Reviews For TD - Lost

2013.01.16 - 10:12PM
245: Chapter 245

I think Wilf does have a point. He's acting like a spoiled child. When he was degenerating, he was the center of attention, but this is different. Jack was tortured, too.

Author's Response: They do need to let Jack have his time, but I think Wilf was being deliberately harsh with the Doctor so that he got the required reaction from him.

2013.01.16 - 07:23PM
249: Chapter 249

Is this why he's avioding the Doctor? he's feeling guilty about what has happened to the Doctor because of him?

Author's Response: Oh, I think there are plenty of things that Jack is feeling when it comes to the Doctor, unfortunately they\'ve not all come to light yet.

2013.01.15 - 11:10PM
248: Chapter 248

I suppose I should be more upset about Jack ignoring the Doctor, but I'm really not. I absolutely loathe the Jack/Doctor pairing in general which says wonders about your story and skills as a writer that I read it anyway.

Author's Response: I know what you mean about pairings. I can\'t stand it when Donna and the Doctor end up having a sexual partnership and find that hard to read, so, thank you for persevering even if you dont like Jack/Doctor.

2013.01.15 - 02:52PM
248: Chapter 248

Sounds like progress is slowly being made though I'm concerned about Jack's not even acknowledginghing the flowers or the pizza the Doctor sent him. He could have at least thanked him.

Author's Response: There is plenty of things going on with Jack. I think the flowers and pizza are the least of everyone\'s worries.

2013.01.14 - 08:55PM
247: Chapter 247

"Fezzes are cool!" Where is Amy and her six shooter daughter River when we need them. :)

Author's Response: Lol, I am sure that if it gets to it that Jack will bring his gun out of retirement.

2013.01.14 - 05:58PM
247: Chapter 247

Oh, I can't wait to see Jack's reaction to a flower-and-pizza delivery. Did the Doctor include a card with a message?

Author's Response: It may not go as well as is hoped.

2013.01.14 - 01:37PM
247: Chapter 247

Back to his old self, eh?

Author's Response: He seems to be getting that way.

2013.01.13 - 03:48PM
246: Chapter 246

You can tell Donna and Wilf are related.

Author's Response: They are certainly similar, though Wilf tends to be more patient than Donna.

2013.01.13 - 03:19PM
246: Chapter 246

Yea Wilf! I'm glad he was able to at least get the Doctor thinking more positive.

Author's Response: Hopefully positive thinking will become positive action and things will move in the right direction for him again.

2013.01.12 - 04:36PM
245: Chapter 245

Poor Doctor, He's so confused and hurt he doesn't know what to do so he reverts to an earlier state of mind.

Author's Response: He\'s getting himself into a bit of a state and not knowing what to do to get himself out of it.

2013.01.12 - 03:22PM
245: Chapter 245

Poor Doctor, he needs to talk with someone too. Someone he trust, but with whom he has no guilt issues. I was thinking maybe Jackie can help--if he doesn't have any guilt issues concerning Rose. Maybe someone can act as a bridge between him and Jack so they can talk to each other about what happened with some kind of buffer?

Author's Response: Hopefully the Doctor will get what he needs out of his work with Gary, it will just take time. How things will go with Jack will likely be hit and miss, or, hit and hit anyway...

2013.01.12 - 03:15PM
244: Chapter 244

Oh, dear. The Doctor is so fragile right now, but so is Jack.

Author's Response: Neither of them are in a very good place and the splinters are beginning to spread.

2013.01.11 - 03:46PM
244: Chapter 244

If he runs, it's not going to be in his universe because that's where Jack is. He'll run off in John's universe and they'll never find him.

Author's Response: If he runs then if he does so before they take Jack and the others back across to their universe then he is going strand them all there, so hope they get things sorted before he does.

2013.01.11 - 03:38PM
244: Chapter 244

He's going to try to run away first chance he gets.

Author's Response: It is a possibility, but its a while before he\'s going to be able.

2013.01.11 - 03:35PM
243: Chapter 243

That went ok.

Author's Response: He was on his best behaviour, but I think it took a lot out of him to be so.