Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.14 - 11:37PM
83: Chapter 83

YAY! Wilf's coming, too! Someone is in deep doo-doo now! :)

Author's Response: Yep doo-doo will be dished out accordingly.

2012.07.14 - 11:30PM
82: Chapter 82

Ok, that was too cute. :)

And Kyle was naughty for not saying he was sorry.

Author's Response: Yeah, Kyle was definitely naughty, but the TARDIS was a bit too.

2012.07.14 - 09:50PM
83: Chapter 83

Yes, yes, oh yes!!! Wilf is coming. What an exceedingly pleasant surprise. :)

Author's Response: Wilf is definitely going to needed, and there is no way that Donna wouldn\'t have told him, and no way that he\'d not have come if he found out.

2012.07.14 - 07:36PM
83: Chapter 83

Wonderful, they have the entire team together. That Chula lady better look out.

Author's Response: I think she genuinely believes that the Doctor is dead by now, so she is going to be more than a bit surprised when the whole posse turns up.

2012.07.14 - 12:21AM
81: Chapter 81

Let's hope Jack won't make a wrong choice - or he just might not be in the 'dungeon' anymore when the extraction team arrives, will he?

Author's Response: No, he wont be in the dungeon - I\'ve not made my mind up as to whether he is going to be in the dungeon or in a massive round bubble bath with the High Priestess sipping honey milk and brandy when they arrive yet.

2012.07.13 - 11:25PM
81: Chapter 81

Oooooooooooh, ok, now I get what happened when Mickey went to Torchwood and there was no one there! :)

Um, John still sounds sleepy though. Methinks they show check his plans before going after Jack. He might not be right about what is rock and what isn't.

Author's Response: Lol, yeah, thought that would be a good way to explain that, though that was not the plan at the time when Mickey and Adenna arrived back and Torchwood was deserted, but it kind of fits with the time line.

I am sure that they will all be checking and double checking all the plans and things and Donna will be on hand so if he is wrong it should be picked up.

2012.07.12 - 10:51PM
80: Chapter 80

Awww...silly Jacko! :)

Still a bit worried about the Doctor though. Hope he recovers from this without too many bad memories.

Author's Response: There may be some bad memories to be had.

2012.07.12 - 08:54PM
80: Chapter 80

Love huge heaping helpings of Little Jack.... Princess Fiona, huh? Can't wait to hear what Donna tells John. Good chapter, nice and light in the midst of all the horror.

Author's Response: Think the kids are good for that bit of light in things otherwise it would get too heavy and maudlin wouldn\'t it?

2012.07.12 - 03:04PM
80: Chapter 80

Ah! Jacko! :o)

Author's Response: He\'s going to be in BIIIIGGG trouble when Aunty Donna gets hold of him.

2012.07.12 - 02:49PM
80: Chapter 80

Jacko made me giggle so loudly that my fiance asked what was wrong :')

Author's Response: Hope he\'s not calling for the men in white suits to whisk you away?

2012.07.12 - 11:09AM
79: Chapter 79

Yes Jack, the TARDIS is magic.

Author's Response: The TARDIS is definitely magic, and anyone who thinks otherwise is going to have an angry little five year old to deal with.

2012.07.12 - 07:48AM
74: Chapter 74

Haha, I know it's not a word officially, but I just made it into one? 'Adorable' just doesn't cut it *laughs*
'Whovian' got added to the OED some time ago, so I never give up hope. :P

Author's Response: Lol, I am still waiting for \'woofo\' to go into the OED. The fact that it hasn\'t yet is in fact woofo. (well out of f.... order).

2012.07.12 - 03:32AM
79: Chapter 79

I'm so glad they managed to include Jack in finding his namesake without him finding out the terrible details (:

Author's Response: It was important for him to be able to help. I am never quite sure how comfortable I am when things get bad and Jack or Michael are there, but hopefully they have the support of their family to make sure that when they do come in contact with difficult things that they are looked after and are assisted in understanding and protected from the worst bit.

2012.07.11 - 09:26PM
79: Chapter 79

Clever and amazing Jacko! *hugs*

Author's Response: He\'s got the smarts, hopefully the rest of Torchwood have got the know how.

2012.07.11 - 08:32PM
79: Chapter 79

I had my suspicions that Jack's telepathy is waking up and he dreamed of what had happened to the Doctor and the Captain. Good chapter. Cute and smart Jack to have pinpointed where the Captain is and then warn everyone about the danger. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I certainly think his dream was a culmination of his own stressors (with his mother) and the stress of those around him. He couldn\'t not tell them that there might be a Wicked Queen in the castly courty palacy thing could he? Even if they are going to get more scareder now it is better that they know about the Wicked Queen before they go to try and get Captain Jack out of the dungeons.