Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.05 - 03:50PM
74: Chapter 74

A picture I'd like to see.

Author's Response: They look pretty cute all curled up in bed together.

2012.07.05 - 03:44PM
73: Chapter 73

Those silly billies! :o)

Author's Response: I know, at least things are moving in the right direction.

2012.07.05 - 03:41PM
74: Chapter 74

Oh what a sweet image of father and son.

Author's Response: They are both tucked up there are and sound asleep. Hopefully for a couple of hours.

2012.07.05 - 12:38PM
73: Chapter 73

Good to have friends. I'm going to have to pick up and Jackie so we can go watch Magic Mike.

Author's Response: Had to Google Magic Mike at the time. Not my kind of movie I\'m afraid, but I am sure Jackie would enjoy.

2012.07.05 - 11:21AM
73: Chapter 73

Glad that John has such good friends and people who care about him surrounding him and helping him out. I thought the part in Terminal Decay where Peter carried the Doctor to bed was so sweet. And I thought the part in this chapter where John was carried to bed was lovely too. Hope John gets a good few hours. I suppose it's too much to hope he remains asleep throughout the night xx

Author's Response: He is unlikely going to be able to sleep until the morning, but it is good that he has his friends around him. They will make sure he doesn\'t do himself too much damage.

2012.07.04 - 01:10AM
72: Chapter 72

Well.. At least he's finally asleep!

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s finally having a kip, they just need to get him off the chairs in the corridor and into bed.

2012.07.03 - 11:09PM
72: Chapter 72

I'm just trying to picture Pete carrying John to bed. :)

Though it wasn't the best place to fall asleep, I'm glad he did.

Author's Response: He\'d have done it lots of times when John was recovering from the car crash. Greg and Simon are both accomplished John carriers as well. It is just as well he\'s not \'that\' heavy though I reckon some of that metal will add some weight to him.

2012.07.03 - 11:02PM
71: Chapter 71

Yep, John needs to go to bed. :)

Author's Response: It\'s about time he went to bed.

2012.07.03 - 06:25PM
72: Chapter 72

Pete's like the father John never had.

Author's Response: He can be at times, but age wise if Pete was John\'s dad then he\'d have been about 7 when he conceived lol. Maybe a sensible big brother.

2012.07.03 - 06:24PM
72: Chapter 72

Finally--good for Sue, she read John right.

Author's Response: Yep, Sue was just about on time for him. Probably could have done with it being a bit earlier so he actually made it to bed, but at least Pete will make sure he gets there and he will be able to rest comfortably for a while.

2012.07.03 - 06:15PM
72: Chapter 72

Sorry I've been remiss in reviewing lately, but having my own family catastrophes over the last couple of weeks.

I absolutely adored this chapter, as it shows how solidly Pete and John bonded emotionally.

John is being a bit of an idiot in letting his energy levels get into the 60's, but he probably knows that his family will take care of him, even when he won't take care of himself.

Author's Response: Hope that things are all okay and that family catastrophes have sorted themselves out.

Glad that you enjoyed the chapter. John is a bit of an idiot at times, but he didn\'t really have that much choice in the matter with all that is going on.

2012.07.03 - 11:54AM
71: Chapter 71

John will thank her in the end.

Author's Response: He may not thank her but he will know it\'s for the best even if he sulks.

2012.07.03 - 10:56AM
71: Chapter 71

Yup, John certainly needed a talking to and Sue's the one to give it to him. Altho understandably he would like to take the operation through to its finish. Good chapter. But I am so scared for Jack, want more Jack and what's happening to him.

Author's Response: You can pretty much guarantee that if we\'re not over with Jack that he\'s just um \'hanging around?\', we will be revisiting him soon.

2012.07.03 - 10:16AM
71: Chapter 71

Go, Sue! A bit unfair to blackmail him like that, but John will be glad for it in the end, I'm sure..

Author's Response: I am sure John will be happy for the rest once he actually gets it, but if something does go wrong in the last hour or so of surgery and he\'s asleep? Will Sue be able to cope with it?

2012.07.02 - 10:27PM
70: Chapter 70

If I was John, I couldn't have watched that. :P On to the knee!

Author's Response: I think he found it hard, but he had to be there in case something went wrong, at least he wasn\'t needed with that part of it anyway.