Reviews For TD - Lost

2012.08.29 - 05:09PM
120: Chapter 120

Uuuugh!!!! I don't believe you! Not only a cliffhanger, but in the middle of a sentence?

That's just evil. ;-)

Author's Response: Lol, I was going to continue on and make the chapter longer, but back at work tomorrow and didn\'t get as much written as I wanted to, so split the chapter into three rather than two, but then have defeated the object slightly and put the second of three parts up for validation anyway, lol.

2012.08.29 - 12:10AM
119: Chapter 119

John's making sense when it comes to Jacko and Michael. The trick is making a five and three year old understand that Uncle Doctor needs to talk about adult things with Daddy and Aunt Sue in order to get better, but Jacko is a smart kid and will get most of it. Michael? Maybe he could be in charge of hugs! :)

Author's Response: Awww, I am not sure what Jacko will think if Michael is put in charge of hugs? That is his job! Lol

2012.08.28 - 06:33PM
119: Chapter 119

John is very protective of his sons. Also protective of the Doctor and Jack as well.

Author's Response: He is, he has to be doesn\'t he? He wants to be able to throw himself into really being there and helping the Doctor, but if it is going to have a detrimental effect on his sons who are just starting to get back to normal after the events of TD then it isn\'t fair on them.

2012.08.25 - 10:37AM
118: Chapter 118

A good part of the reason the Doctor can move on from TYTNW was because Martha and her family can forgive. I like how you portrayed the Doctor and Jack as able to move on because they can understand and move on.

Author's Response: There is a subtle difference between forgiving and moving on, and understanding and moving on, hopefully the understanding will enable the \'moving on\' to be less strained than it was with Martha.

2012.08.25 - 07:54AM
118: Chapter 118

Loved the seamless weaving of Torchwood canon with your own expansion of Jack's background. You did that very, very well. It fits so naturally that one who wasn't familiar with Torchwood canon wouldn't have known in the least where it deviated.

It occurred to me that a lot of misunderstanding between the Doctor and Jack would be prevented by a bond, if it's even possible between these two.

Author's Response: I was a bit worried about writing a back story for Jack, so glad that it seems to have been received well. When Jack is such an established character and we know a lot of snippets in his past I worried that filling in the gaps would make it hard, so glad that it has gone down well, and thank you.

Not sure about Jack and the Doctor bonding in this one.

2012.08.25 - 02:39AM
118: Chapter 118

I cannot thing of a single thing in this story that I do not think is awesome. Every time it updates it just brightens my mood. Loving this.

Author's Response: Blimey, thanks, sorry it\'s been a while since updates.

2012.08.24 - 10:38PM
118: Chapter 118

Yay, I'm glad they talked and don't blame each other for what happened. But, Jack, no kissing the Doctor right now. Naughty! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I dont think the Doctor is quite ready for snogging yet.

2012.08.24 - 10:29PM
117: Chapter 117

Like the back story. Poor Jack.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the back story. Hopefully it shows that Jack fell into his role as a knight rather than sought it out.

2012.08.24 - 07:21PM
118: Chapter 118

Well I am review 500, I loved these last two chapters. They made Captain Jack real

Author's Response: 500 reviews is just balmy, lol. Glad that you enjoyed the chapters.

2012.08.24 - 07:21PM
118: Chapter 118

It is a positive thing that they talked and Jack was honest about his past and they are on thier way to healing, though it will be a long road but I think they made the right first step.

Author's Response: I think Jack needed to get it off his chest and the Doctor needed to hear it. Hopefully they have a new level of understanding now that will make things easier.

2012.08.24 - 05:15PM
117: Chapter 117

Very good back story.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed.

2012.08.24 - 02:17PM
117: Chapter 117

I'm beginning to almost feel sorry for Salice and others from that place if they are only working as Knights or pest controllers under duress.

Author's Response: Things are seldom black and white.

2012.08.24 - 10:17AM
117: Chapter 117

I enjoyed the backstory on Jack. Very believable. He really was at the end of his rope when he met the Doctor. Really Ready for a change. I hope the Doctor can learn from and forgive Jack.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the back story. He was definitely ready for change when he met the Doctor, and the Doctor was the inspiration he needed for it to be a positive change.

2012.08.23 - 10:31PM
116: Chapter 116

I agree that Jack needs some serious snuggle and hug time. And I think the Doctor will do that once they're better. :)

Author's Response: Snuggling will be hard until the Doctor can sit up and be a bit more mobile, but I am sure there will be plenty to have then.

2012.08.23 - 10:22PM
115: Chapter 115

Well, now he's going to learn about the real Jack. But I think the bad stuff has to do with his missing memories and being ticked off at the Time Agency. Also not being able to find Grey.

Author's Response: It is all things that have happened on the way to where he is now?