

Author's Response: He basically threw the phone away when he was on it to her. I guess he thinks that is the equivalent of hanging up on her, and I am not sure that would be a wise move.

2012.06.11 - 10:32PM
44: Chapter 44

I bet it is hard to lose a child. I think Cadence would have looked like Rose and Sue is right. She would have had John wrapped around her little finger. And it is ok for John to cry when he thinks about his baby girl. He really misses her.

Author's Response: Cady was born with a shock of bright ginger hair lol, so probably a cross between Donna and Rose, unless of course the ginger did come through Rose\'s side from her dad, it is not beyond the realms of possibility, in fact, I think ginger colouring is a recessive trait so it would have had to come from both Donna and Rose(Pete). My dad is ginger and my mum\'s dad is ginger, so I must have a ginger gene somewhere - certainly get sunburn and have the freckles like I should have ginger hair lol.

2012.06.11 - 10:24PM
43: Chapter 43

I'm not freaked out by seeing blood as I am watching surgeries. I tried when watching shows like ER, but it grosses me out. So I can see John's relief in not having to go in if the Doctor needed surgery.

And I like how he's acting a bit shy about telling Donna, Pete or Jackie about his hand. :)

Author's Response: I love them, lol. Dont get a chance to watch as many as I used to. Funnily enough because I\'ve normally got my head stuck in the TD universe somewhere. Watch Bizarre ER on occasion when that is showing, Freema narrates that. Dealt with some pretty strange things at work, and a lot of blood, but not sure would like it to be on someone I know well and have a personal rather than professional care about. Was first on scene when a 13 year old kid got killed by a double decker bus about five years ago, that still not sure of the word really, it doesn\'t gross me out, but it does something even now, and I dont think that will ever \'be okay with me\' if that makes sense.

2012.06.11 - 08:32PM
44: Chapter 44

Wow, is John ever hormonal. It's almost as if he were pregnant. LOL!!!

Author's Response: He is pretty hormonal lol, not sure I\'d go as far as pregnant, but certainly PMT style

2012.06.11 - 12:17PM
44: Chapter 44

I know how John feels I lost my daughter shortly after she was born and I often wonder what she would be like now at 11 years old she looked like her dad at birth I wonder would she still look the same or would her features change what would her personality be like hugs to you John .

Author's Response: I\'m sorry, I can\'t imagine what that must be like. (((hugs)))