Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.17 - 01:29PM
53: Chapter 53

Jacko need lots of hugs!

Author's Response: Yeah, he does, bless him.

2012.06.17 - 12:31PM
1: Chapter 1

(Finished it last night, so hurrah :) Heh, I guess that's the good thing about literature theses - we just get to hide in our study and ramble about metaphors and such *laughs* Still, your topic also sounds interesting (definitely not a topic I've given thought before). I probably wouldn't understand it, though. Biology and such were not my strong suit. I'm currently fighting my way through a book by Brian Greene about parallel universes - interesting, but slow reading!)

Author's Response: Glad that you finished it and hope you\'re happy with it. The general premise of mine was that due to foot traffic on the foot paths that only plants that were resistant to trampling would reach maturity and reproduce thus creating a different ecology around the footpaths compared to areas away from the footpaths. It\'s just natural selection and survival of the fittest. I need to do more reading and probably less writing.

2012.06.17 - 12:25PM
53: Chapter 53

Ow, these children- It breaks my heart, this chapter!

Author's Response: It\'s not going to be much fun for them for a while.

2012.06.17 - 02:29AM
52: Chapter 52

Aw, Jack..
I can't stand it when children have a disappointing end to a day ): He'd better get cuddles in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yep, cuddles but more bad news.

2012.06.17 - 01:37AM
52: Chapter 52

“We are traffic!” he offered. “You need to tell Granddad that we are traffic and are all jammy.”

I will not think of being stuck in a traffic jam the same way again. *chuckle*

Poor kid, one look at his Dad, his little mind starts going and I believe puts two and two together. Michael insists Tardy is there and his Dad is hurt. What else could it be but Uncle Doctor being hurt again? *sits back and waits to see if I'm right*

Author's Response: I saw that as a tag line on the back of a bus once while I was waiting in traffic. It said \'you\'re not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic\' and was supposed to be a promotion to get out the car and on the bus. It got me thinking a bit and it is true really, but then I was on my way to work and it is 20 minutes in the car. If there has been an occasion where I\'ve had to go on the bus, then it takes about an hour and a half and involves three buses, one of which I have to get for twenty minutes in the wrong direction just in order to meet up with one that goes in the wrong direction, I\'m afraid that London buses just aren\'t all that they are cracked up to be and will likely continue to be traffic and get all jammy.

2012.06.16 - 11:38PM
52: Chapter 52

Oh dear. With everything that's been going on, I can see why Jacko feels that Daddy's poorly and may have to go away.

But once John explained that he just did something really dumb, that might help. Then again, he's not going to be happy when he tell Jacko the rest.

Author's Response: There is no way of getting around the fact that no matter how they break the news or tell Jacko about what has been going on, he\'s not going to be happy about it.

2012.06.16 - 11:29PM
51: Chapter 51

I do not like Candy at all! :P

But Jack is turning into such a cute kid. :) And he is so smart.

Author's Response: Lol, Candy is getting a bit of a bad rap, but she\'s just being nine rather than five isn\'t she? What nine year old really wants to play with a five year old or hold hands with him in class or anything like that. She\'s a third year and he\'s in reception! She\'d get the mick taken out of her royally if she was standing there holding his hand and being pleased that he\'d beaten her in a test. Imagine the ribbing she is going to get if her friends find out that a five year old is smarter than her?

2012.06.16 - 09:11PM
52: Chapter 52

Jackie should not have let him go alone to the canteen, she should have explained a little about John's hand and that there was nothing to worry about or be scared about.

Now the poor little fellow is imagining the worse and he hasn't even been told yet about the Doctor and Captain Jack.

And after everything that has happened to him and Michael, with what Rose has done to them and to John, no wonder Jack is frightened and in tears.

Jackie should have kept Jack with her and told Tina she would talk to her later as she had to attend to her family.

