Reviews For TD - Lost

2013.01.22 - 12:14AM
250: Chapter 250

Ok, where did the flowers and pizza go? Did the Doctor order them or did Jack just toss them out and not say anything?

Author's Response: Something seems to have gone awry somewhere.

2013.01.21 - 05:20PM
254: Chapter 254

The Doctor is being as sneaky as ever!

Author's Response: He is, or, at least he is trying to be.

2013.01.21 - 12:53PM
253: Chapter 253

A lizard! lol!

Author's Response: I\'m fairly sure it wont be the first time that the Doctor has been accused of being cold blooded!

2013.01.20 - 01:35PM
252: Chapter 252

Maybe they are heading in the right direction towards healing for both of them.

Author's Response: Hopefully that is the case.

2013.01.20 - 01:01PM
252: Chapter 252

That was so touching.

It would take a lot for the Doctor to get to the point where he actually talks about his feelings overtly like this. Obviously, his love and need for Jack is so great that it overcomes his natural reticence and aversion to talking about feelings. I think Eleven is more open than Ten (OMG, can you *ever* imagine Ten talking to anyone like that, no matter how much he loved them? He'd run like the wind first), so this interpretation and extrapolation of Eleven's character under the circumstances seems spot on.

Poor, poor Jack, though. He has become more like the Doctor than the Doctor. :)

Author's Response: Jack is definitely not in the communicative frame of mind. He wants to put his head in the sand but the Doctor isn\'t letting him. You\'re right that it is indicative of how desperate the Doctor must be feeling that he\'s talking about things. Ten would definitely be competing with Jack about how far they could bury it all, but Eleven tends to be much more open about it and honest really.

2013.01.19 - 11:40AM
251: Chapter 251

Awe Jack!

Author's Response: He\'s trying to make it up.

2013.01.18 - 06:08PM
250: Chapter 250

Oh Jack, I'm worried about you babe. Sometimes that beautiful smile is a good thing. Sometimes not.

Author's Response: Unfortunately I think it may well turn out to be not. He is too good at putting on the \'brave\' face isnt he?

2013.01.18 - 05:45PM
250: Chapter 250

That is interesting. I wonder if the stuff got mis-delivered to a neighbor of Emmet and Gray, who will now come by and meet their neighbors.

Author's Response: The chances are that there is an error in the address or something like that.

2013.01.18 - 12:05PM
250: Chapter 250

There's a load of misunderstanding going on here and what did happen to the flowers and pizza that they didn't get to Jack and why isn't Jack telling all of what happened to him. and I think Emmet and Gray are being slightly over protective of Jack. Yet I think Jack really misses the Doctor but he's afraid to admit it or to go and see him.

Author's Response: Yeah, everyone seems to be beating around the bush and not wanting to tread on anyone else\'s toes. I am sure that Jack misses the Doctor, but it\'s hard for him as well. It must be really hard to look at him and know that he was at least partially responsible for what has happened due to his past.

2013.01.18 - 09:52AM
249: Chapter 249

Poor Jack. He needs Gwen, Ianto, or Martha.

Author's Response: He definitely needs someone on side who is only for him. Gray and Emmett are good, but even they dont fully understand all he has been through. Gwen and Martha are probably the best bet for him.

2013.01.17 - 06:47PM
249: Chapter 249

Still moving, but still reading and loving this! (OMG how do we accumulate so much crap?!?). Anyway, please don't leave me hanging here! This is my reward for packing, moving and unpacking.

Author's Response: I know what you mean about moving. I hate to say it but I have been living where I am for just over a year now and I still haven\'t unpacked everything! Glad you\'re still reading and hope it is all going well.

2013.01.16 - 10:49PM
249: Chapter 249

He really thinks the Doctor hates him and is afraid of him?! Ah, no, he's angry at him. That's it. (These two really need to be locked in a room so they can talk!)

Author's Response: I am not sure that this is something that can be forced by thrusting them back together. There is a lot to go with it and a lot about what has happened that hasn\'t been revealed for either of them. We know a lot about what has happened to the Doctor, but only because it was \'experienced\' by John, not because the Doctor has been open about it. Jack we know things have happened to as well, but it\'s not been raised by him and no one is willing to take the kid gloves off just yet.

2013.01.16 - 10:40PM
248: Chapter 248

Guess Jack still needs time. I did like Oscar standing there, rubbing his hands together. :)

Author's Response: Oscar is going to be putting the Doctor to work sooner than he realised!

2013.01.16 - 10:29PM
247: Chapter 247

Oh no! Not a fez! :)

Author's Response: Yup, he\'s only gone and done it!

2013.01.16 - 10:19PM
246: Chapter 246

Wilf is so sneaky. But I think the Doctor made some headway here. He admits that he's mad at Jack. Maybe he should tell Gary.

Author's Response: I am sure there is plenty to be said with Gary. Hopefully he will be able to get there with Jack.