Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.20 - 04:05PM
59: Chapter 59

Metatextuality! :D Hah, that was a wonderful ending to the chapter, haha. We writers are such bastards sometimes.

Author's Response: Lol, we can be bastards, but, only if people read it, right?

2012.06.20 - 04:01PM
59: Chapter 59

“Because, if someone somewhere is writing this?” Donna offered. “They have a sick sense of humour.”

WONDERFUL! And we know just who has the sick sense of humour, don't we! Excellent ending to a serious chapter. Thanks!

Author's Response: *innocent face* not me? You dont mean me?

2012.06.20 - 09:27AM
58: Chapter 58

MMMM, If it is the Rani can see her extracting a brain cell or two, but this behavior seems a bit extreme for her.

Author's Response: Lol, it\'s not the Rani.

2012.06.20 - 06:53AM
58: Chapter 58

The Rani?

Now I'm really curious.

Author's Response: Not the Rani.

2012.06.20 - 06:47AM
58: Chapter 58

Does she not know he's immortal or did I miss that somewhere? If she doesn't, the he's got all the time he needs until the rescue team arrives.

Author's Response: She does know he is immortal. That is the point of her punishment. He will just die of hunger and dehydration over and over, because who is going to be looking for him when the Doctor is dead?

2012.06.19 - 10:20PM
57: Chapter 57

That was interesting. Whose DNA will they discover.

Author's Response: All will be relieved soon enough, in fact, I am so far behind it already has been, so that is kind of a moot point.

2012.06.19 - 09:55PM
57: Chapter 57

If this is from the Classic Who, I need a hint. Which Doctor?

Author's Response: Um... nine?

2012.06.19 - 09:46PM
56: Chapter 56

I think John should call Gary and ask how to deal with the boys not wanting to talk about their mother and how to tell them about what really happened to the Doctor as well as why he hit the wall.

*hugs John* This will all work out in the end. (I hope)

Author's Response: No real plans of getting Gary down and bringing him, but I am sure that Sue will be having words in the background soon enough.

2012.06.19 - 08:30PM
57: Chapter 57

If you are going as far back as Classic Who, Then I wonder who that woman is and where she and Jack are.

Author's Response: It wont be long until you find out what John\'s theory on the matter is, whether he is right or not, remains to be seen.

2012.06.19 - 07:54PM
57: Chapter 57

It really is CSI torchwood!! But I wish they could work faster. is this from far back? As far back as Classic Who?

Author's Response: Well, it is coming up to about the 24 hour mark since the Doctor arrived now. So, it\'s not taken them that long, it is just the short chapters and all the different things that are going on that makes it seem longer.

It is very rare that I will go back as far as Classic Who because I dont really know any of the characters. Rare, but not out of the realm of possibilities.

2012.06.19 - 07:04PM
57: Chapter 57

Oh no... oh, no! It can't be... oh but it must.

You are really stepping back in time, aren't you?

Author's Response: Not that far back, lol.

2012.06.19 - 06:50PM
57: Chapter 57

I get it! It's CSI-Torchwood! :o)

Author's Response: Yeah, a bit of CSI there, but it\'s something they must have to do regularly in Torchwood when investigating alien incursions, so maybe it is more AISI rather than CSI.

2012.06.19 - 03:09PM
56: Chapter 56

It seams so unfair that those two boys should have to grow up way too fast and have such a traumatic experiance that causes John to worry about thier emotional and pyscological well being.

Both boys not talking about thier mother out of thier fear of her is more tragic than if Rose had actually died.

Poor John! someone said he needs lots of (((hugs))) I agree!

It's good that they have so many people (adults) around them to love and protect them and to explian thing to them when they are confused or frightened.

I'm not sure of keeping the truth about how the Doctor got his injuries or how John broke his hand from the boys is smart, but in a way, since they suffered so much at the hands of a parant and are confused and wonder if the next time John lashes out in anger, it won't be a wall he hits. Maybe John is a bit afraid of this as well.

I know I'm just babbling, but I can see this whole business is going to scar both Jacko's and Michael's lives even before they reach ten. Make me fear for tham as teenagers, if they live so long.

Author's Response: Babbling is fine. I think John isn\'t quite sure what to tell them and how to deal with it. He\'s trying to do too much and he\'s too tired.

2012.06.19 - 02:29PM
55: Chapter 55

I don't know why Jenny popped up in my head - perhaps because it would be a terrible option (who knows what sort of things she went through on her search for her dad and she may well have encountered a Jack from a different timestream and it would just break the Doctor's heart if it was her, I guess) and I sort of expect the worst from you?
But the worst in a good way? :P

Glad that it's not her, either way (:

Author's Response: Oh, you will usually get the worst. I am going to make a real effort to right a story one day where no one gets hurt, tortured, stabbed, killed, - but not for a while lol.

2012.06.19 - 02:26PM
56: Chapter 56

John.. *hugs* One thing at the time, okay?
I can understand, though. Just reading this is making me feel anxious and stressed - great job putting that into words!

Author's Response: There is too much happening at the same time. I have kind of had a couple of days at work like that. So much I want to do and so much I have to do and so much that just keeps on cropping up that end up actually getting very little done and nothing finished because it\'s all like .... arrrrghhh!!

Author's Response: And, the new web marshall has banned this site, so I can\'t access it from work, unless I go through to headoffice and ask fr it to be unblocked, and not entirely sure it would be a good idea lol.

Author's Response: Mind you the work computers think that the BBC Doctor Who website is pornographic (I must have missed those pages)