Author's Response: Jackie doesn\'t know that John has broken his hand or she probably would have. All she thought was that Jacko was going to go running in and see his dad and tell him about his math race with Candy.

2012.06.16 - 08:24PM
52: Chapter 52

Oh, dear--PTSD and in a child so young. Alhtough he will be relieved to know Daddy is alright, he is not going to be happy to learn Uncle Doctor is ill, TARDY is a bit shaken, and Uncle Jack is MIA.

Author's Response: No, there is more bad news to come for him. Bless him. He\'s gone from being excited and happy to upset, but there wasn\'t any real way for them to avoid it and it\'s probably better than he does find out sooner rather than later or there may well be trust issues to deal with as well.

2012.06.16 - 02:29PM
51: Chapter 51

Now, that's quite some geeky little boy Jack's turning out to be. Can't imagine anything better than doing maths with his daddy, eh? LOL!

Well, that was definitely not the case with my boys. ::snort::

Author's Response: Anything where he can spend time with Daddy is good, and he only can\'t think of anything better because Candy doesn\'t have donkeys in her garden, at least, he doesn\'t think that she does, but bouncing is good as well, lol.

2012.06.16 - 02:29AM
1: Chapter 1

(As for my thesis, btw, my main source is Teleny, a homoerotic novel from the fin-de-siecle period, and I look at the way it shapes homosexual identities within the private and public. Sadly, no emphasis on the porny bits much *laughs* Sins of the Cities of the Plain is filthier, though - I used that for a paper on 19th-century male prostitution. Once you start looking, there's a lot of Victorian smut around :P)

Author's Response: Hope that you got it in on time. Sounds interesting. Will have to have a look for some Victorian smut. I thought I was going to be clever with my main uni project as I decided to do it about the impact of footpaths on chalkland fauna. Thought I could spend a few days wandering round the South Downs looking at plants, catching the sun etc, and ended up having to measure the height, number of stems, number of leaf and then thickness of leaf of 10000 plants in the rain! *gutted*

2012.06.16 - 02:24AM
51: Chapter 51

Oh, Jacko, you're such an amazing kid. I just want to cuddle him, hahaha.

Author's Response: Lol, he\'s coming into his own now he\'s gone to big school and he can have hard work to do.

2012.06.15 - 06:36PM
51: Chapter 51

Ex-child advocate in me hoping better things to do with her Dad are nothing the teacher needs to look into. I'm not fond of bullies either, but usually the person behind child wh ao is a bully at that age is a bully at home. Or maybe she's just a poor loser and spoiled--Angelica Pickles style.

Author's Response: Nothing sinister in Candy\'s statement abou that, she\'s just not the kind of kid that wants to sit down and do sums with her dad. I expect her dad is more interested in watching sports on the television anyway, but no, there is no sinister undertones of abuse intended. She is definitely more Angelica Pickles than anything else - blimey, not seen The Rugrats for ages, that was a Saturday morning hangover thing at uni lol - Rugrats and Recess.

2012.06.15 - 06:00PM
51: Chapter 51

Candy's a real brat and I don't like it when someone bigger and older picks on someone younger and smaller than them. I remember being bullied at school a lot when I was in elementery and secondary school.

Candy sound like the makings of a first class bully!

Author's Response: Bullies really aren\'t nice. Sometimes I am not sure if kids actually realise they are being bullies. I am fairly sure that Candy doesn\'t really like the fact that someone younger and smaller has just trounced her in a math\'s race. I can\'t imagine it is very good for a nine year old\'s self confidence to be beaten in a math\'s race by a five year old. In my head that is the main reason why Mr. Bishisu wasn\'t too keen on the race.

2012.06.15 - 03:00AM
50: Chapter 50

Hand-breaking alien eels are the coolest. They will also be my new excuse when I need one - it's as good as anything. :P

Author's Response: Alien eels are always useful as an excuse. Perhaps you could try that with your thesis if it is late. \'Sorry, but an alien eel ate it?\'.