Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.08.06 - 09:53PM
99: Chapter 99

Must you kill me a little more everyday. I just i need Jack and the Doctor to be reunited. He needs him to recover and he won't nless he has him with him.

Author's Response: Sorry, just dont count on any reunion being plain sailing... *winces*

2012.08.06 - 06:38PM
99: Chapter 99

These chapters are breaking my heart. I am ready for the rescue chapter.

Author's Response: It is coming soon, I promise.

2012.08.06 - 06:16PM
99: Chapter 99

I hope John can convince the Doctor that Jack hasn't betrayed him. That man once he gets an idea into his head.....The Chula have much to fear.

Author's Response: I think it is going to take the Captain to tell him rather than anyone else.

2012.08.06 - 05:38PM
99: Chapter 99

I never thought the Doctor might not want to survive and poor John is suffering from it.

They need to hurry up and rescue Jack.

Author's Response: He ran out of fight when he knew he was dying and Jack was gone.

2012.08.05 - 10:14PM
98: Chapter 98

Whoa! He really does think that Jack betrayed him. This is so sad.

Doctor, you're wrong. He didn't! Please, stop thinking that way!

Author's Response: It makes sense to him. He tried to fight the feeling for so long, but each time he managed to escape in order to go and find him to get out of there Jack wasn\'t in the cells and he got recaptured and punished and told that the reason he wasn\'t in the cells was because he was with the High Priestess. There wasn\'t another option really was there?

2012.08.05 - 07:00PM
98: Chapter 98

No, Doctor, Jack would never betray you!

Author's Response: Hope he wont anyway, right?

2012.08.05 - 02:54PM
98: Chapter 98

Words cannot describe the sadness, horror and despair in this chapter. Very well conveyed. Poor, Doctor to think Jack had betrayed him for his own gain. And to think that the Doctor loved Jack with all his hearts. I am so sad for them.

Author's Response: Yeah, it is going to be hard for both of them to reconcile after this even if neither of them have done anything wrong, whether their faith and trust in one another has been shaken? It is difficult to know. Glad that you appreciated the chapter though.

2012.08.05 - 10:48AM
98: Chapter 98

Oh my goodness. It's full on summer here and I'm on a train with no airconditioning, but I've never felt so cold deep in my bones.
And, wow, what will the Doctor think of Torchwood using the TARDIS to go and retrieve Jack..?

I need a big chunk of chocolate now.

Author's Response: Luckily I think the Doctor hasn\'t actually given that much thought and he is just lost in his \'mourning and loss\'. He trusts John, so hopefully there wont be any fall out or resistance from him in that regard.

2012.08.05 - 08:32AM
97: Chapter 97

Cocoa with marshmallows. The Doctor must be feeling better.

Author's Response: Yeah, well, he\'s willing to put a toe in the land of the living anyway, not sure he\'s ready to jump right in again yet, but tip toes are fine too.

2012.08.05 - 12:11AM
97: Chapter 97

i loved this. The doctor is so adorable even in pain i can't wait for him to get his jack back so he can really heal. PLEASE DON'T LET JACK BE CORRUPTED

Author's Response: It is going to be a hard road to recovery for him, and probably for Jack too.

2012.08.04 - 11:40PM
97: Chapter 97

Ack, I want to kick some Chula-ass xP

Author's Response: There will be some Chulas ass kicking at some point.

2012.08.04 - 11:34PM
96: Chapter 96

Ow.. No words ):

Author's Response: He\'s not a happy bunny.

2012.08.04 - 10:09PM
97: Chapter 97

Mark does have a point about the Doctor trying not to think about happened to him. It will only make it worse if he keeps hiding from it.

One day at a time, one step at a time, Doctor. :)

Author's Response: He is very good at avoiding and hiding even when he really can\'t, good that those around him know how good he is at doing that and will prevent him if they can.

2012.08.04 - 09:23PM
97: Chapter 97

He might be a 900+ year old Time Lord, but in many ways he so much like a lost little boy.

Author's Response: Yeah he is, bless him, he doesn\'t quite know what to do or think at the moment.

2012.08.04 - 07:45PM
97: Chapter 97

So glad the Doctor is perking up. You wrote a good piece when you had Mark prodding at the Doctor trying to get him to tell them about how his injury happened. I loved him asking for hot chocolate with marshmallows. Always I want more story

Author's Response: Work has been mad crazy insane - so no more story written at the moment, but have four days off and I am refusing to go in on them... four on four off very easily becomes five on three off... six on two off at the moment, hence the slowness of the story, but barring going to see Batman tomorrow, nothing on and I\'ve promised myself some unwind escape into the TD universe time, so more story should come by the end of the weekend.