Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.08.21 - 10:17PM
110: Chapter 110

What John did was right. If the Doctor loses Jack, it's his fault.

Author's Response: John doesn\'t want to see the Doctor lose the life and happiness he has with Jack. He knows how important it is to the Doctor, but he also knows how hurt and how stubborn he can be.

2012.08.21 - 06:55PM
111: Chapter 111

I'm glad John was able to help the Doctor see that their captives were the true monsters.

Author's Response: It would probably have driven Jack to the High Priestess if the Doctor had denied him once he realised that he was alive.

2012.08.21 - 06:46PM
107: Chapter 107

My poor Jack, if it wasn't bad enough being killed countless times when working for Torchwood, tortured 365 days straight by the Master and buried alive for almost two thousand years by his brother, now it's this crap. Poor baby can't catch a break. He needs hugs. Too bad Donna has dibs on Ianto.

Author's Response: I am not sure which would be worse. Being buried alive and suffocating over and over again which would be relatively quick once all the oxygen had gone. He\'d revive into an anaerobic environment and lose consciousness within a couple of minutes and then die and revive into it again. If he was chained in isolation for an eternity he\'d be dying of thirst and starvation that could take a lot longer, especially with the Artron energy. He\'d probably be more consciously aware of it. He definitely needs some hugs and to be assured that it is over.

2012.08.21 - 04:04PM
111: Chapter 111

Good on John for taking the bull by the horns, so to speak. The Doctor needed someone to break through his distrust and repair the damage he did with Jack.

Of course, the ease of getting Jack out is an evil, evil plot device on the part of the author to keep up her reader's anxiety level. Or something truly catastrophic is about to happen, which has the same result. LOL!!! ;-)

Author's Response: Evil plot devices are a necessity *g*. I always write stories that kind of start with one single \'scene\' or \'event\'. This has all been about a single thing that is probably less than a full paragraph when I get to it. That is when I will be happy with the story, know what that scene is, and I am just trying to work out a way to get there and why it should happen etc etc - and hmmm, it could be mildly catastrophic.

2012.08.21 - 03:42PM
111: Chapter 111

Okay so now you put all these horrible thoughts in my head about Jack being a traitor. what if he is a traitor? What if all of this was some kind of ploy. Why do i have to wait until probably tomorrow for an update? You're killing me, but i'm loving every minute of it.

Author's Response: Hmmm, could Jack have tricked everyone? What if they had detected the TARDIS coming and the High Priestess had already gone to Jack and he was actually re-knighted?

2012.08.21 - 03:17PM
111: Chapter 111

I'm so glad that John decided to talk with the Doctor. They obviously have a long way to go for the Doctor and Jack to heal but at least some things are starting to get straightened out. I was so worried that the Doctor was not going to want anything to do with Jack. Why do I keep thinking that the rescue was too easy and something else horrible is going to happen? Whenever things start getting better, you throw a curveball in. I'm loving the story.

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying the story, curveballs are fun. not sure why everyone seems to be overly concerned that the rescue was easy and they got Captain Jack back? I thought everyone would be pleased! Lol

2012.08.21 - 02:13PM
110: Chapter 110

awesome. That's so what he needed. I'm glad that someone put him in his place. Now all they have to do is get back together.

Author's Response: I think the roles that John and Eleven play are almost a reverse of the role that John and Ten played, Ten always seemed to be that bit more experienced and older and stronger than John, in a big brother way, in some ways John is playing a \'big brother\' role to Eleven. Hopefully it will all come together.

2012.08.21 - 09:59AM
110: Chapter 110

It's been awhile since I reviewed this, but I haven't missed a single chapter. I love that John yelled, well fussed, at the Doctor. It's exactly what he needed.

Author's Response: Glad that you\'re still reading. John had a go at the Doctor, but you\'re right, it is what is needed.

2012.08.20 - 11:28PM
109: Chapter 109

Poor Greg. He feels so guilty. *hugs Greg*

As for the Doctor, I think it's the fact that he didn't see Jack when they rescued him. If he had seen what John saw in that room, he would understand that Jack was a prisoner as well. Maybe he wanted Jack to rescue HIM, but, when that didn't happen, he believed what the pest controller had told him.

They need to be locked in the Doctor's room and have one big fight! :) What I mean is the Doctor needs to yell at Jack and accuse him of what he THINKS happened then let Jack tell him what happened to him. Then the true healing can begin.

Author's Response: There may be a way that the Doctor can see what John saw in the room when he went to speak to Jack, I mean the Doctor keeps on inadvertantly showing John what happened when he was with Salice.

2012.08.20 - 10:30AM
109: Chapter 109

No nothing is never easy when it comes to those two. Please update soon.

Author's Response: There would be no story to tell if things were easy all the time.

2012.08.19 - 11:08PM
108: Chapter 108

You let the rescue be easy so that everything else could be a heartbreaking downfall. You have to bring them back together.

Author's Response: Yeah, the rescue was always going to be an easy bit.

2012.08.19 - 10:40PM
108: Chapter 108

He still thinks he's dreaming all this? No, Doctor, it's real!

Author's Response: I think he thought he was dreaming to begin with, but then he just doesn\'t want to be around Jack.

2012.08.19 - 10:30PM
107: Chapter 107

I think Jack needs to have some quiet time and a really long cry. *hugs Jack*

Author's Response: He is more likely to try to paint a smile on and carry on.

2012.08.19 - 10:23PM
106: Chapter 106

That was too easy. But at least they got Jack back.

Author's Response: It was easy, but surely things can\'t be \'too\' easy. It was all their planning and getting things ready, if they had just turned up I am fairly sure it wouldn\'t have been easy.

2012.08.19 - 06:15PM
108: Chapter 108

Poor Jack, Poor Doctor. He really needs to believe in Jack more. But the lies they fed the Doctor as they tortured him I hope it resolves in a good way.

Author's Response: Hopefully some sense will be talked into him.