Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.06.30 - 04:56AM
66: Chapter 66

John needs to sleep!

Author's Response: Yeah, he does.

2012.06.29 - 04:36PM
65: Chapter 65

Poor Jack, he probably had to spike energy during his nightmare to save them all. Such a responsible little cutie.

I also enjoy how you understand fully what TARDIS is:“. John ended up taking him out to the TARDIS as well. She was still locked and not going to open up, that meant she wasn’t ready yet, but it wouldn’t be that much longer now. It had been over twenty four hours since she had started to recharge. It seemed like a very long twenty four hours to John, but he could almost feel the admonishment of the TARDIS. She existed in all of time at any one instance. Twenty four hours was nonsensical to her. She just needed to charge and it would take as long as it took. Just because her pilots were stuck on linear personal time lines going from one of their days to the next, growing older, experiencing more and more as each day passed, did not mean that she did. She would be recharged both when she was finished and before she started. It was their perception that led them to wait not her reality.

Author's Response: I can see the TARDIS getting impatient with John being impatient lol

2012.06.29 - 12:30PM
65: Chapter 65

Jack is stressed! he's stressed about all that's going on. he's stessed about John and his injuries, he's stressed about the Doctor and Captain Jack and how his short life was altered so drastically and even if he has Time Lord DNA in him, he is only five and too young to be this stressed out.

Author's Response: It\'s not good for him to be under so much pressure, but how to take it off him?

2012.06.29 - 04:09AM
64: Chapter 64

Okay, I'm probably way alone in my take but John really doesn't seem like that good of a dad to me. Any dad I know no matter what was going on would rush back home the second they heard their kid was upset. My dad once got three speeding tickets in three states in one day because he was rushing home because his little boy (my older brother) needed him! I've seen parents take off from emergency meetings at work to be with their kids before.
Plus he seems to only want the fun things and it reads like Jackie takes care of everything else, John just gets them for meals, cake, lego and bedtimes.

Author's Response: I think it is kind of relative isn\'t it? This whole thing has only taken just over 24 hours so we can\'t really judge what John is like as a father during this. It\'s not as if he\'s just leaving an emergency meeting or anything like that at Torchwood, the Doctor is there and he\'s critically ill and Captain Jack is missing and as far as they know is being killed over and over again.

As soon as John knew that Jack wasn\'t just going to calm down after having a bad dream he got a response car to take him back home to see him, running to Jack and getting to him within fifteen minutes, despite the Doctor being critically ill, and depsite them trying to figure out where Captain Jack is, and even though he is likely to end up collapsing because he\'s not had a chance to sleep, so he put his son\'s upset ahead of the Doctor\'s life, Captain Jack\'s potential suffering, and his own health. He has to go back to Torchwood because he has to be there during the surgery in case something goes wrong. A line does have to be drawn somewhere doesn\'t it? He\'s not abandoning his son in a dangerous situation or anything like that, his son had a bad dream and is being taken care of by his grandparents. He does have to go back to Torchwood and he wants to protect his son by not taking him in when they dont know how the surgery for the Doctor is going to go.

If you think back to TD then it has been John who has disciplined Jacko each time that he has needed it and he shared responsibility for his sons equally with Rose. He discovered the trials of taking them both out to the shops and things on the bus.

He\'s only really recently become a single father, and even more recently been well enough himself to do the fun things with his sons that he missed doing when his deterioration meant he was unable to. One of the biggest issues that Jackie had when Rose became ill and admitted as a \'lifer\' into Hadrial was that John said he\'d move out and then she\'d not have the chance to look after her grandsons, but it is all still new.

If John is still trying to find a balance then he has to be given a chance to do that. He takes them to school, he picks them up, he makes their tea, he disciplines them, he washes their clothes, he gets Jack\'s uniform sorted, he does reading with him, he does maths with him... think that makes him a reasonable dad even if he\'s not the best dad ever.

Author's Response: He\'s the best dad ever to Jack and to Michael, he\'s just still learning.

2012.06.29 - 12:46AM
64: Chapter 64

"Don’t you want me?”

Ok, THAT made me cry! :( I really hate Rose now for what she's done to Jacko and Michael and John. >:( And I agree that they need to check to see if she's still there. Jacko's dream about her means something and it is NOT good!

Author's Response: He\'s just worried about his dad going back to work.

2012.06.29 - 12:41AM
64: Chapter 64

I'm having a serious case of mummy-instincts here.. and no children to hug!

Author's Response: Awww, I am sure Jacko wouldn\'t mind.

2012.06.29 - 12:36AM
63: Chapter 63

I don't get it! Why did Jacko do that?! He shouldn't be spiking anymore! And what did his nightmare mean?!

Author's Response: Hopefully his nightmare just meant he was having a nightmare and all the things that were plaguing him came together into one hit, but no, he shouldn\'t be spiking so they are going to have to have a look at that.

2012.06.28 - 08:58PM
64: Chapter 64

I am not fond of kids, but I really just want to scoop up Jack and give him some cuddles. Poor little guy. The weight of the world on his shoulders at such a young age...

Author's Response: He definitely needs some cuddles, and I am sure he will get plenty when he wakes up, and, probably be able to give plenty as well.

2012.06.28 - 06:24PM
64: Chapter 64

I really hate Rose for what she's done to Jack and Michael! That poor "Toad" is so afraid and confused. Maybe they should check to see if Rose is still in that clinic if only to ease Jack's fears.

Author's Response: She certainyl left her mark on her kids didn\'t she?

2012.06.28 - 06:08PM
64: Chapter 64

Is the evil lady Rose? Bad Wolf? I never thought about that. 'cause of abandonment issues she might want to hurt the Doctor and keep Jack for herself?

Author's Response: An Au Bad Rose might be having fun with Jack by hurting the Doctor, but hopefully \'our\' evil Rose is still away at the Hadrial Foundation

2012.06.28 - 03:16PM
63: Chapter 63

OMG!! Is Jack catching something telepathically from Jack Sr.? I feel so bad for all of them! Or is Jack feeling a foretelling of something horrible that is about to happen? I know he also had PTSD, but this is really bad. I can't wait for the next post.

Author's Response: He\'s had an energy collapse. He\'s had them before all of this started didn\'t he, way back when John first went to the other universe to help the Doctor Jacko was having energy collapses every few weeks, it was only because of the energy filter that it was brought under control, so hopefully it\'s nothing too serious and they just have to figure out why his energy spiked the way that it did.

2012.06.28 - 11:55AM
63: Chapter 63

Oh, that poor child!

godd thing Pete and Jackie were with him, but what he really needs is his daddy.

He was a tiny oncoming storm! hope this didn't drain him until he gets ill.

Author's Response: He\'ll sleep and then he will be fine.

2012.06.28 - 12:53AM
62: Chapter 62

Ok, are we dealing with an alternate Rose and Jacko had a psychic dream or is Jacko combining what Rose did with whoevers got Jack and hurt the Doctor?

Poor baby. *hugs Jacko*

Author's Response: Psychic dreaming is certainly a possibility isn\'t it, but it\'s more likely he\'s just moulding all the little bits that have happened so they fit his nightmares.

2012.06.27 - 02:42PM
62: Chapter 62

The poor boys and Jack is more affected because he was older and has felt more responsible.

Author's Response: Jack is certainly more able to articulate what happened with his mum than Michael is, but Michael was definitely highly traumatised by it as well because it was his \'mental screams\' that got through to his dad.

2012.06.27 - 02:08PM
62: Chapter 62

Oh, poor thing. PTSD is so hard on little ones.

Author's Response: And for those that love and care for the little ones.