Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.07.28 - 03:58AM
92: Chapter 92

*cheers Sarah on*
I wish they could leave him in the TARDIS, but I had overlooked the fact they'd need her for the rescue mission..

Author's Response: I dont think the TARDIS would ever let any harm come to him if he was taken along for the ride, but if Jack is all smashed up and is in as bad a state as the Doctor was, which is what they fear, then it would be detrimental for the Doctor to be along. I dont think Sue would ever let them contemplate it.

2012.07.23 - 10:07AM
91: Chapter 91

Omgracious--did you run into my son and I when he was that age--(Don't think so, I think you're younger than my son) But he sounds so much like my sons, and his sons, and one of my grnddaughters with that combination of cheeky reasoning and bargaining. good chapter to give us a chance to smile and breathe.

Author's Response: Not sure how old your son is, but I had my 36th birthday yesterday so officially closer to 40 than 30 now. I\'m getting old!

2012.07.22 - 11:38PM
91: Chapter 91

It'll be a blast when Jack goes into puberty, haha

Author's Response: He\'s going to be soooooo naughty lol

2012.07.22 - 11:30PM
91: Chapter 91

Ah, Sarah Jane is not only a great reporter, but a clever mommy! :) Making Jacko eat pasta instead of cake. Then again, he is just as sneaky as his daddy when he wants something.

Author's Response: He certainly takes after his dad, who takes after the Doctor, and Sarah Jane has learned all the Doctor\'s tricks over the year, so not sure if it is being a clever mother or being a smart companion, but she definitely saw through his little plan to gain extra cake. I am sure he will get some soon enough though lol, no one is going to be able to deny him cake for too long.

2012.07.22 - 10:23PM
91: Chapter 91

Sarah Jane's interaction with Jack about the cake is awesome. Just love Jack. I like the way you break up the serious chapters with cute human anecdotes.

Author's Response: I think i would be insane (more insane) by now if there wasn\'t little moments with Jack etc to keep things light.

2012.07.22 - 07:26PM
91: Chapter 91

LOL! Jack is so cute trying to getSarah Jane and Pete to let him have some more cake.

Sarah's idea about the bucket of pasta was priceless!

Author's Response: I dont think Jacko was too impressed with it, lol. He was caught out and he thought he was being so clever.

2012.07.22 - 11:38AM
90: Chapter 90

He once introduced Sarah Jane as his best friend--I don't think that ever changed.

Author's Response: I dont think it ever will.

2012.07.21 - 10:46PM
90: Chapter 90

Maybe that's what he needs. Sarah Jane is one person he knows who woudln't hurt him.

And going back to Jacko's nightmare. What if the Doctor was in some way trying to get hold of John through their bond, to show him what was going on, and got the wrong person? It would make sense about the Doctor, Jack and John getting hurt and Jacko thinking it was Rose.

Author's Response: Yeah, I thinK Sarah Jane has to be the top of that list in some ways.

I am not sure there was anything sinister in terms of Jacko\'s nightmare. I think he was literally just a scared kid having a nightmare, but that doesn\'t mean there may not be other nightly manifestations to watch out for.

2012.07.21 - 10:37PM
89: Chapter 89

The trick is getting the Doctor AND Jack to believe that the other is fine and/or alive.

And, John, get to bed before Donna gets really mad. :)

Author's Response: I think the easiest of those will be to get John to go to bed.

2012.07.21 - 09:29PM
90: Chapter 90

PERFECT! I think this is what is needed. He needs his Sarah Jane. God this makes me miss her. I need the next chapter.

Author's Response: He does definitely need a friendly face and Sarah Jane has been that consistently hasn\'t she?

Author's Response: The Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, Liz Shaw, and now Romana?

2012.07.21 - 05:20PM
90: Chapter 90

Ugh. This is really quite heartbreaking that the Doctor is losing his trust in Jack, and now everyone but John is losing their trust in him. :-(

But don't stop. Please, it hurts so good. ;-) LOL!

Author's Response: They have been put through it haven\'t they? Part of the torture techniques was to twist and manipulate them psychologically. Jack thinks the Doctor is dead, the Doctor thinks Jack wasn\'t there because he\'s reunited with the High Priestess, and everyone is worried that the Doctor will project and accidentally hurt those with telepathic abilities like he has John.

2012.07.21 - 04:46PM
90: Chapter 90

Glad John is getting some more much needed sleep. Hope he can remain asleep for a while xx

Author's Response: He\'ll have some decent kip this time.

2012.07.21 - 12:32PM
89: Chapter 89

God i really hate to say this but i think when they go and get Jack he will be gone back to the priestiss. I don't know why maybe because he thinks the doctor died or something insane like that but i do i think that he will be gone to the dark side.

Author's Response: Hmmmm.... can you imagine the look on John\'s face if they finally manage to track Jack down and he\'s in a gloriously large bath filled with steaming water, bubble bath, aromatherapy oils, and naked companions all drinking honey milk? Not sure that would go down too well would it?

2012.07.21 - 12:25PM
89: Chapter 89

It looks like after the rescue there is going to be a long healing process for the Doctor and Jack.

Author's Response: Yeah, hopefully any issues that arise between them because of this can be swiftly overcome.

2012.07.21 - 05:17AM
89: Chapter 89

Better behave, John now that Donna's there!

I'd like to get m,y hands on those creeps who did this to the Doctor and Jack.

Author's Response: Yeah, John better do what he is told or he will be in a whole heap of trouble, I reckon the people who did it to the Doctor and Jack would be in a whole heap of trouble too if you got your hands on them too, right?