Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.18 - 11:54PM
55: Chapter 55

Someone with money?! I'm going with either Lady Cassandra, yes, I know she was nothing more that skin in a frame, but this could be before that happened, or the Rani.

Author's Response: I wonder how she would have come to know the Captain though, and, if Jack does turn into the Face of Boe? Then the Face of Boe was there both times that Cassandra and the Doctor crossed paths... could it be?

Like I said to the previous suggestion of the Rani I dont know enough about her. I\'ve never actually seen an episode with the Rani in and I\'ve not read anything more than what is on wiki so it\'s not going to be the Rani. It\'s either someone that I know a lot about so a new who character, or, someone that no one knows much / or anything about - so I\'m free to make it up.

2012.06.18 - 11:46PM
54: Chapter 54

Michael may still be too young to understand all that's going on, but Jacko is a different story. Sooner or later he's going to blow and the tears will come.

Author's Response: Yeah, there is going to be some \'issues\' with Jack, and it is unclear how much Michael does actually understand, and what he picks up telepathically even if he doesn\'t understand it fully, he must be getting some pretty disturbing vibes from the people around him.

2012.06.18 - 07:52PM
55: Chapter 55

Not sure about the woman, as she has so many resources as her disposal, is very very rich and wants Jack as her submissive. She says (altho we can't be sure) that Jack has served her willingly before. Hmmmm Such a horrific chapter. I want Jack out of there ASAP, but I guess we're getting lots of Jack whump this time around.

Author's Response: Yeah, there is a fair bit of whump for Jack before they get him out of there (if they get him out of there).

Author's Response: It\'s quite different from the treatment the Doctor got isn\'t it?

2012.06.18 - 06:47PM
55: Chapter 55

Most definately not Jenny!

Author's Response: Nope

2012.06.18 - 06:47PM
55: Chapter 55

Hack = Jack! my bad!

Author's Response: I do that all the time, lol, and because hack is a word the spellcheck doesn\'t pick it up!

2012.06.18 - 06:46PM
55: Chapter 55

Jenny? why would Jenny be going after either her father or Jack?

I have a feeling it's someone from Hack's past who is obvioulsly incapable of taking "no" for an answer.

She's trying to make Jack give in to her wishes.

Author's Response: She is definitely trying to make Jack give in to his wishes, and it\'s not Jenny.

2012.06.18 - 06:35PM
54: Chapter 54

Worried about Jack and about Michael. I feel and oncoming storm of epic proportion coming up!

Both boys are being too calm.

Author's Response: There could be a mini little whirlwind as well.

2012.06.18 - 03:55PM
55: Chapter 55

jenny i never thought it could be her. Although she is what is missing from this story

Author's Response: I was thinking about bringing Jenny into the TD universe, but when there are: - just did a rough count of 55 characters that are \'profiled\' as in I know who they are and they are more than just names and chance meetings at lifts etc. I\'m sure I must have missed some as well. 55 is tonnes though, right?

The Doctor, Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Martha, Francine, Clive, Tom, Baby Ryan, Donna, Sylvia, Wilf, Sarah Jane, Luke, Big Ryan, Angela, Nita, Lee, Andy, Tim, Derek (kite buggies), Angela, AU Martha, Cathy, John, Jackie, Pete, Harriet Jones, Nelly, Simon, Greg, Joel, Yvonne, George, Billy, Zoe, Jacko, Michael, Cadence, Rose, Dr. Gladstone, Kyle, Gray, Emmett, Cadence, Agatha, Greta, Marcia, Kate, Amy, Claire, Alfie, Jake, Welly, Smokey, Bandit, and Donald lol and that doesn\'t include people like Cedric from the Hadrial Foundation, Max from field operations and rescue, oooo, and I missed all of John\'s Torchwood medics! That\'s Olivia, Carter, Neil, Phil, Martin, Mark, Keith, Mary, and Oscar. That is 64 recurring characters. I supposed Jenny would make it a happy 65, but there is the mad woman that has Jack, and though I dont actually know her name yet, I do know who she is.

2012.06.18 - 03:47PM
55: Chapter 55

Oh, Jack, longing for screams for company ):
I just had a frightening thought and I'm not sure where it came from. What if it's Jenny? I hope it's not her. No, it wouldn't be Jenny.

Author's Response: I know who it is now. I am not sure that Jenny would have it in her, and if it was Jenny, she would be going after her father rather than Jack wouldn\'t she?

2012.06.18 - 03:38PM
54: Chapter 54

Mixed feeling about this chapter. Lots of sadness there, anticipation too (really holding my breath for Jacko once it sinks in), but it could've been worse, I guess?

Author's Response: It will sink in with Jacko and then it is going to be harder, unfortunately it could just be the calm before a mini-storm.

2012.06.17 - 10:39PM
53: Chapter 53

Awww....poor Jacko. *super huggies* And Michael is so cute about the owies. :)

Author's Response: Owies are no fun, but at least he gets a plaster on his feet.

2012.06.17 - 04:51PM
53: Chapter 53

Jack is way too mature for his age. He should be concerning himself with how severe the Doctor is, just how long will it be before they can go on the trampoline. Poor guy.

Author's Response: He will worry about the trampoline as well.

2012.06.17 - 04:09PM
53: Chapter 53

Jacko is just amazing. I can just see him sitting like a little adult asking news about the Doctor. But then his whole life has been surrounded by the adults he loves getting and being seriously injured in one way or another. John is such a good father. He talks to his children like little adults but is there to back up their emotional beings. You have written this chapter extremely well.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad that you enjoyed the chapter. I never quite know how to balance things out but John seems to find the middle line most of the time.

2012.06.17 - 03:58PM
52: Chapter 52

Thanks so much for Jack's point of view again. I just love this little guy. You write his inner workings so well--all his cute observations and his conclusions. I feel so bad that he comes to the wrong conclusion, but everyone is correct, there is no way around the fact that he will be horrified, but maybe a little less 'cause Daddy is his foundation, his world right now.

Author's Response: Sometimes even Jacko gets it wrong, but he usually only gets it wrong when getting it wrong makes sense, if that makes sense? He is fun to write so glad that you enjoy him.

2012.06.17 - 01:40PM
53: Chapter 53

so sad but i got a question. Is Michael linked to the Doctor. Is that why his feet hurt?

Author's Response: He\'s not bonded to the Doctor or anything and his feet are genuinely sore because his AFO have been rubbing. He\'s just grumbling and not happy because no one believes him that the TARDIS is there.