Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.18 - 09:15PM
86: Chapter 86

WOW! You know what you are doing with your words. You are fantastic. I have been waiting for this moment for weeks now and well wow. I'm not even mad now that will never see anymore of DS cause wow this was fantastic i need more like now.

Author's Response: Thanks, lol. There will be more DS. It has not been binned. It has just been shelved. I lost my way with that so I need some time to pull it back, so think after this we will go onto dinosaurs, and then while doing that one I\'ll concentrate on getting DS back.

2012.07.18 - 08:34PM
86: Chapter 86

Intense chapter. I liked the fortress you had the Doctor hiding in and how hard John had to work to get through to COULD have killed him, but somehow John got through, bless John. I liked the last chapter too but this is almost too much.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the chapters. I kind of figured if you reinforced and upgraded your mental \'walls\' enough you\'d turn it into a fort of some kind and that is what the Doctor did. A fort with no doors. It could have killed John if it had gone wrong, but he didn\'t really think about that, perhaps he should have.

2012.07.18 - 12:47AM
85: Chapter 85

Argh, it's terrible how he's come to mistrust everything. One of the things I love about the Doctor most is his open-mindedness about things.

Author's Response: Yeah, and now he is in a fort with no doors and doesn\'t even trust that John is John.

2012.07.17 - 10:40PM
85: Chapter 85

Oh no! Poor Doctor! :( I did like how he keeps his family, friends and companions safe in his mind though.

Makes you wonder what he'll do when he does wake up. He is going to be really ticked off! >:(

Author's Response: He is going to be really ticked off when he wakes up. Keeping memories that could be used against him in interrogation had to be one of his priorities if he didn\'t know where they were.

2012.07.17 - 07:53PM
85: Chapter 85

No wonder he screams!

Author's Response: Yeah, there is little wonder that he\'s not in a good place when they did that to him, and that is just one instance. We certainly know they did more to him.

2012.07.17 - 12:41PM
84: Chapter 84

Poor Doctor. I've been waiting for you to wake up and now a part of me wished you would have stayed asleep but now i hope that they help you ur whole family is there. Can't wait for an update.

Author's Response: I am sure they are going to do all they can to help him - if he lets them.

2012.07.16 - 03:31PM
84: Chapter 84

Oh my, you do love your Doctor whump. At least his friends are around, but can they calm him? And Jack, how is his decision going? Good chapter. kept me quite engaged. Would love a chapter with Wilf and the kids.

Author's Response: Wilf and kids and possibly Donald? Something along those lines is definitely on the agenda. I\'ve not much more written at the moment as I\'ve just finished four lates (10.15-22.15) at work and always find them hard to write / type up around lates.

2012.07.16 - 10:31AM
84: Chapter 84

Of course he's been tortured and he's seperated from his soul mate.

Author's Response: He\'s certainly not going to be in his happy place is he?

Author's Response: Not only has he been separated from his soulmate, he may know that at one time his soulmate considered his torturer as his soulmate... that can\'t feel good.

2012.07.16 - 07:20AM
84: Chapter 84

His emotional state should be obvious with that screem iof fright.

Author's Response: Yeah, his emotional state isn\'t going to be too much of a question.

2012.07.16 - 02:23AM
84: Chapter 84

I'm not surprised that Donna was so optimistic before she actually saw the Doctor - it must be hard imagining the extent of his injuries, especially when they're this bad.

And this ending, you have me in goosebumps!

Author's Response: Yeah, being told about something and then being faced with it is always going to go one way or another isn\'t it, and I dont thinK Donna could have imagined it being worse than it is. Hopefully they will be able to calm the Doctor down before he does himself an injury.

2012.07.15 - 11:12PM
84: Chapter 84

Doctor, calm down! It's ok!

John needs to bond with him now!

Author's Response: Hopefully John will be able to calm him down a bit and reach him to let him know he\'s safe before he blows all those surgical repairs again.

2012.07.15 - 05:37AM
82: Chapter 82

Michael flew the Tardis and John and Jacko helped.

Author's Response: Yep, he was definitely in charge.

2012.07.15 - 05:28AM
83: Chapter 83

Wilf! Yay!

Author's Response: Yeah, got to have a bit of the Wilfman on board.

2012.07.15 - 01:06AM
83: Chapter 83

Wilf! *cheers*
I'm starting to feel better now, lots of support to go around. (:

Author's Response: Yeah, had to bring Wilf into it didn\'t I? We didn\'t get much Wilf/Eleven in TD, kind of hoping that Wilf will have the same kind of fatherly affection for Eleven as he did for Ten, but got to keep on reminding myself that it is Eleven in that bed and not Ten. Dont write Eleven for a reason and that\'s because I dont know if I \'get him\' or not.

2012.07.15 - 12:56AM
82: Chapter 82

You are a master in alternating between the bad stuff and the good times :)
Go Michael!

Author's Response: Michael is having his first flying lesson from Tardy.