Reviews For TD - Lost

2013.01.26 - 10:10PM
258: Chapter 258

Aunt Sharon is being a bit mean, but I can see her point.

And Jack is so cute when he's around Jacko.

Author's Response: I think Aunt Sharon just wants to make sure Amelia is not too disappointed

2013.01.26 - 10:02PM
257: Chapter 257

Poor Jacko. It is hard to say goodbye to someone you've made friends with over a holiday. Maybe they could also email each other.

Author's Response: Yeah, that is the problem with a holiday romance, holidays don\'t last forever. I am fairly sure it\'s not the end of Amelia though.

2013.01.26 - 05:53PM
260: Chapter 260

Ooooh.... No rest for the wicked. ;-)

Author's Response: Well, if hes not going to sit down he needs to stand up properly!

2013.01.25 - 07:34PM
259: Chapter 259

Is all this talk of football anything in relation to the fact that the Super Bowl here in America is coming on February 3rd. and the Baltimore Ravens are in it for the first time since 2000.

I linve 15 minutes from Baltimore and surrounded by avid Ravens fans and you know what that means, lol!

PURPLE FEVOR! (the colors for the Ravens are Black and Purple)

It is exciting.

I am of course talking about American footbal and I know you are writing about Michael being into English football or soccer as welll call it in the States.

so this chapter was so ironic

Author's Response: pft, I am most definitely not talking about a bunch of nancies getting padded up just to play a poor copy of rugby! *giggles*

2013.01.24 - 10:49PM
258: Chapter 258

I forgot Captain Jack is pretty good at talking to kids himself.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is, but then talking to kids isn\'t really any different to talking to adults is it?

2013.01.24 - 06:51AM
257: Chapter 257

Something I bet a lot of people never thought about as Jacko, Michael and even Tony grow up and acquire more friends. and even when the adults meet more people how do they explain thier friends and "relatives" from the other universe and the fact that there are aliens in there midst and John and his sons have Time Lord genes in them as well as Gray's "brother" from the other unicerse bein immortal?

How do they explain all that if it leaks out or someone finds out all this?

Author's Response: They are going to have to be careful, though unless someone takes blood and does a DNA work up I am fairly sure that it will be just laughed off as kids and their imaginiations, at least for a while. I am sure they will be alright in the long run.

2013.01.24 - 12:27AM
255: Chapter 255

Was a tiny bit worried, but ten steps is great! Bravo, Doctor! :)

Author's Response: He\'s done alright this time.

2013.01.24 - 12:26AM
256: Chapter 256

I want to see the picture of John and Wellie! :D

What's wrong with Jacko?

Author's Response: John and Wellie certainly look cute, well, what you can see of John anyway, Wellie is certainly growing into her full great dane cros build. She\'s going to be massive!

2013.01.23 - 05:49PM
256: Chapter 256

Wonder what has upset Jacko?

Author's Response: I am sure they will get to the bottom of it, I man Jax isn\'t really just going to leave him crying under the duvet is she?

2013.01.23 - 02:56PM
255: Chapter 255

it's nice to see the Doctor up and walking around a bit, even if it's only a few steps. Hopefully it'll give him some confidence to heal and start feeling better.

Author's Response: I am sure that the emotional impact of actually being out of bed and upright will be a huge spur to get the Doctor going again.

2013.01.22 - 07:49PM
255: Chapter 255


Author's Response: Its just a little bit, but it is progress all the same.

2013.01.22 - 12:45AM
254: Chapter 254

The Doctor is learning what John already knows. Oscar is a taskmaster and doesn't take no for answer! :)

Author's Response: Oscar definitely doesn\'t take no for any answer, lol. I think the Doctor will quickly learn that if Oscar says yes it means yes and if he says no it means no, hopefully he will learn that lesson all over again without doing too much damage along the way!

2013.01.22 - 12:38AM
253: Chapter 253

No, he isn't a lizard. :) But Donna is a party pooper!

Author's Response: Aw, she just wants to make sure that he is alright. Someone has to, don\'t they?

2013.01.22 - 12:31AM
252: Chapter 252

Awww....! That was so sweet!

Author's Response: Hopefully they will be getting somewhere.

2013.01.22 - 12:23AM
251: Chapter 251

Bowties, chocolate, flowers and chess?! Well, at least he's trying! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s trying, not sure how well they are going to go in the long run though.