Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.02 - 06:21PM
70: Chapter 70

One less thing to worry about.

Author's Response: Yeah, at least that looks like it is going to heal well and not be an issue.

2012.07.02 - 04:23PM
70: Chapter 70

*crossing my fingers!*

Author's Response: Toes and legs too I hope.

2012.07.02 - 03:47PM
70: Chapter 70

Such delicate surgery. John is holding up well, considering lack of sleep and his concerns for both his son, Jack and the Doctor. What a mess. You are writing this well and keeping me reading.

Author's Response: John may not be doing as well as he appears to be doing, but riding on a surgical adrenaline surge on top of the emotional concerns for everyone else. It is a bit of a mess, glad you\'re enjoying though. Hopefully it wont be long until things all start to snap into place.

2012.07.02 - 12:51PM
69: Chapter 69

Yes, I want to see The Doctor put back together and I want to see Jack found and I want to see John and his kids happy with Sue. But...

Someone has to finish the bloody cabin in the woods before the spider creatures come back! :-P

Author's Response: I know, they are all going to be dying of exposure and all sorts aren\'t they?! I do feel really about leaving them like that, but I couldn\'t write that while this was in my head and this has turned into a bit of a mini-epic of it\'s own!

2012.07.01 - 11:01PM
69: Chapter 69

Did John just.....? Nah, he was just teasing. Right? Well, I hope he wasn't teasing. :)

And they can put the Doctor back together.

Author's Response: I dont think John had any intention of actually saying that out loud, lol. It just happened.

2012.07.01 - 10:53PM
68: Chapter 68

Now that is a cool idea! :)

Author's Response: He\'s got loads of ideas, they just need to find Jack and confirm that he is being held by the Chula and see if it all comes through together.

2012.07.01 - 10:46PM
67: Chapter 67

Ok, John, that was naughty, confusing Kyle like that! :)

Author's Response: Lol, it was naughty but it was also a bit of fun and he needed to have a bit of fun.

2012.07.01 - 04:49PM
69: Chapter 69

Sue Tyler? Was this a forshadowing of things to come? Well, they do have a lot on thier minds like putting a Time Lord back together.

Author's Response: Lol, it was just a slip of the tongue, I seriously hope that wasn\'t John\'s way of proposing rofl, though I could imagine him doing something a bit pathetic like that. Putting the Doctor back together has to be the priority along with finding Jack, and the fact that he\'s still married to Rose would be a bit of a sticking point too wouldn\'t it, but who knows.

2012.07.01 - 03:27PM
69: Chapter 69

w00p, I get to read 3 chapters in one go! :)
I am so ready for action. It may be mad, but this is rapidly becoming part of my daily routine the same way that Terminal Decay did.

Author's Response: So much for the short interlude/intermezzo huh? Bloody thing.

Author's Response: Ten is still stuck in the woods and Jack hasn\'t finished their cabin yet and Gordon is still on the loose!

2012.07.01 - 12:15PM
68: Chapter 68

They'd have been proud of John on Gallifrey, Then again, he'd probably be exiled for being half human! *giggle*

Author's Response: I really dont know what they would have made of John on Gallifrey. Would they have viewed him as an abomination?

2012.07.01 - 11:59AM
67: Chapter 67

John's sounding more like Ten here.

Author's Response: Yeah, lol, he\'s stressed and he\'s in the lab so that is where \'Ten\' comes out more.

2012.07.01 - 11:46AM
68: Chapter 68

What--no Time Lord Victorious in John? That's fascinating.

Author's Response: I think he is tempered in that regard by the \'Donna\' in him and possibly also by currently being a dad. I can see him doing the child grabbing thing in Pompeii rather than the everyone has to die thing.

2012.07.01 - 01:02AM
66: Chapter 66

John needs a nap! And Greg is right. John and the boys need someone other than Gary to talk about about Rose and what happened. Never really trusted Gary.

Author's Response: John definitely needs a nap. I think Gary can be trusted, I just think that he is too focused on Rose as his patient sometimes.

2012.07.01 - 12:52AM
65: Chapter 65

Of course Jacko is stressed. His daddy is really tired, his Uncle Doctor has been badly hurt and Captain Jack is missing. I would be stressed out.

But I love Greta. I forgot how much she cares about John. And, John, like it or not, she's your nanny! XD

Author's Response: Greta is cool, and she is definitely John\'s nanny, and always will be. Thinks he needs one more than the kids half the time.

2012.06.30 - 10:26AM
66: Chapter 66

Waiting around, doing what John probably feels is nothing, is difficult.

Author's Response: I think he feels a little bit out of it as well, as nothing they need to do they can get on with. It\'s like being at work over Saturday and Sunday and having loads of things you need to progress but not being able to do any of it until Monday because the \'suits\' dont work over the weekend to sign things off.