Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.11 - 06:09PM
79: Chapter 79

Clever and cute Jack!

Author's Response: He\'s a smart little cookie. He found Captain Jack!

2012.07.09 - 12:17AM
78: Chapter 78

Sounds like a plan, but I'm still trying to figure out who the High Priestess is.

Author's Response: The High Priestess is simply that. The Chulan High Priestess who runs the Imperial Courts, Mining Facility, and the Training Facility on Staco and someone who Jack had dealings with in the past. The only previous \'canon\' reference to it is that Jack had in possession a Chula warship when he met Nine and Rose. It is her ship that he stole. The rest of the backstory is mine, so nothing to figure out.

2012.07.09 - 12:12AM
78: Chapter 78

I can't wait for the rescue to begin...and has Jack given up and joined the enemy?

Author's Response: Rescue plans are going to be coming fast and furious, though it is going to be up to Pete as to when he thinks it is safe enough to go and get Jack. Whether he has given into his Demons by then or not? Time will only tell wont they?

2012.07.08 - 02:00PM
78: Chapter 78

Sounds like a plan.

Author's Response: Hopefully they will be moving forward with things.

2012.07.08 - 12:57AM
77: Chapter 77

No, Jack, he's still alive and with John! Hang on! They're coming!

Author's Response: Unfortunately with all that screaming going on under his hood he\'s not going to be able to hear you.

2012.07.08 - 12:48AM
76: Chapter 76

I agree with Pete about letting Jack wait a bit longer so they can make sure everyone comes homes safe.

But I was thinking about the Doctor and when he wakes up. He might not be believing what's going on around him. That would explain why John was able to calm him down due to their link. So, maybe John should be the only one to see him the next time he wakes up.

Making someone see what you want to see is one thing, but unless whoever has Jack knows about the link then having that link will show him that John is really there. Does that makes sense?

Author's Response: Waking the Doctor up might not be as straight forward as people expect.

2012.07.07 - 02:33PM
77: Chapter 77

Ack, Jack, no! No! *on the edge of her seat and too frustrated to voice the feels*

Author's Response: He;s standing on a precipace at the moment. Which way is he going to fall?

2012.07.07 - 02:24PM
76: Chapter 76

I understand what Pete's saying, but it's a very double feeling. Jack needs to get out of there, but without casualties if possible of course..

Author's Response: It\'s a hard place for Pete to be, but he has to prioritise the safety of his people.

Author's Response: I think it is quite rare for Pete to have the opportunity to put safety first rather than rush into things. He will make the most out of it.

2012.07.07 - 02:23PM
77: Chapter 77

Jack recalling his bad boys days----he never did say what made him go from idealistic Time Agent to Con Man and rogue. It will be interesting to have someone explore that.

Author's Response: There are going to be flashes of my take on things. Always good when something is established but \'unwritten\' it means we get to play with it doesn\'t it?

2012.07.07 - 01:06AM
75: Chapter 75

I don't think Jack is going to be in any shape to help the Doctor either.

I do think this will have a happy ending, I hope. It sounded that way at the end of TD when the Doctor and Jack go into the future and see the boys when they're in their teens.

Author's Response: I think Jack and the Doctor are both going to need a lot of support and it may be that they need to get that support separately for a while.

2012.07.06 - 03:18PM
74: Chapter 74

Only one word for this (and it has to be caps, sorry): ADORBS!!

Author's Response: Lol - you do know that adorbs isn\'t a word don\'t you?

2012.07.06 - 03:08PM
75: Chapter 75

Getting Jack back in order to calm the Doctor might not go as planned as Jack has been tortured emotionally as well as physically and mentally.

Author's Response: Yeah, a happy reunion between the Doctor and Jack might not be that easily come by.

2012.07.05 - 11:50PM
74: Chapter 74

Awww...I bet they did look cute. Just wish they didn't get so tired.

Author's Response: Yeah, they look dead sweet.

2012.07.05 - 11:44PM
73: Chapter 73

Loved Jackie flirting with Greg, but I think Kyle dug a hole for himself.

And it is good that John has all these people who know what to do when he's really tired or upset.

Author's Response: Kyle did dig himself a bit of a hole didn\'t he. He\'s been stuck in field operations for too long. John\'s family and friends will always look after him. I think it is just as well as he\'s not that likely to look after himself.

2012.07.05 - 07:33PM
74: Chapter 74

i love how jackie and pete love them so much. They are still a happy family unit even though rose is gone they have sue. I would have loved to see john interact with a litte girl. too bad sue is to old to have a baby. Great chapter.

Author's Response: John and Sue having a baby would certainly change the dynamic of things, but it\'s not something that is going to happen. Glad that you enjoyed the chapter though.