Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.21 - 12:29AM
89: Chapter 89

Thanks for the swift update - I was on the edge of my seat there! And why do I have this deep down dark feeling that even once Jack is back (and retrieving him will of course also cause trouble and won't be easy, I bet) it will still just be the beginning?

Author's Response: Everyone is really hoping for an easy and relieved reunion between Jack and the Doctor, but things may not be quite that simple. They have both been through some pretty traumatic things but the nature of their trauma are pretty different.

2012.07.20 - 11:42PM
88: Chapter 88

The Doctor needs to run - this is bad..

Author's Response: He\'s not happy where he is.

2012.07.20 - 10:51PM
88: Chapter 88

I know why he wants to go. He's still not sure where he is and if he's really seeing Sue, John and Donna. Maybe they should knock him out again, move him carefully to the TARDIS then wake him. I don't think he'll believe they faked her connection with him.

Author's Response: Maybe, but it would be quite cruel to let him wake in the TARDIS and then take him from her as well and there is no way that Sue will let him go for the ride when they go to get Captain Jack.

2012.07.20 - 07:51PM
88: Chapter 88

Why is he trying to leave?

Author's Response: I dont think he is trying to leave where he is, I just dont think he is fully aware of where he is or doesn\'t trust it.

2012.07.20 - 06:55PM
88: Chapter 88

Thanks for updating so quickly. Can they track him? I know they promised to get him wherever he went and I know he doesn't want any of his friends in jeopardy. Good chapter, Keeps me reading on and on. I like your fics. One of these days I will go back to the beginning and reread in order.

Author's Response: I am not sure they will even bother trying to track him. Hopefully the advantage is that they fully expect him to be dead.

2012.07.20 - 06:55PM
88: Chapter 88

Where the hell is he trying to go?

Author's Response: Anywhere but there I think.

2012.07.19 - 11:49PM
87: Chapter 87

Owie - let's hope that wears off naturally.. and quickly?

Author's Response: It should wear off pretty quickly and just requires a decent distraction really.

2012.07.19 - 10:44PM
87: Chapter 87

Oh, ok, it's like a twin thing? Like when one twin is in pain, the other feels it, but, in John's case, he REALLY feels it!

Author's Response: Well the link between Ten and John was very much established in TD when John would collapse if Ten had a fit etc. It\'s not quite as strong now that it is Eleven but they are still linked as Time Lords. John is more feeling it now though because it was the Doctor\'s intention for him to feel it, so that when he kicked him out of his head he couldn\'t come straight back. John\'s familiarity with the Doctor protected him to some extent, but never think the Doctor is defenceless, because he isn\'t and this kind of proves it.

2012.07.19 - 10:18PM
87: Chapter 87

Wow, that is real trauma...Poor Doctor and it must be crazy for John. Really can't wait for Jack's rescue. I am an impatient fan..

Author's Response: Yeah, poor John isn\'t going to know what is him and what is the Doctor for a while. It is going to be pretty unusual for him. Jack\'s rescue is coming up. Hoping to get that written today.

2012.07.19 - 07:15PM
87: Chapter 87

I totally forgot about the linking. I just figured that it didn't work like that anymore cause they weren't identical. Wow just wow. Need more.

Author's Response: He\'s not really hurt because of the link, he\'s hurt because he was kicked out. The link would only really work when both of them are conscious and it wont be as strong now they aren\'t identical, but it is still there.

2012.07.19 - 06:27PM
87: Chapter 87

Forgot they were linked.

Author's Response: In this case the link has actually probably protected John a little. The \'showing\' of the breaking of his ankle while \'kicking him out\' of the link a couple of chapters ago was a telepathic assault. If John hadn\'t been protected by his link with the Doctor he\'d probably have been rolling on the floor in agony from that point.

2012.07.19 - 01:26PM
86: Chapter 86

Poor thing. Congrats John on holding fast and helping him get through this.

Author's Response: He\'s poked his head beyond the parapit of his fort, but it\'s going to be a long while coming to terms with it.

2012.07.18 - 11:21PM
86: Chapter 86

Wow, that was great. I liked How John was able to get him to believe he was real. And that Space Boy nickname suits him now. :) I just hope it won't be too hard for him to tell them what really happened.

Author's Response: Dess Tal kind of sounds right to me for some reason. I actually had to google it to see if it fitted together because had heard it somewhere else, but can\'t find out where if I have, so Dess Tal is a \'Gallifreyan\' approximation of Time Boy lol.

2012.07.18 - 10:23PM
86: Chapter 86

Agreed, this was truly an amazing chapter all the way around, including the telepathic exchange between John and the Doctor.

Of course, I do have to confess to getting a little teary at the end. Poor Doctor... not only is he terrified, traumatized by torture, and in physical pain, but he is afraid he'll lose Jack to that Chula witch? Ouch.

Author's Response: Yeah, we have seen how the Chula High Priestess has worked Jack and made him see that the Doctor is dead and isn\'t coming back for him. We have only had a snippet of what was \'said\' to the Doctor, but if he figured out or been told enough to know that Jack was a Chula Knight, he has managed to get free of his bonds, searched the cells to get Jack out, found out he\'s not there, been recaptured and had his ankle smashed with a mallet in response to that? He must be kind of worried about where Jack is and if he has defected back to the High Priestess.

2012.07.18 - 09:37PM
86: Chapter 86

Amazing chapter. John is very much playing older brother here and I'm so glad it turned out alright. Well.. As alright as it gets, anyway..

Author's Response: John tried to take control. I think it is just as well the Doctor let him, or John could have been in more trouble than he will find himself.