Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.14 - 10:36PM
50: Chapter 50

Well, John could tell them he punched the wall because he got mad. That isn't exactly telling a lie. That's what he did. As for the eels....Oooops! XD

And, yay, chapter 50!

Author's Response: Mad = cross

Punch = violence

Considering what their mother did to them, I am not sure either Jack or Michael would be able to deal with their dad lashing out in rage, even if it hurt himself and no one else.

Author's Response: It\'s not really chapter 50, these chapters feel so short it\'s only about chapter 25 by normal standards lol.

2012.06.14 - 10:26PM
49: Chapter 49

I think one of the reasons why John didn't think about scanning for Jack stems from his being so tired. Like Luke said, it's not John's fault.

Author's Response: He is tired and he\'s got a hundred things to think about all at the same time and not realy getting anything actually done himself.

2012.06.14 - 07:01PM
50: Chapter 50

So, can the story about the alien eels John, lol!

As for telling the boys about the arm, just tell them the truth that daddy can be and do daft stunts too!

Author's Response: Yeah, it\'s fun having little stories about things, but in the end they all get back to Pete lol. Daddy can do daft stunts too, but I am not sure that it is a good idea for John to tell them how he did it.

2012.06.14 - 06:35PM
50: Chapter 50

Ow. Hack saw? I just fainted.

Author's Response: Hopefully that will be the least invasive bit of it.

2012.06.14 - 02:35PM
49: Chapter 49

From the mouth of babes....welcome to my world, John. I think most adults feel that way around young people now.

To your question about the graphic novel-- Graphic novel may be a premature, may not be depending on how you define comic book, but it was established in the brilliant episode, The Curse of Clyde Langer that Clyde was developing a comic hero, complete with long running story line. I took a look at the scene in The Death of the Doctor--I don't know if exchange or switch is that different, it wasn't deliberate, at least on Clyde's part. The Doctor was able to to make , because of the TARDIS connection to Clyde, so during the time when they switch, they inhabited each other's bodies. Except for not allowing the Doctor to take the kids on the TARDIS, Sarah Jane and was extremely generous in sharing the Doctor with her team. I sure miss her and the show. It might have been a half-hour kids show, but it was fun for all viewers.

Author's Response: Ah, see that was why I was confused lol. Death of the Doctor is Eleven. I\'ve seen the episode, but only once and I\'ve not gone back to it. Anything Eleven in the TD universe is AU because he\'s with Jack from the point of his regeneration. I was thinking about The Wedding of Sarah Jane being only possibly feasible in so far as Clyde meeting the Doctor assuming that happened at some point during season four. Anything after Journey\'s End / Planet of the Dead is obsolete in the TD universe. I\'ve got a pile SJA DVDs to watch, it is just finding the time to do it.

2012.06.14 - 12:46PM
48: Chapter 48

Oh and look at me repeating about Luke avoiding emotions what I already mentioned before. (So many faults in that sentence xP) *rolls eyes at self*
Good luck with work business - I know how you feel, I need to have my thesis finished tomorrow, eeps xP *sigh*

Author's Response: Hope you go your thesis done on time! Good luck with all of that. Still curious on how it can be about porn lol. Work seems to be crazy at the moment.

Author's Response: Just been moved back in as the regimes manager from a residential manager though, so once the department is running smoothly will have a chance to \'play\' and I am resurrecting the plans for sci-fi week and to build a full size TARDIS in the art class *G*

2012.06.14 - 12:43PM
49: Chapter 49

I can imagine John might feel a little stupid for not thinking of tracking Jack directly, but if I were him, I'd also be relieved that it's not going to take as long now and they can get stuff on the road?

Author's Response: He will definitely be relieved that they may be able to find Jack more quickly. I expect he will be even more relieved when they have a location for him and the TARDIS is ready to go. Hopefully there wont be too much time when they know where Jack is but the TARDIS can\'t fly yet, or, the TARDIS can fly but they don\'t have a location for Jack yet, because that would be the difficult bit. At the moment they can\'t go and they dont know where to go, as they get closer it might be harder to wait.

2012.06.14 - 12:26PM
48: Chapter 48

I had a feeling Luke would come up with a way to track Jack directly. And I bet it's easier for him to get lost in working on the problem than to face the emotional side of things.

Author's Response: Luke has always just gone straight to the point and I guess this is no different. He does better by concentrating on the problem at hand rather than trying to figure out how he feels about it, though he is better at that than he was to begin with.

2012.06.13 - 11:06PM
48: Chapter 48

Trust Luke to get down to the nitty gritty.
John has too many distractions including the Doctor to heal and the Tardis healing on his balcony.

Author's Response: There is definitely a lot going on for John isn\'t there. Luke is that bit removed from it so that he can have a look at it, though I am sure given time that one of them, John or Donna would have realised there was a more direct way of finding Jack.

2012.06.13 - 10:11PM
48: Chapter 48

Now why didn't John think of searching for Jack that way?! He is tired!

And I love how much like the Doctor Luke is. :)

Author's Response: He is definitely tired. Luke is like the Doctor when he gets going, but then that\'s not usually a bad thing is it?

2012.06.13 - 09:32PM
48: Chapter 48

I simply loved SJA, but couldn't get any of my buddies to watch. I guess it carries the stigma of being a "children's show" in spite of the fact that DW is *technically* a children's/family show. I think you do it well, and I totally enjoyed the little sibling rivalry between K9 and Mr. Smith.

Don't worry, I tend to overlook insignificant continuity errors, since I've caught myself making them on occasion. It's an AU, after all. (Why did I just hear "It's a Small World After All" go through my head?? I know it's going to get stuck there... )

Loved how Luke quickly picked up something that none of the adults had, which is that Jack is like an Artron torch. Good for him!

Author's Response: Lol, why did you have to type \'it\'s a small world after all\' you know we\'re all going to end up with it stuck there as well! That\'s just mean! Lol

2012.06.13 - 12:54PM
1: Chapter 1

I think I've figured it out: unslinky is a Timelady.

Author's Response: Nah, afraid not, if I was a Timelady I\'d pop along in my TARDIS and figure out what is going on in this story, and buy myself some more time as I\'ve now run out of chapters and got another day at work yet.

2012.06.13 - 11:17AM
48: Chapter 48

Send a lad away to college and they come back with the "smart mouths". Glad Luke figured this out.

Author's Response: In the TD time line he\'s not been away to college yet, I think the smart mouths have kind of been influenced a bit from Ryan, Lee, and Andy and probably a bit of Mickey as well while they were all in the other universe.

2012.06.12 - 11:49PM
47: Chapter 47

I'm guessing Luke is deliberately being very rational so he can avoid the emotional a bit longer? I never watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, they don't get aired here :s

Author's Response: Luke is avoiding.

Author's Response: Sorry, hit send before had figured out was going to say, long day at work *yawn*

2012.06.12 - 10:35PM
47: Chapter 47

I thought Cylde's dad left? Hmmm...he could have come back at some point.

As for K9 and Mister Smith, those two need a time out! :)

Author's Response: He has, I screwed up, but not going to go back and change it as it\'s only a incidental rather than a huge plot thingy. K9 and Mister Smith definitely need some time out, lol.