Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.08.19 - 05:45PM
108: Chapter 108

The only words I have for this are 'oh, Doctor.. :c'
You're killing the little eloquence I have! Speechless.
Still hooked on this, though.

Author's Response: I dont think that was the reunion anyone was expecting or wanting to witness.

2012.08.19 - 04:13PM
106: Chapter 106

I'd like to do a Donna and whack John over the head with a rubber mallet.

I know he is trying to comfort Jack, but that was simply too easy and he just tempted the Fates saying that it's over. LOL!

Author's Response: It went well in the end, and even if it seems to be over, it may not be, but whacking John with the rubber mallet wouldn\'t be very nice, and um, he doesn\'t have a probic vent so he may be pretty p*ssed at the attempt lol.

2012.08.19 - 01:55PM
106: Chapter 106

I've been waiting for this for you don't know how long but now i don't know seems to easy. I know that nothing can get into the TARDIS but something tells me that maybe just maybe something might be up with Jack. I can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Going to try and do updates daily for a while so should be one chapter up every day, unless I get impatient and then just bung all the ones ready up, lol. I\'m so bad at that, get ahead so it can be consistent over the days I\'m at work and then put them all up and then leave a long gap between.

2012.08.19 - 11:53AM
106: Chapter 106

That sure was easier than I feared it would be.. But I won't be reassured until they're safely back at Torchwood.

Author's Response: It went as planned, all the work that went into planning and the fact that Jack has just been dumped to die of starvation over and over again mean that it\'s easier to get him out, but that doesn\'t mean it is over.

2012.08.19 - 11:45AM
106: Chapter 106

Seems very easy....hope they can get away without too much trouble.

Author's Response: It has been easy. Sometimes things just come together and when you have been expecting it to be really hard it is almost disappointing when things work out.

2012.08.14 - 03:55PM
105: Chapter 105

I hope Jack won't remember what he said. Poor Jack! Now hurry up and get out there before the knights/guards/nanabots thingies show up!

Author's Response: Hopefully they will have it covered if / when they do turn up.

2012.08.13 - 07:57PM
105: Chapter 105

Somehow, I doubt that Jack will be very trusting of his senses after what he has gone through. If the Doctor himself had difficulty accepting John in spite of their bond, it's bound to be even more difficult for Jack.

Author's Response: It is going to be hard for everyone.

2012.08.13 - 04:39PM
104: Chapter 104

Well, their cover is blown, but I hope Jack hasn't "caved" yet, 'cause it will make his rescue much easier. Poor clumsy Greg. At least he got his part finished. Now for the rescue, please???

Author's Response: It\'s not going to be long for the rescue now, just got to write and type it lol.

2012.08.13 - 03:11PM
102: Chapter 102

Too awesome. The hilarity will keep a lot of the nervousness away and assuage Jack's fears.

Author's Response: There is nothing funny about eggy pumps, they are a deadly weapon in some parts of the Galaxy, especially around Tatoket and Staco.

2012.08.13 - 01:57PM
104: Chapter 104

Oh there in it now! This could go very badly for everyone.

Author's Response: They are, aren\'t they? They can\'t turn back now and try again because Jack would be moved and they\'d never get through the security in place, it is now or never, hopefully, now.

2012.08.13 - 01:51PM
105: Chapter 105

poor Jack!

Author's Response: It isn\'t good for him.

2012.08.13 - 01:42PM
104: Chapter 104

So much for stealth!

Author's Response: Yeah, that didn\'t go exactly as they planned did it, but when would it, hopefully it\'s not dashed any chance of them escaping.

2012.08.13 - 12:36PM
105: Chapter 105

Uh no! Jack, it's ok. That's not who you think it is. *hugs Jack*

Author's Response: He doesn\'t believe a rescue will ever come for him, so it can only be the high priestess.

2012.08.13 - 12:31PM
105: Chapter 105

thank god they got there in time. He surrendered to them thinking they were the bad guys but they got there just in time.

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Jack doesn\'t know it is John he has just surrended too though, hopefully he wont be too distraught to know that he couldn\'t have held out five minutes more.

2012.08.13 - 12:30PM
104: Chapter 104

Yipes! :O What happened with Greg reminds me of Jamie and the Moonbase story. Both of them learned the hard way about showing off in low gravity.

Author's Response: That is one of the lost stories so wont ever get to see that one now.