Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.27 - 11:47AM
62: Chapter 62

Poor Jack!

If he's having bad dreAms about Rose hurting John, the Doctor and Captain Jack, it must be horrendus for the poor boy.

BTW, Jack and Michael would not be Tony's cousins, since thier mother, Rose is Tony's sister, that would make Jack and Michael Tony's nephews.

Author's Response: Yeah, keep on getting a mental block on them being cousins for some reason. Thanks for pointing it out again. I\'ve gone and changed it.

2012.06.27 - 11:06AM
62: Chapter 62

Oh poor boy ):
I really do hope John is right, suddenly. If the woman holding Jack prisoner turned out to be some weird alternate!Rose or something that would be bad (I'm glad there seems to be no evidence for that)..

Author's Response: Hmmm... Bad Rose reborn in the future when her memories suddenly return? Directing her rage onto Jack rather than onto the Doctor, because it was Jack that saved her life with the Artron energy. Nah... couldn\'t be, could it?

2012.06.27 - 12:15AM
61: Chapter 61

Ok, either something is wrong with the boys or the TARDIS. Either way, no kip for John.

And I agree that John's touch calmed the Doctor down, but they're going to have to either move him to the TARDIS or John will have to be there every time he wakes up so he doesn't panic.

Author's Response: No, it is going to be a while before John actually gets the time to go to sleep. It\'s not as if he\'s not trying is it?

2012.06.26 - 03:35PM
61: Chapter 61

Seems John is not likely to have his nap as soon as he or Sue thought.

Author's Response: No, it doesn\'t rain but it pours huh?

2012.06.26 - 02:47PM
61: Chapter 61

Hm. Well.. that'll be maybe no cuddles for the Doctor when he wakes up if this is the response.
And aargh! Your cliffhangers, what?! :C

Author's Response: Yeah, that time between being unconscious and being awake is going to be tough on everyone. Sorry about the cliffie, it\'s the short chapters! Honest *g*

2012.06.22 - 05:59AM
60: Chapter 60

So now we get to see precisely how good Torchwood's torture protocols actually are?

Considering that their patient has spent the last goodness knows how long between escape attempts and torture sessions (probably the last thing he remembers), and could no doubt break out of most secure facilities with nothing but a ballpoint pen while sleepwalking or delirious, and that he made it out in the condition that he did . . . Looking after him could get quite interesting if he's not quite with it when he wakes up.

Author's Response: Yeah, if he thinks he needs to escape? Then they are going to have a battle on their hand to keep him calm and safe and not damage himself even more trying to get out.

2012.06.21 - 11:19PM
60: Chapter 60

I think someone is having one heck of a nightmare!

And John needs a nap!

Author's Response: John definitely needs a nap, and there are some nightmares going on too

Author's Response: And maybe, when John finally gets his chance to have a kip, wonder if his sleep is going to peaceful and nightmare free.

2012.06.21 - 05:03PM
60: Chapter 60

oh dear. I hope the Doctor is awake and not coding.

Author's Response: Hopefully they have got through the worst bit with him physically, providing the surgery goes okay, coding shouldn\'t be the issue.

2012.06.21 - 02:30PM
60: Chapter 60

Damn, no, John! You need to eat and sleep, ugh.. For a Time Lord, the Doctor's timing leaves a lot to be desired xP

Author's Response: Yeah, it is going to seem like a night of one thing after another, and all poor John wants to do is have something to eat and a kip.

2012.06.21 - 01:43PM
59: Chapter 59

Best line ever..!

Author's Response: Lol

2012.06.21 - 12:46PM
60: Chapter 60

ok so i know he is traumatized and in pain but please let him be awake

Author's Response: Not quite yet I\'m afraid/

2012.06.21 - 12:38PM
60: Chapter 60

Oh No!

Author's Response: It\'s not going to be pretty

2012.06.20 - 10:54PM
59: Chapter 59

Love that last line. Of course, as writers, we can do whatever we want. >:)

Author's Response: Yup, for a short while they\'re mine.

2012.06.20 - 10:45PM
58: Chapter 58

I'm still going with the Rani.

Author's Response: Okay, I mean, you can still go with the Rani if you want to, just dont be disappointed when - ITS NOT THE RANI! Lol

2012.06.20 - 05:50PM
59: Chapter 59

“Because, if someone somewhere is writing this?” Donna offered. “They have a sick sense of humour.”

Hmm! Interesting ending to this chapter.

Author's Response: Lol, Donna\'s opinion, not mine *G*